Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2366

Chapter 2366

Cloudcrossing Falcon God had won everyone’s attention with his wrath capable of incinerating everything .

An Eternal was immensely powerful; Ascenders couldn’t block a single move from one . His rage caused volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters . The crowd stopped daring to look straight at him, feeling their legs growing weak .

The experts quietly retreated, robbed of color on their face . The next move from this raging Eternal might destroy everything here . Being too close to the battlefield could spell doom from just the shockwaves - dying before they know it .

Nevertheless, they couldn’t leave right away . It has been a long time since they saw a real Eternal .

After reaching this level, Eternals had a chance to ascend to Imperial Lineage . The best part of this was the increased lifespan . Thus, the majority of Eternals left right away .

After all, most experts who reached this level were quite old, perhaps on the verge of death . Nothing was more precious than living longer in their eyes .

The ones that stay behind couldn’t abandon their systems and chose to protect it, hence the few Eternals in Myriad Lineage .

Cloudcrossing Falcon God Yang Xun was certainly capable of reaching Imperial but chose against doing so . More surprisingly, he actually came out to support Mu Shaochen and risked losing lifespan in the process .

“If I can’t kill you, my last name will not be Yang!” The falcon god gritted his teeth and roared .

The shock waves emanating from his roar made people vomit blood even though his main focus was on Li Qiye . Unfortunately, his overwhelming rage didn’t affect Li Qiye at all . The guy stood there, seemingly aloof .

“Who cares if your last name isn’t Yang when you’re about to die . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

A while ago, people would think that he was insane for talking to an Eternal like this, but after actually witnessing his murderous abilities, this no longer became the consensus .

“He’s the only one worthy of the title Fiercest . ” An ancestor murmured .

“Hahaha!” The falcon god crazily laughed: “It has been many years since someone dared to say that to me, I guess the future generation will surpass us in time, but you’re still going to die!”

His eyes turned ferocious with a murderous intent lacerating the flesh, causing the spectators to feel pain .

“I won’t kill you right away, no, I’ll take my time flaying your skin, inch by inch, and ripping out your tendons so that your scream will echo all over Myriad . . . ” A cruel smile flashed on the falcon god .

“Alright, I get it, it’s a nice dream but I’m sorry it won’t happen . The only thing that will, is your death . ” Li Qiye casually interrupted . He expressed himself in such a nonchalant manner yet the words carried enough weight to be treated as fact .

The crowd glanced at each other - Li Qiye was so confident at killing the falcon god . Even if he was heaven-defying, can a youth kill an Eternal?

Plus, they could see that he wasn’t a True Emperor yet, so the possibility for success remained low .

“I will pin you down first . ” The falcon god summoned and pointed a spear at Li Qiye .

The shiny, white spear exuded a powerful force, seemingly made from the stars in the sky and containing the power of their light . It seemed incomparably long and could ravage its brethren in the sky .

“Cloudcrossing Starspear! His famous weapon . ” An ancestor murmured .

This spear might not be the falcon god’s strongest weapon, but it has followed him across numerous battlefields . Numerous True Gods have fallen to it in the past .

“Die!” The god roared, thrusting the spear straight at Li Qiye . His battle intent erupted, capable of piercing through everything alone .

The energy of his spear encompassed the penetrating power of light, violently heading for Li Qiye like numerous needles .

“Buzz . ” The earth was being torn asunder like tofu . If the power of this spear were to make contact, even an Ascender would be torn to pieces . The crowd smartly retreated after seeing this .

Li Qiye retaliated at the perfect moment . He materialized a sword and instantly slashed forward .

The slash was formless and undetectable due to its incredible speed . In fact, people didn’t even see the sword .

Some powerful ancestors managed to see him raising his hand but failed to see the particular swing and its true profundities .

The dazzling thrust came to a sudden halt as if time has been frozen . This wasn’t the case .

The falcon god chose to stop the moment Li Qiye raised his hand and retreated with a time-surpassing speed . The flow reversed and the spear returned to his hand .

Everyone felt this particular temporal disturbance, but it wasn’t actually happening . After he retreated, a quiet yet resonating clank could be heard .

“Splash!” Blood gushed out of his hands .

People found that his spear has been split in half; his hands were severed as well .

“Bump!” Both hands and the two pieces of the spear fell to the ground .

The pale god instantly sealed his stumps to stop the blood loss . If he was just microsecond later in his retreat, his body would have suffered the same fate .