Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2363

Chapter 2363: 2363

“So what? I’ll kill your progenitor even if he is here in person . ” Li Qiye raised his brow and claimed without any hesitation .

Mu Shaochen’s expression changed into something fierce as he uttered: “No mercy for those who dare to insult my progenitor!”

“Clank!” The gigantic figure instantly took action, combining the arts of the sword and saber into an annihilative judgment . This dual-slash seemed capable of splitting Moneyfall into two halves .

“Get back!” The world returned to chaos to the dismay of the spectators .

Before the slash finished its trajectory, the sharp intents of these weapons assaulted the world .

Weaker cultivators turned to blood instantly . The ancestors nearby had to protect their juniors and retreated .

Li Qiye smiled and said: “You may now witness a true sword dao . ”

He spread his palm and raised a tomb without a tablet, only a pinned sword . The entire thing was carved with numerous sword runes .

“Clank . ” The tomb opened and out came a peerless sword intent, causing the world to quake . It was as if Sword Saint himself was back; three thousand worlds seemed insignificant before this sword intent .

“Clank!” The reflection of the blade engulfed the area like a fan and easily stopped the dual-slash .

“A Sword Tomb! You, you found one!” Mu Shaochen was astounded .

“That’s right . ” Li Qiye smiled: “You only stared at a distance and saw a little bit of its dao . ” 

Shaochen’s expression became ugly . He also entered that dangerous ground but couldn’t take away the tomb itself, only able to discern some of its dao .

This tomb was the masterpiece of Sword Saint so he naturally knew of its awesome power .

The spectators were shocked . This was the core of Sword Grave, capable of changing size at will and contained the knowledge of Sword Saint .

For some reason, it flew away in the past and heralded the decline of the Ling .

“Sword Tomb…” Tears filled Ling Ximo’s eyes . The thing she dreamed of was before her . It could revitalize her clan .

Shaochen couldn’t obtain the tomb but Li Qiye could, so in this split second, he felt danger .

“Boom!” The majestic figure exuded a mighty force . The mirror in front of his chest unleashed a beam of light across this land, aiming straight for the sword tomb .

Li Qiye wasn’t controlling it . The tomb itself had its own sentience and retaliated with an endless glint of the sword without holding back .

“Boom!” The two beams collided, making the ground and the stars quake . Everyone was scared out of their mind .

“What else do you got?” Li Qiye freely smiled, not paying too much attention .

“Li Qiye, you won’t be laughing for long!” Ironbanner True God and the ancestor from Vermillion attacked .

Ironbanner didn’t waste time and waved his large banner, seemingly sweeping in the entire sky . Several peaks collapsed as a result . The first attack from this ninth-level Ascender was surely impressive .

The ancestor from Vermillion was no slouch either . “Raaa!” 

With a loud roar, he chose Lightning Leo as his first move . A flood of lightning with this beast inside lunged forward . Everything felt like paper before its sharp claws .

They knew just how terrifying this foe was so the first move was their very best, not giving Li Qiye an opportunity to resist .

“Boom!” Li Qiye simply raised his palm . Numerous worlds and universe were created .

He then slammed his palm down without using any technique, only pure destruction .

“Ooo-” The leo got smashed into pieces; all the lightning bolts instantly disintegrated .

“Crack!” The banner of the other true god was torn apart!

Just one palm strike overwhelmed and dazed the other two combatants . They wished to leave the battlefield with haste, but it was too late .

“Boom!” Li Qiye made a fist . This punch exceeded the temporal limit .  

One could be as agile as possible and still couldn’t escape . The strongest defense couldn’t hold up . Nevertheless, they still used their strongest defensive measure .

“Boom! Boom!” The punch pierced through their chest, causing blood to fly everywhere .

The two of them fell on their back with their eyes wide open, not expecting to lose to a single punch .

“ . . . ” Shaochen, appalled, began to retreat .

“Clank!” The sword tomb seemed to be unhappy at how effortless Li Qiye defeated his foes . It emitted brighter brilliance before opening completely . The sword pinned on the tomb flew out like a soaring immortal .

No one could stop this supreme sword with its sharp intent .  

The majestic figure slashed continuously with its saber and sword to no avail . The two weapons crumbled, unable to stop the soaring sword .

Next, it pierced through the defensive mirror then the figure itself, leaving a gaping hole .

“Boom!” Shaochen’s formation was destroyed and the figure exploded .

This sword paused in the sky then performed a sweeping motion .

“Ah!” Screams of terror haunted the listeners . Rain of blood and decapitated heads began falling down .

The thousands of experts from the various systems were massacred since no one could dodge the horizontal slash . This particular move was the embodiment of death . The sword then returned to the tomb .

People finally realized how mighty this sword left behind by Sword Saint was . No wonder so many years after his departure, the tomb could still fly back to Moneyfall and suppress Ghosthand Ground .

“It’s time to return it to the descendants of Sword Saint . ” Li Qiye waved at the tomb and smiled .

“Buzz . ” It flew out and landed before Ling Ximo .

She stood there unmovingly for a long period before regaining her wits and reaching forward .

The tomb shrank in size and landed on her trembling hands . She held it tightly - the dream and hope of their clan .

“I heard you have a Paragon Artifact, show me . ” Li Qiye seemed to be in a good mood despite the gruesome scene of corpses and the terrible stench of blood .

In fact, he was even scarier than the carnage . People found him to be a devil from hell; just one wave of this monster’s hand could destroy the ages .

As Li Qiye slowly walked closer, Shaochen could sense death .