Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2367

Chapter 2367: 2367

The severing of the spear and the falcon god’s hands happened in the blink of an eye, bereft of visual fanfare and discernible techniques .

Blood ran down the blade of the sword and fell to the mud, drop by drop . Thanks to this red liquid, people could actually see his sword now - the blade was as thin as a cicada’s wing with an unimaginable sharpness .

This was Crystal, a technique from Finality Sword, meant to be unstoppable with its edge .

The falcon god’s spear was amazing and made from rare stars but it still failed to stop the slash . In fact, it resembled tofu during the process .

If it wasn’t for his fast reaction and retreat, he would have faltered as well . Nevertheless, the amputation still frightened the crowd . Some twitched and felt nauseous .

“Buzz . ” He recreated his severed hands in just a short time .

At his level, as long as he was alive, he could recreate any body part - even the entire thing, so just two hands was no big deal .

Nevertheless, his expression was unsightly as he stared intensely at the guy . Despite being an Eternal, the first exchange left him shamed and weaponless .

Meanwhile, the spectators heaved a sigh of relief, especially the ancestors .

This wasn’t about them being on the falcon god’s side, but he served as the representative of their generation to a certain extent, being an Eternal and all . If their Eternal couldn’t defeat a youth like Li Qiye, it would leave their entire era in despair . It would be time for them to run back to their lair and retire for the future would belong to the youths .

Because of this, they were rather relieved to see the falcon god ready for battle once more .

His eyes shifted towards the crystal sword, vexed, because he couldn’t see through it .

Unlike the others, he got a good view of the slash and noticed its effective simplicity . He has never seen a slash like this before, not believing that such a sharp sword could be created from existing materials .

Finally, his body shifted into retreat, not to run but just to gain the right amount of distance . He uttered: “Amazing, but this doesn’t mean that you are invincible . I will not stop until I kill you . ”

Li Qiye chuckled: “You alone? That’s daydreaming . He needs to join too . ” His eyes turned towards Mu Shaochen .

Mu Shaochen didn’t try to run . He calmly stood there, seemingly thinking of a way to defeat his foe . His eyes then flashed with an epiphany .

Li Qiye naturally saw this so he decided to give the youth a chance .

“Senior, let us fight together to take this fiend down . ” Shaochen told the falcon god .

“Wait until I see what he can do . If I were to lose, then you can join, Virtuous Nephew . ” The falcon god refused, eyes still fixated on Li Qiye .

He was naturally prideful; a being that had swept through Myriad . There was no way he could swallow the vexation of defeat so he needed to try again .

“Alright, I’ll wait for your victory . ” Shaochen laughed heartily, but one could easily tell from his expression that he had no confidence in the falcon god .

He began scheming once more . Peace and the fruition of his plans would never come until this guy was dead .

“Junior, get ready to see my supreme art!” The falcon god roared .

Li Qiye remained nonchalant: “Make sure to go all out . I don’t want to kill you by accident before you can show off your best move . ”

The frustrated god didn’t know what to say . He has never met someone who looked down on him to this level . Even Dracoform Martial God exercised politeness and civility before him .

Nevertheless, no one on the battlefield considered Li Qiye to be arrogant now . He was qualified to speak in this manner after cutting down the god’s hands earlier .

The falcon god took a deep breath before taking out a treasure, a large drum . Its frame seemed to be made from bound divine wood pieces by a structural frame consisting of ancient metals . The top head was created by the skin of primal serpents .

The two drumsticks were even more impressive, as white as snow and made from unknown bones . They surged with thunder, just one strike brought about this destructive affinity .

“Drum of the Thunder God!” An ancestor recognized this treasure and took a deep breath: “I heard it was left behind by Cloudcrossing Ancestor, not actually made by him but he found it in an ancient legacy ruin . ”

“Bump!” The falcon god gently beat the drum once .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” So many experts helplessly fell to the ground; their soul seemingly left the body .

This was only a test . A real drumming session would have immense power .

“The timbre is good at least . ” Li Qiye smiled and said .

The falcon god naturally didn’t like Li Qiye treating his mighty treasure as a musical instrument . This was looking down on their ancestral legacy!

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” The falcon god went all out with a torrent of beats .

A massive sound wave resembling a storm instantly rendered the nearby mountains to dust . The slow cultivators became mists of blood .

When this sound wave struck Li Qiye, his top shirt turned to dust as well . However, his body was unreasonably tough and could withstand this power without any issue . The falcon god intensified his pace and power . The drum continued to ravage the entire area .

“Boom!” Finally, even the stars in the sky exploded just like fireworks .