Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2351

Chapter 2351: 2351

The crystal sword was unbelievably thin to the point of being invisible . It was similar to the bronze sword used in the previous duel with Solitary Sword God . They were sword dao, or something even above it .

As long as his heart had the sword, then one would be in his hand -a  single thought to create these blades .

The swords came from Finality Sword, something used to be called the Physique Scripture .

After Li Qiye flipped a new page, the Physique Scripture stopped existing and was replaced by Finality . It encompassed and surpassed all the sword dao in the world .

The name meant that everything would end with the sword, whether it be merit laws or any other affinities . The moment this sword came out, all would stop .

Despite being the origin of sword dao, Finality had no techniques, variations, or dao of the sword .

It had everything yet nothing of the sword dao, only existing in the heart and mind . However, everyone had unique thoughts, so its shape would vary as well .

For example, if others were to obtain this version of Finality, they could gain a supreme sword technique; another could figure out a peerless sword dao . The end result was predicated on the nature of the person .

For Li Qiye, his assimilation allowed him to have a formless sword, or that he himself was the sword .

As for the bronze sword, it served as a heavy weapon . With a single thought, he created an unstoppable weapon due to its immeasurable weight . It didn’t matter how strong his foe might be, stopping the sword was an impossibility .

As for the crystal sword, it was as thin as universally possible . Thus, it became indiscernible and terrifyingly sharp . He became capable of severing everything, such as the two beasts earlier .

These weren’t actually sword dao, but rather the very origins of the sword - affinities such as weight and sharpness .

This allowed him to take down the beasts without any surprises . The Kui saw this and became frightened . That crystal sword could easily dismember it as well .

He only chuckled and put away the sword before walking towards the dark cave .

The Kui hesitated, not because of the dangers within the cave but because of Li Qiye .

“Want to go in?” Li Qiye paused and gestured at it .

The lack of hostility excited the Kui . It immediately went next to him since this cave was its goal, acting quite chummy by rubbing its head on him .

The two beasts earlier were protecting the cave so it couldn’t enter . Li Qiye’s arrival has given it this opportunity .

“I guess I’m doing some charity work here . ” He pushed the Kui back while playfully putting on a disgusted expression .

The Kui didn’t mind and continued walking slowly right behind Li Qiye .

This cave was pitch-black . One couldn’t see their own fingers in front of them . Nevertheless, Li Qiye walked forward without becoming lost .

This was a dimension of darkness with numerous coordinates . Just one wrong step and one would be forever lost . This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye as if he had been here before .

Flashing light could be seen up ahead after a long trek in total darkness . The excited Kui quietly called out, finally having the chance to come to this place .

They came out of the darkness and found the light emanating from a pond . Despite its inconspicuous appearance, the water here exuded a gentle light like a priceless jewel amidst the darkness .

Li Qiye chuckled and said: “The time isn’t right . ” He then sat by the pond and soak his legs in the water .

The Kui didn’t know how to speak but still copied Li Qiye, dipping its only leg into the water . The thing was still confused since it failed the last several times to make it here . Instinct told it that something incredible was in this place, that’s all it knew .

Li Qiye rested his eyes for quite a while before opening them back up to chat with the beast: “At your considerable power, do you ever think about where you came from, or your race?” 

The Kui seemed to understand the question but it looked at him in confusion .

“Looks like certain things are still out of grasp before true intelligence . ” He smiled .

The beast only looked at him, seemingly waiting for him to speak again .

“Only the villainous heaven can create life, well, actually, nature itself is the creator . ” Li Qiye said: “This is limited to races, but certain things are out of this boundary . ”

The beast looked as if it was contemplating .

“There was a legend in a distant era . It says that after the death of an immortal, a single hair of this being could turn into a galaxy, a piece of dead skin could become a supreme creature . Basically, this immortal’s body included three thousand worlds . Of course, this is only a legend . ” He chuckled .

His eyes then turned profound: “Isn’t it interesting if it’s true? It means that certain lives aren’t created, only derived from something else, meaning that they aren’t under the watch of the villainous heaven . This could mean that universal laws could be avoided . ” 

The beast might have understood this part .

“If you can jump out of this world, then you can finally be you . Otherwise, you’re only a speck of dust . ” He concluded while patting the beast’s shoulder .