Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2352

Chapter 2352

Mu Shaochen’s arrival caused quite a stir in Moneyfall . More importantly, numerous systems have formed an alliance to put an end to the evil that is Li Qiye . It didn’t take long before he became a vile villain that needs to be eradicated so that others can have peace .

“Rumble!” Explosions discharged in the horizon . A divine flame blotted out the sky .

At this moment, a carriage with a black glow visible from the distance came over . Its majestic aura indicated its status .

“Screech!” Eight green birds led the way, looking quite beautiful with a jade-luster on their features . They pulled the carriage, leaving destruction in its path .

A banner with the word “Mu” was located at the top . It had weathered the ages, but clearly one meant for battle . The word still emitted a ferocious bloodlust so people shuddered and made way for this carriage .

“Young Lord Mu is here . ” A sect master immediately got off his own carriage and prepared a greeting .

The carriage drew closer and closer . People could see four old men - all Ascenders! Not the strongest but still quite frightening .

This ostentatious showing made everyone gasp, including the ancestors . Only someone like Dracoform could have Ascenders accompanying him like this .

People could see inside the carriage now - a young male wearing a golden robe that seems perfect for him .

The handsome youth was clearly pampered from a noble upbringing . His eyes were bright like starry gems, capable of seeing through everything .

The youth resembled a ruler with his gestures and temperament without acting fierce . Nevertheless, his arrogance and general contempt for others were as clear as day .

Two supreme beauties sat to his left and right . One dressed in red, clearly from a prestigious clan . The other chose green, alluring like a flower in the valley .

The youth embraced the two of them as they fed him wine and peeled then fed him fruits . He would occasionally kiss them just like a king .

“Princess of Jewelbanner and daughter of the Ouyang!” Who knows the complicated feelings the youths were having after seeing this .

Jewelbanner Princess He Yutang and Ouyang Shiqi, quite famous among the young generation . Of course, they were far from being the same level as Wu Binging in terms of fame, but plenty of youths still liked them .  

“I thought Young Lord Mu wanted to marry the martial goddess and Cloudcrossing Princess was going to be his concubine?” One young cultivator said with indignation: “Why is Jewelbanner Princess with him right now?”

“Silly guy, a powerful man always has plenty of women . ” A senior shook his head: “Just being from the Mu alone is enough of a draw . So many people want to go to Imperial yet can’t, but with the help of the Mu, it will be possible . Plus, he is also a great genius . When he visited Jewelbanner, he defeated the proud princess so she is willing to follow him despite not obtaining an official title . ”

“What about the lady of the Ouyang?” A different youth jumped in: “This clan is much stronger than Jewelbanner Sect, she’s the successor too . Why would she agree? I’m sure there are other reasons . ”

The senior laughed in response: “You’re overthinking it . The talented young lord went to visit the Ouyang and comprehended their ancestral tablet with a single glance . Thus, the clan treated him with the highest respect . He also helped Shiqi and she benefited greatly as a result, able to cultivate her clan’s supreme arts . That’s why she is following him . ” [1]

“Hmph! I’m sure her ancestors are forcing her to do so, just like the martial goddess . ” This young man had a crush on Shiqi and wouldn’t accept it .

“You’re too young . ” The senior said flatly: “Still too optimistic and naive . This Young Lord Mu is not simple at all . I heard he could even see through the twelve variations of the Martial Ancestor, that’s why Dracoform Martial God holds him with such high regard . Otherwise, he wouldn’t be receiving the same treatment just because he’s from the Mu . . . ” 

“ . . . I can go on and on about this . His gifts are famous in Imperial since he can understand anything after a single glance, so plenty of systems wants to suck up to him . So, a man like him with a strong and noble background, talented as well? Girls naturally will flock to him . ”

Having said that, the senior gave the youth a look of pity: “Ouyang Shiqi is in love with the young lord, don’t find this surprising . Just give up; trying to compete with him will only end with disgrace . ”

The youth clenched his fists in anger but he eventually lowered his head and let out a sigh in dejection . Despite his unwillingness, what was he going to do? The young lord surpassed him in all aspects .

Having a love rival like the young lord made him drown with despair . Plus, continuing on this path could be suicidal on top of implicating his own sect, if he were to provoke the young lord .

The fans could only watch the young lord play around with their goddesses in the departing carriage .

After coming to Moneyfall, Mu Shaochen announced: “I might be an outsider, but I view Myriad as a second home so I pray for peace . There is a murderous villain on the loose, so I wish to offer my strength to destroy him and his heretic ways! I hope everyone can assist me in doing so!”

“The young lord is right, we need to band together to kill Li Qiye!” Many systems answered his call .

“Coiling Dragon System will not share the same sky as that monster! We will obey your orders, Young Lord Mu!” Coiling Dragon showed the most support .

After all, they suffered heavy casualties to Li Qiye . There was no way they would let this go before his death .

Rallying cries echoed across Moneyfall . Numerous systems declared their allegiance .

Suddenly, a leisure voice interrupted the wave of support: “If anyone wishes to trouble a disciple of our Longevity System, come out and face us . ” 

1 . Sounds like a second Li Qiye