Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2361

Chapter 2361: 2361

“Bullying the weak now?” Wu Bingning remained fierce despite her injuries . She knew that Ximo was not a match for this ancestor .

“Whoosh!” Without any warning, Mu Shaochen suddenly ambushed Bingning with a rope, successfully capturing her . She reacted quickly but this rope was incredible .

“Opposing me is very unwise . Go back to the martial court then be a good girl and marry into my clan . ” He laughed pompously .

“Traitor, give up . ” The ancestor from Sword Grave started heading for Ling Ximo .

“Sword Grave, do not push the issue . ” Longevity Sage grimaced and swept her whisk at the ancestor .

Her move was naturally exceptional, carrying the power of the storm and surprised this ancestor .

“Screech!” The falcon that has been floating above flapped one wing, releasing a sword-like feather to stop the whisk .

The sage staggered several steps backward and destroyed the chair behind her .

Everyone took a deep breath after seeing the powerful falcon in action . Though its master has yet to show himself, if his mount was present, so was he . He took care of this falcon for its entire life so it was just as strong as any Ascender .

“Ah!” Ling Ximo had no chance to resist and was captured instantly by the ancestor .

The sage wanted to help but was stopped by the falcon . It raised its wings and sealed off the entire area .

“This is out of line . ” The untethered stood up and said coldly: “Do you wish to go all out?”

Her tone wasn’t one of anger but no question about it - she was furious .

“Untethered, that’s enough . ” An ancient voice answered her to everyone’s dismay .

“Cloudcrossing Falcon God, Yang Xun!” Everyone became startled .

Though he has yet to show himself, each word carried enough power and divinity to intimidate the crowd .

“A junior massacring the innocent in Myriad is unacceptable . How can we allow this?” His voice echoed in the sky: “Young Lord Mu will take this guy down today in order to rid Myriad of evil, as for the remaining dregs, they deserve their punishment for causing trouble in our world . ”

Though he didn’t directly blame the untethered, he was certainly criticizing Yang Radiance for allowing Li Qiye to do as he pleases .

Everyone held their breath while listening to this Eternal .

He wasn’t on the same level as Dracoform Martial God, but an Eternal could still easily crush Ascenders . Even a low-level True Emperor wouldn’t be able to take on one .

“Myriad is not a lawless place where anyone can just accuse people of crimes . At the very least,  not under our leadership . An agreement, once signed, must be followed!” The untethered strongly responded .

“That’s in the past . Our decision right now is in accordance with the people, if you continue to be stubborn, you will become the world’s enemy . ” The falcon god retorted .

“Senior Falcon is correct . ” Mu Shaochen smiled: “Yang Radiance has failed to live up to its responsibility, it is time to change the leadership of Myriad . ”

Shaochen has finally revealed his real goal . Though the insightful members of the crowd knew this from the start, no one actually dared to express it . He had finally broken the thin veil of pretense .

“Don’t you see now? They’re finally revealing their goal . ” The sage smiled and told the untethered: “This is a rebellion just like our ceremony not long ago . I’m sure they were disappointed by the failure . ”

The untethered stared coldly at the other side: “Our Yang Radiance Sect has never been interested in leading Myriad, but since this event was started by us, we will do it right . No one is allowed to ruin it!”

“Oooo-” War horns blared outside of Myriad Peaks .

“Rumble!” Several cavalries emerged from all sides with enough force to quake the world .

The crowd became startled at the incoming armies of steel . There was no doubt that Yang Radiance came prepared .

“Unfortunately, your opponent is me . ” Mu Shaochen wasn’t surprised at all and took out a treasure: “Go!”

“Boom!” It rushed to the sky and an ocean appeared right outside, seemingly drowning everything else . This water barrier stopped the cavalries and sealed off Myriad Peaks from the outside world .

“This ocean is refined by our progenitor, even if your ancestors know how to cross it, it will take a very long time . ” Shaochen laughed, certain of victory .

The ancestors here glanced at each other . Nearly all the big shots in Myriad were present right now, essentially trapped in this place .

“Myriad has been on a steady decline while the chaos rose, Yang Radiance’s leadership has failed . I believe it is time for someone else to take the reins . ” He declared .

The ones not on his side felt something ominous approaching .

“That’s right, there should be a leader who can lead Myriad towards a golden age . We need a strong leader right now!” An ancestor from Coiling Dragon supported .

“Our Sword Grave wishes for new leadership . ” This faction voiced their opinion .

The neutral systems shuddered . It looked like Myriad will undergo a massive change today .

“So the new leader will be you, Mu Shaochen?” The sage sneered .

“No, I am not capable enough . ” Shaochen smiled: “In my opinion, it is appropriate for Dracoform Martial God to rule . A junior like me will only be following his orders . ”

“Just a fox exploiting the tiger’s might . ” The sage said with disdain .

Though Mu Shaochen was pushing Dracoform to be the next leader, this god rarely came out and didn’t care for mundane matters . Plus, given his relationship with the martial court, his talents, and if he were to marry Wu Bingning, he would naturally become Dracoform’s representative . At that point, Myriad would be in his palm .

“Dracoform Martial God is the number one expert in our world so he should be our leader . ” Cloudcrossing Falcon God spoke .

“That’s right, but for now, we should take care of these heretics . Sage, your Longevity Valley mingles with Li Qiye, there is no separating yourself from this . ” Shaochen threatened with a dark smile .

“Sword Grave shall take care of our internal problem as well . ” The ancestor from this sect glared at Ximo and said: “It’s not too late for repentance . State that Li Qiye is a heretic and maybe we will spare your life . ”

“Young Noble Li is a good person, not a heretic!” Ximo was under duress yet she stood strong .

“Very well, traitor, I shall cut you down today . ” The ancestor became furious .

“Senior, how can you kill such a cute girl, let me teach her a lesson . ” Shaochen smiled and grabbed Bingning as well: “I’ll do my best to educate these two . ”

“Boom!” Suddenly, that one mirror shattered, resulting in a black hole . A man stepped out from there .

“That’s it? How boring . ” This guy shook his head, seemingly bored .

“Li Qiye!” The crowd shouted .