Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2350

Chapter 2350

The star of the show didn’t know about the gathering of his enemies as he infiltrated the depth of the mountain range .

It seemed endless but he persevered long enough to reach his destination .

“Rumble!” Explosions made the area quake with cracks everywhere .

“Boom!” Thunderclaps could be heard . Ahead was a bright expanse with lightning bolts dancing like serpents, completely overwhelming in number .

At the same time, a tsunami rose to the sky, seemingly wanting to topple the stars .

An incredible battle was obviously going on . As Li Qiye drew closer, he saw three powerful coin beasts fighting till the death .  

To be exact, it was one living beast versus two skeletons . The former was no stranger to Li Qiye - it was the Kui that took him here . The poor beast was covered in wounds and blood .

As for the other two, one was a gigantic scorpion with bones large enough to support the nearby peaks . Despite its decayed state, its stinger was well-preserved, still having a luster at the venomous tip .

The stinger pierced through a mountain with lightning speed . It seemed to be piercing through papers . After the penetration, white smoke billowed from the area . It didn’t take long before the rocky material turned into liquid .

The other skeleton resembled a turtle with a shell large enough to overshadow the mountains . It was relatively slow, but its teeth were sharp . Each bite punished the nearby terrains .

This was a fight to the death, and the Kui was at a disadvantage going one versus two .

It continued to summon lightning bolts from the sky as its main offensive move .

The turtle roared and raised its shell like a shield to stop the bolts . “Boom!” The bolts struck the shell, resulting in an eruption of sparks .

Meanwhile, the scorpion darted to the back of the Kui and used its stinger again .

The Kui summoned an earthen wall, but the stinger still managed to pierce through it and made contact with the Kui’s shoulder . Though the Kui could handle the venom, its blood still turned black .

It became furious and entered a berserk state . Thicker lightning bolts gathered in front of it and turned into a heavenly sword with a dazzling glow . The scariest part was the dao rune inside this sword . It contained both the power of lightning and the primordial dao .

This beast was actually so intelligent, capable of controlling the power of the dao just like a cultivator . This was learned, not an innate gift . Becoming a divine beast was inevitable in the future .

“Boom!” The sword split the sky vault open, managing to leave a deep cut on the turtle’s shell .

However, the scorpion assisted by aiming for the Kui’s throat . The Kui had no choice but to give up on attacking the turtle, turning around instead to slash at the scorpion .

Not far from this battle was a dark cave, akin to the jaw of an ancient beast .

Though the mountains nearby collapsed from the shockwaves, even the stars became victims, but strangely enough, this dark cave was perfectly untouched .

Li Qiye took a good look at the situation . The beasts noticed him too but they continued their heated battle . He only smiled and focused on the dark cave instead . This was his destination, so he started walking towards it .

“Ra!” The scorpion and turtle suddenly ignored the Kui and rushed towards him .

“Pluff!” The scorpion possessed the greatest speed with its stinger, also aiming for his throat .

His eyes became serious . At this instance, a very faint noise could be heard, almost like the blooming of a flower .

He was holding a sword now, nearly invisible since it was transparent . The actual blade seemed thinner than a piece of paper . He performed a cut flawlessly like an expert cook preparing meat .  

Another faint noise occurred, ending with him still standing there in a neutral pose .

“Boom!” The turtle was here now, stomping down on him with its gigantic foot .

He didn’t bat an eye and used his sword again with a perfect motion . The air seemed to be frozen; both of the beasts stopped moving .

After a long time, their frame suddenly became separated into even pieces, almost like a display of art .

Their bones scattered on the ground and stopped moving . Li Qiye chuckled after seeing this and put away his sword .

Its name was Crystal, not quite a physical sword but a dao condensed into this form so that he could grasp it .