Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2365

Chapter 2365: 2365

“Die . ” Li Qiye uttered only one word .

With that, he reached straight for the barrage of feathers .

“Clank!” The feathers turned even brighter with a surging sword intent, nearly able to pierce through the ground to the very core .

This dominating attack horrified the crowd . If this falcon was already this strong, just how mighty would its master be?

Moreover, Li Qiye’s choice of retaliating with his bare hand astonished them as well .

“Will he be able to handle it? His hand is finished!” Many felt that the flesh couldn’t win against the feathers .

“Boom!” Contrary to their expectations, no blood was spilled .  

His hand was perfectly fine despite the sharpness of the feathers .

He closed his hands and crumbling noises ensued .

The two wings of the bird were as tough as steel but as the swords shattered, so did they .

Before anyone could react, he grabbed its wing . The frightened falcon wanted to soar upward but it was too late for the grip was impossible to escape .

“Boom!” He lifted the entire bird with one of its wings and slammed it down on the ground, destroying several mountains in the process .

“Screech!” The bloodied falcon retaliated by using its claws and beak with lightning speed, carrying enough force to pierce through the sky vault .

Li Qiye ignored the counter and raised his foot, gathering a golden light at the bottom before stomping down .

“Crack!” Both claws and the beak disintegrated .

“As I have said, you’re nothing more than a little bird . ” Li Qiye smiled and grabbed the bird’s other wing .

“Oooo-” Li Qiye ripped both of its wings apart . Blood gushed from the wounds, leaving the falcon laying in a pool of its own blood .

It had lost its stalwart and awe-inspiring aura, on the verge of death . All of this happened so quickly; the crowd was caught entirely off guard .

He stood on the bird while still holding its gigantic, severed wings . Though his expression remained calm, his domineering aura was anything but .

The mount of an Eternal has been taken down in such a brutal manner .

“You court death!” The sky seemingly exploded with a wrathful threat!

“Boom!” A palm descended from the sky .  

Even before it came down, the area below it turned into a void . Lava gushed out from the nearby volcanoes . The spectators began to scream since some were dying from the pressure .

Ordinary True Gods felt that they were more insignificant than ants . Ascenders would be scared out of their mind; their first reaction would be to flee .

The falcon god in his fury wished to flatten Myriad Peaks . His palm heralded a cataclysmic scene . His rage was understandable . The falcon has followed him for so long, acting as his trusted confidant .  

“Scram . ” Li Qiye shouted and countered with a punch .

His golden fist wasn’t large but it carried the ultimate force in the world - raw power of the yang affinity .

Primordial chaos emerged as a result . Everything turned to ashes .

“Boom!” A rain of blood gushed out along with a moan . Li Qiye’s punch annihilated the falcon god’s palm .

The latter’s fingers were crushed completely . The pain caused him to groan .

“Crack!” Next, Li Qiye stomped again . The falcon’s large frame caved downward .

“Ooo-” The bird cried again while struggling to escape but it was too late . Its body turned into mincemeat from the force . Its master had failed to save it .

The world was robbed of sound; only the breathing of the spectators could be heard . So many people became slack-jawed, including the strongest beings around .

Li Qiye had crushed the mount of an Eternal into a gory paste before everyone - a scene establishing his hegemony . Who else in the world would dare to do something like this?

“Little animal, I won’t forgive you!” This roar destroyed dozens of mountains nearby .

A figure materialized in the sky - an old man wearing a cloak . Normally, he would look like a sage with a feathered fan and a silk cloth hairband, but now, his expression was twisted with rage . His pair of eyes were as bright and hot as two suns, wanting to burn everything in sight .

He was naturally the strongest ancestor of Cloudcrossing System - the falcon god!

His title was largely due to his great mount . It had done many things for him with its incredible gifts, so people started calling him the falcon god . Even if he could find a similar falcon later, it wouldn’t be able to replace this dead one . His title as the falcon god was done for .

He loved the bird since it was his lifelong companion . Rage became insanity and hatred directed at Li Qiye .

A tempest of wind and sand arrived . The sky turned dark just like a scene of the apocalypse . The spooked spectators didn’t have the strength to stand straight . The ancestors from various systems took a deep breath . An Eternal could certainly sweep through the world and destroy everything in his path .