Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2356

Chapter 2356

Everyone gasped after hearing this fierce challenge and glanced at each other . Some ancestors here had unsightly expression while glaring angrily at her .

Boldly calling them hypocrites and pretenders straight to their face? Nevertheless, she spoke with gusto for Longevity Valley had immense influence . It wasn’t impossible for them to invite a True Emperor from Immortal Lineage .

After all, plenty of emperors and progenitors owed them a favor . If they wanted to go all out, anything was possible .

“Sage, that’s too much . ” An ancestor from Vermillion Martial Court spoke: “We have no animosity towards your system, our only target is Li Qiye . It’s just that we’re afraid that the villain might be tricking you and hope that you can reconsider . I’m sure that once he is declared a heretic, the world will rise again him, isn’t that right, Untethered?”

He looked over at Untethered, wishing to drag both Longevity Valley and Yang Radiance down the mud . No one was going to leave this storm unscathed .

All eyes turned towards her now . She sat straight with a natural and noble expression: “If Li Qiye had indeed cultivated the blood art to harm others, he deserves persecution from all sides . It also means that Insane Court has violated the agreement and will become a heretical sect . In that case, my system will be the first to do something about it . ”

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief after she revealed her thoughts .

“Did you hear that, Sage?” The ancestor turned back and said: “Will your system still protect him after he is exposed? Would you still wish to fight against the rest of the world?”

The sage powerfully responded: “No point in wondering about hypothetical scenarios . I trust in our disciple, he is not a villain that had cultivated in blood arts . As I have said before, we will guarantee his innocence . ”

“I’m afraid that won’t do, if your system still considers him to be your First Disciple, then you are not in a position to act as the guarantor . You need to draw the line . ” The untethered said .

“Oh, you wish to trouble me as well?” The sage stared straight at her .

She remained calm: “It’s not anything personal, I’m simply stating the truth . You need to remove him as the First Disciple before acting as an impartial guarantor . Otherwise, a conflict of interest exists and that’s not tolerable for something that could affect our entire world . ”

“I agree completely . This event might determine the rise and fall of Myriad, we can’t delay making a decision just because of one system’s self-interest . ” Many systems chimed in, wishing to oppose Longevity Valley .

Unlike them, the untethered was simply being impartial without prejudice against the valley and Li Qiye .

“Young Lord Mu is here!” A shout disrupted the debate and made the stars tremble .

“Rumble!” A carriage appeared, crushing the spatial sphere around it while emitting a black aura . The birds pulling the carriage looked quite imposing .

Four Ascenders acted as protectors - quite a frightening display .  

Young Lord Mu sat on the carriage, looking imperious and still with a beauty on each side . His arrival attracted both attention and annoyance, especially his seemingly debaucherous nature .

“Hmph, what a show-off . ” One scowled .

On the other hand, ancestors from Coiling Dragon, Sword Grave, and Pure Yang System quickly came to greet him . Though the ancestor from Vermillion didn’t come forward, he still stood up for a greeting .

Only characters like the sage and untethered could remain sitting . Of course, not being overly pandering was one thing; they didn’t wish to offend him either .

The most peculiar thing was how subservient the members of Sword Grave were acting . It looked as if they were greeting their own young lord .

“Why are they like that?” This beckoned the question .

“Right, so respectful towards him . ” Some felt that this was exaggerated .

“I heard after coming to Moneyfall, Mu Shaochen found them their lost tomb, wanting to return the lost techniques back to them, a great favor . That’s why they are willing to work for him . ” One ancestor quietly said .

“I see, he lives up to his reputation . ” People were startled .

Mu Shaochen slowly walked down the carriage with swagger and arrogance .

“Seniors, please excuse my tardiness due to personal business . ” Mu Shaochen unapologetically said .

“It’s fine, it’s fine, that villain still isn’t here yet . ” The ancestors quickly said .


“Those ancestors are still Ascenders, why do they suck up to the Mu so much?” Some youths didn’t like Mu Shaochen, especially the ones who had a crush on Jewelbanner Princess and the daughter of the Ouyang .

“Benefits . ” Their ancestor replied: “Some systems aren’t only doing it for the Mu . Just the young lord’s talents alone are worthy of this . He’s peerless and could understand many things from a single glance . Just take a look, anyone close with him had a great harvest . For example, he found the Jewelbanner’s lost arts just by looking at their tablets . The Ouyang Lady’s cultivation soared after being taught amazing laws by him . That’s why these systems want to rely on his talents in order to regain their lost techniques . ”

He paused and sighed before continuing: “Such talents would bring about greatness . Look at Sword Grave, they do it so willingly after he found the tomb and the sword dao within for them . It’s just too much temptation . ”

The ancestor from Sword Grave personally brought out a royal throne for Mu Shaochen, placed on the highest peak . The youth didn’t show any reservation and sat down, looking to be on the same level as the untethered . People took a deep breath after seeing this . He was acting as if he was leading all of Myriad Lineage .

“Screech!” A falcon cry echoed as the bird blotted out the sun .

It closed its wings and floated in the sky above everyone including the current leaders .

“Cloudcrossing Falcon God . ” The appearance of an Eternal stirred the crowd .

However, upon closer inspection, they only saw a beautiful girl up there . She jumped down from its back .

“Cloudcrossing Princess . ” Eyes turned brighter, especially the ones who liked her .

She ignored everyone else and only smiled widely after seeing Mu Shaochen .

“Brother Chen, you’re here too?” She came forward and bowed .

“I just got here . ” He grabbed her hand; the two of them appeared quite intimate .

All kinds of emotions struck the spectators, mostly negative .

“Is Falcon God here?” Mu Shaochen said with a smile .

“The ancestor is always present, he just needs one step to appear . ” She spoke with a gaze full of adoration .

The crowd glanced at the falcon . Its presence meant that he could appear at any moment as well .

An Eternal being available certainly made everyone anxious . They all put on a serious expression . Even the untethered felt this pressure .