Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2349

Chapter 2349: 2349

“Princess Zhou!” Someone recognized her right away .

“A princess of Cloudcrossing System . ” She attracted many gazes .

She wore a tassel dress with a red shade of the evening, seemingly no different from a fairy floating amidst the clouds . The gem on her forehead made her even more conspicuous and beautiful beyond words . The youths here fell in love with her right away .

Zhao Xiaoai was also a famous talent, not as acclaimed as the martial goddess, but she had no lack of suitors in Myriad .

“The princess is siding with Young Lord Mu . ” Some were surprised .

“Don’t you know?” A knowledgeable expert revealed: “This princess is already the young lord’s woman, long, long ago . He was a guest at their system . ”

“I thought he wanted to marry the martial goddess?” 

The potential marriage alliance between the Mu and the martial court was no secret .

“It’s normal for a man to have multiple wives, plus, someone of his status has no lack of women . So many princesses and noble daughters want to be with him . ” The man continued: “It’s just that the martial court is a better system than Cloudcrossing and wants their successor to be the first wife . ”

“That’s the young lord for you . ” People became jealous .  

So many youths became smitten with the martial goddess and Cloudcrossing Princess at first sight but this guy was about to marry both of them .

The princess’ announcement caused quite a stir due to the power of her system .

Nevertheless, many others chose to watch on the sideline . The princess was still a junior with weak influence in the grand scheme of things .

“Screech!” Suddenly, the cry of a falcon was heard .

People shuddered in response . The fish and birds became paralyzed .  

“The heretics are back to haunt Myriad, so how can I ignore this! Everyone has the responsibility to get rid of evil, Cloudcrossing System will do our part, hoping that everyone else will join in!” An ancient voice resounded .

The tone was illusory yet clear, erupting in the mind of all and lingered .

The sky turned dark due to a massive falcon flying above . It possessed an incredible divinity, red eyes, and golden claws . Its two wings blotted out the sun along with an aggressive aura .

“A divine falcon!” Someone shouted .

“Cloudcrossing Falcon God!” Some knew who it was right away after seeing this bird .

“He’s an Eternal . Wow, a being of this level is actually here?” An ancestor took a deep breath .

“Looks like this won’t be simple . ” Astonishment pervaded the crowd since an Eternal was virtually unbeatable .

“Cloudcrossing is really going all out to support Young Lord Mu . ” People realized that the princess’ announcement wasn’t a personal choice .  

The news of Cloudcrossing choosing to support the young lord went beyond Moneyfall . All of Myriad soon learned about it .

Though many other systems still had Eternals left for protection instead of ascending to Imperial, these characters wouldn’t come out so easily due to the adverse effect on their lifespan .

The majority of them used worldly essences and treasures to seal themselves, bidding for more time so they can protect their systems even longer .

Thus, the falcon god’s appearance was quite shocking .

“He must really value the young lord . ” One ancestor murmured .

This system had no feud against Li Qiye since they had no prior conflict . But now, the first to side with the young lord wasn’t Vermillion or Coiling Dragon, the systems that had fought against Li Qiye in the past .  

“Everyone should join in so that Myriad can enjoy the sunlight . ” The falcon god spoke again . This time around, his voice echoed across Moneyfall . It seemed that he himself had made it here .

A divide appeared . People started wondering whether they should join him or just watch on the sideline . Most systems had no problem with Li Qiye .

“Down with the evil heretics . ” An ancestor from Coiling Dragon in Moneyfall announced: “Coiling Dragon will never rest when the heretical sects are still around . ”

People took a deep breath . Back then, the alliance had signed a truce with Insane Court . Now, Coiling Dragon was declaring war .

“Sword Grave will never rest when the heretical sects are still around!” A member of Sword Grave chimed in .

A third power appeared; an ancestor from Heavenstart declared: “Heavenstart will not allow the heretics to rampage in Myriad!”

This wasn’t too surprising because Li Qiye had killed so many ancestors from these three systems .  

“The disruptor of peace must be annihilated . ” A calm voice was next .

The tone was one of justice and gentleness yet still piercing across the entire world .

“Dracoform Martial God!” The older experts recognized this voice and gasped in response .

Other Eternals trembled after hearing this title . The number one of Myriad truly threatened everyone .

“Can Li Qiye survive this?” A high elder wondered .

Nevertheless, this was within expectations . Li Qiye had defeated Windchaser Matron on top of kidnapping their successor .  

Dracoform had numerous reasons, whether it be personal or business, to take care of Li Qiye .

Suddenly, some systems that had no feud with Li Qiye declared war towards him . A member of Pureyang System declared: “Everyone is responsible for getting rid of evil, count us in . ”

“Us too!” The hesitating ones earlier finally made up their mind after Dracoform showed up, wishing to put an end to Fiercest .