Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2364

Chapter 2364

“You will get your chance, but not right now . ” Shaochen laughed and continued to retreat with an awkward expression, bereft of the previous imperious attitude .

Li Qiye broke his expectation . Though he knew that guy was very strong and in his calculation, he pushed the guy to the very limit, but he realized that he had still underestimated this foe .

Ultimately, he was certain of his victory and that killing this guy wasn’t going to be hard . Now, he needed to revise his plans since many plans have become useless .

“If you don’t have a Paragon Artifact, you will die . An ancestral weapon is not enough . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

The crowd couldn’t be more immersed in this fight with their heart hanging up high . They didn’t only worry about the outcome but also whether Mu Shaochen had a Paragon Artifact or not .

Everyone guessed that he would have an ancestral weapon . After all, their progenitor was powerful and must have left many artifacts behind . As for a Paragon Artifact, who knows?

Nevertheless, there were still rumors about him possessing one . The crowd couldn’t wait to see the unbelievable power of one .  

“Li Qiye, there’s no denying your abilities, but you’re not strong enough to warrant using a Paragon Artifact . ” Shaochen replied . Due to his talents and experience with true masters, he quickly composed himself .

Li Qiye answered: “Is that so? What else do you have because with your own power, you won’t be able to block a single move from me . Your talents are good but you didn’t focus on cultivation or you wouldn’t be this weak . Otherwise, you might be strong enough to struggle for a bit against me . Plus, if that was the case, you wouldn’t be down here either . ”

“You!” Shaochen turned red and glared angrily at him because he had touched his wounds . His talents were indeed unfathomable to earn mild praise from Li Qiye .

Not to mention Myriad, he was exceptional even in Imperial . Alas, as a member of the Mu, everything came easy to him so he became arrogant and didn’t care about cultivation .

As a result, his cultivation was only considered exceptional, not quite brilliant . If he had actually tried in the past, perhaps he would already be a True Emperor at this point . However, he didn’t care about his personal strength since he believed in defeating enemies using other methods .

Unfortunately, schemes and plans were useless before absolute power . Even his amazing talents couldn’t do anything .

Because of reasons related to this, he left Imperial for Myriad . Otherwise, which genius would actually make this choice? Imperial had more resources available . He came down with predicaments that he didn’t want anyone else to know but Li Qiye was bringing it up .

“Not convinced?” Li Qiye chuckled: “It doesn’t matter, this is only the beginning since you’ll be even more vexed later on for opposing me, resorting to living a borrowed life . The clan and talents you are so proud of are trivial before me . ”

Shaochen had a hard time staying calm . Ever since coming to Myriad, even the ancestors here showed nothing but respect towards him . This change of pace left him gritting his teeth .

Li Qiye smiled and continued closer .

“Clank!” The falcon flapped its wings and stopped him with a motion akin to a thousand iron swords fanning out .

This mount was intelligent and mighty; many True Gods have fallen prey to it in the past .

These sword-like feathers sealed Li Qiye’s path, not allowing him to take half a step forward .

“Stop . ” The falcon actually spoke, albeit with only moderate clarity .

“Even your master won’t be able to stop me, let alone you . ” Li Qiye wasn’t in a hurry .

“Li Qiye, you have crossed the line and deserve death for killing so many people . ” The falcon god’s words came from above . He wasn’t here but this didn’t make much of a difference .

“So what?” Li Qiye replied: “Those who block my path will be shown no mercy, killing everyone is still not crossing the line . ”

The crowd became astounded . In their mind, anyone with a tiny bit of sense wouldn’t be so haughty but Li Qiye chose against doing so . Despite knowing his contempt for all, there was nothing they could do but smile wryly . He was a man of his words so who would want to die over some imperious rhetoric?

“A fool is fearless . ” The falcon god said .

“Enough of this . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Stop hiding up there so I can take care of you and everyone here, then that number one expert in Myriad too . ”

The crowd couldn’t believe it . This guy not only threatened to kill Cloudcrossing Falcon God but also Dracoform Martial God?

They stared speechless at him . One ancestor muttered to himself: “He’s crazy, always talking about killing Eternals . Does he think they’re so easily slain? Before killing one, he might find himself dead without a grave . ”

“Hmph . ” An echoing scowl could be heard, causing the stars to rustle . The previous comment from Li Qiye clearly angered the falcon god .

“Clank!” The falcon began aiming at Li Qiye with its wings .

“Get ready to die!” It threatened .

“You dare to be impudent before me, little bird?” Li Qiye said insipidly .

“I will cut you to a thousand pieces!” After gaining intelligent, it hated being called a bird the most .

It began flapping its wings, shooting out feathers no different from divine swords . The remnant energy turned a mountain into a sieve . The weak cultivators couldn’t escape in time and were filled with holes .

“Watch it!” Many managed to evade .

The rampant sword energies all aimed for Li Qiye, wishing to put an end to him .