Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2360

Chapter 2360

“Buzz . ” Bingning instantly attacked as lightning bolts soared from her spear like a flood .

Of course, their speed was much faster than a flood . Just imagine the massive power of this attack, completely unblockable .

Before the physical spear started to move, the power crushed space itself as if it was a dried branch . All defenses, merit laws, and powers would be destroyed by this attack . There seemed to be a beast roar within the lightning . A leo could be spotted in this ocean of currents .

This was a divine beast . Its claws could tear everything in its path to pieces, only adding to the might of the lightning flood .  

“Ra!” Its roar shattered the myriad laws . Everything returned to the origin because of this destruction .

This variation was too fast . People couldn’t even see how she unleashed it before sensing a prick on their forehead as if the thrust had pierced them . They instinctively took several steps back .

It aimed straight for Cloudcrossing Princess with unbelievable speed . People wondered if the princess could even dodge .

However, she didn’t try to do so and began to float using an unknown movement technique . She looked like a dandelion seed floating inside the flood of lightning . Her weapon of choice wasn’t a sword or an amazing treasure but just a long and thin wire, extremely agile . It moved around like a spirit snake and wove together a group of lightning bolts .

Keep in mind that these bolts were created by Bingning’s true energy . When the bolts were tied together, her energy became chaotic and uncontrollable .

This Lightning Leo move was domineering and required a gathering of all true energy before an explosion, leaving her in a vulnerable state .

Thus, the sudden churning of her own energy was dangerous .

“Boom!” The flood of lightning exploded and began to scatter . She suffered a backlash from her energy and spat out a mouthful of blood .

The princess didn’t waste any time and flicked her golden wire straight for Bingning’s throat, wanting to end this in one move .

Bingning flashed into disappearance after she activated her grass . The princess knew that her move wouldn’t connect and instantly retreated closer to Mu Shaochen .

“Boom!” Bingning showed up again, not on purpose . She suffered an implosion and spat out more blood .

Her energy flow remained chaotic . Although her grass allowed her to dodge the fatal move, it couldn’t calm her energy so this remnant force still blew her flying .

She couldn’t disperse the energy from her Lightning Leo that quickly . It failed to hurt Cloudcrossing Princess and only backfired on her, resulting in serious injuries .

She stabilized her stance and managed to subdue this chaos . This ended up depleting her reserve, no longer having enough to fight again .

“A martial goddess? Still a loser . ” The princess looked down on her .

Despite her arrogant words, she didn’t dare to push her advantage, aware of the disparity between her and Bingning . She only won due to picking the right technique and was far inferior in terms of actual firepower .

The crowd was startled since the leo technique was defeated .  

“You haven’t truly mastered this technique to the point of using and recalling it at will, that’s why chaotic energy will result in backlash . ” Shaochen was very pleased with his method .

Bingning was pale from the wounds . Due to the incomplete nature of the twelve variations, she required powerful true energy in order to use her three variations . There was no going back once releasing this energy .  

He noticed this flaw and chose to disrupt her true energy and creating a backlash .

The crowd shuddered . There were rumors of his great talents and comprehension already . It looked like they were true . No wonder why so many systems treated him so well . Just this ability alone could greatly benefit a system .

“Hmph, I’ll take you back first before dealing with you . ” The ancestor from the martial court scowled and reached for her .

She readied her spear against the large palm energy, but even if she could fight, there was no chance of winning against an ancestor .

“Boom!” But the palm was instantly forced back by Yang Radiance Buddha .

He laughed and said: “Let’s not bully a junior now . Fight me instead . ”

His interference didn’t come as a surprise . The ancestor from the martial court became serious: “You will continue to stick your nose in our business?”

“That’s right, at least this one . ” The Buddha smiled .

“Very well, I’ve heard about your skills long ago, how about I join in?” The strongest ancestor from Jewelbanner stood up .

“He Jiang…” Other ancestors shuddered after seeing this new challenger .

He was a ninth-level Ascender, the strongest of the Jewelbanner . The guy could challenge Yang Radiance since he was on Shaochen’s side now .

Normally, a sect like Jewelbanner would never dare to do so . But this was no longer the case, Shaochen seemed unstoppable so Yang Radiance and Longevity Valley would eventually become their targets .

“Let us see what he can do . ” The ancestor from Vermillion said and formed a pincer move against Yang Radiance Buddha .

The Buddhist cultivator became serious and slowly took down the shield on his back .

“Traitor, it is time for you to surrender or we will not show mercy . ” At the same time, one ancestor from Sword Grave stared at Ling Ximo and said .

She naturally became horrified after hearing this .