Chapter 237: Refining the Pristine Worldly Metal (1)

Regarding Mu Chen’s question, Li Qiye simply gave him a stare before finally answering: “I know you want to inquire about the burial ground’s secrets. Unfortunately, I do not know the answer either. As for what I saw at the end of the Underworld Boat’s destination, I’m afraid I can’t tell you. War God Mu used to think highly of you; did he tell you about the matters regarding the Underworld Boat and how he was reborn for another life? I’m afraid that he didn’t tell you what he saw at the end of the trip!”

Mu Chen was shocked because Li Qiye spoke the truth!

“The Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground, the other twelve burial grounds, and even the six grands Ancient Immortal Grounds; there are too many taboos. Unless you personally experienced it, it would be meaningless to hear about it. There are also a few matters that you wouldn’t believe just by listening because they would break your common sense.” Li Qiye slowly explained.

Mu Chen could only gently sigh after hearing Li Qiye’s words. He understood that Li Qiye was not willing to tell him.

“Where is our forefather?” In the end, Mu Chen asked for this was the most important matter to him.

Li Qiye slightly flicked his hand and spoke: “If I dared to do this business with you, of course I am certain. The old man from the Hidden Immortal Hall will come back sooner or later. One year if fast and two years if slow, but he surely will return. At that time, remember to bring me the items I want. There is no one in this world who can owe me anything and get away with it!”

“That item…” Mu Chen couldn’t help but ponder for a moment when this transaction was brought up.

Li Qiye glanced at him and spoke: “So? Your War God Temple is regretting it? Unfortunately, it is already too late.”

“This is not what I mean.” Mu Chen wryly smiled. He pondered the question before answering: “Regarding this item. I have only heard of a few rumors and I don’t know if they are true or not.”

“If you all don’t even know if it is real or fake, I can only say that you bunch of old men have been living for so long in vain.” Li Qiye continued: “You and the Heavenly Dao Academy should have worked together sooner. The War God Temple and the Heavenly Dao Academy are the most ancient heritages of the Human Race with great contributions. If you guys work together, then it wouldn’t be the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s turn to be so arrogant like this, and the Soaring Immortal Sect would not consider itself invincible! Hmph! During Tian Tu’s era, if your heritages had combined forces sooner, then would the Mortal Emperor World deteriorate to this state!?” 1

Mu Chen’s expression greatly sank when Li Qiye brought up the words “Heaven Massacre” because this was the event that the Mortal Emperor World did not want to bring up the most.

“You are all a bunch of conservative, stubborn old fools hindering all progress! That year, the Heavenly Dao Academy was also the same. However, after Wang Yuan, this matter changed a lot with many reformations. Today, the Heavenly Dao Academy is even more dazzling compared to the War God Temple! Even though War God Mu’s achievement was peerless at that time and influenced the Nine Worlds, but truth be told, Old Man Mu was not as great as Wang Yuan! Wang Yuan completely changed the Heavenly Dao Academy, but what about Old Man Mu? He had the power to change your War God Temple, but alas, he did not do so. Your War God Temple is still using your decrepit style of management!”

Li Qiye continued on: “One day, your War God Temple will disappear in the river of time if this trend continues! There are many things that you should just let die, don’t hold on to them forever! A bunch of old men might be important, but your temple has expended too much in this respect as your hands became chained. It would be a different era if your temple had just let them go! The grand tree of the War God Temple might be monstrous, but its leaves are too old and cost too much to nurture!” 2

Mu Chen’s heart was shaken. The world knew about how powerful and mysterious the temple was, but no outsiders understood what kind of heritage it was. However, Li Qiye was able to point out the situations of both the Heavenly Dao Academy and the War God Temple. This was not something privy to a junior so it came as an unbelievable astonishment to Mu Chen!

“Go back. If the old man from the Hidden Immortal Hall comes back, tell him that he has lived long enough! Five hundred years is more than enough. Even True Gods and Immortal Emperors cannot reach immortality, let alone him.” In the end, Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and continued: “Today, I have said too many things. It is out of respect for your War God Temple’s unerasable contribution to humanity. If it was a lineage like the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom or the Soaring Immortal Sect, I would not waste my breath on them!”

Mu Chen sat there silently for a bit before standing up to leave.

“The War God Temple and the Heavenly Dao Academy, all of you know that not just one Immortal Emperor learned from your places, but ultimately, the group of Immortal Emperor Bing Yu didn’t come from your true heritages. Both of your factions were able to personally groom Immortal Emperors, and not just one! But what was the end result? They, in the end, were just honorary students of your War God Temple and Heavenly Dao Academy, nothing more!”

Right when Mu Chen reached the door, Li Qiye continued on: “Regarding this, both of your factions’ plans and insights were far less potent than the old men from the Soaring Immortal Sect!”

Mu Chen by the door couldn’t help but become suddenly stiff.

“I will stop here out of love for your temple’s contribution. Think about it carefully; what did you all give up so many opportunities for!?” In the end, Li Qiye sighed softly and finished.

After Mu Chen left, Li Qiye only shook his head. The War God Temple had been through countless storms across the eras. It became even more conservative in the present day compared to its Desolate Era days. For millions of years, he — as the Dark Crow — had a great relationship with the War God Temple. He even gave them many exceptional seeds, such as the group of Immortal Emperor Bing Yu! Unfortunately, the War God Temple did not grasp this opportunity tightly. Even though they had great relationships with some Immortal Emperors, they did not train any of the emperors after the start of the Emperors Era.

Ancient Sky City was clamoring in excitement everywhere after Li Qiye came back alive from the Underworld Boat. The matter about Li Qiye buzzed everywhere throughout the secret channels!

However, Li Qiye didn’t care for these matters. After staying at Ancient Sky City for a few days, he immediately prepared to depart from the city back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

The elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate sent him off while the War God Temple was not present. Chi Yun told Li Qiye that the remaining War God Temple’s group had already left one day before Li Qiye.

Li Qiye coming back alive increased the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s trust that this transaction would be successful. One had to remember that they paid a great price for this deal between Li Qiye and the temple. If it was successful, then the Nine Saint Demon Gate would not only earn the temple’s support, but also its protection.

Through the warping of the dao gate, the group of Li Qiye quickly returned to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect in a short time and was greeted in person by Gu Tieshou and the other elders along with the protectors! All of them were quite ecstatic to see everyone come back safely.

Of course, they also wanted to know the result of this trip. However, Li Qiye was not in the mood to discuss it so he left everything to Tu Buyu and said: “Junior Tu, you report everything to the elders.”

Tu Buyu accepted this trivial matter and didn’t want to bother Li Qiye.

However, Li Qiye only noticed that the elders and protectors were present; his circumstantial master, who happened to be the sect master, Su Yonghuang, was not. He asked with some surprise: “Where is the sect master?”

“The sect master is in secluded cultivation. Sect Master said that her physique tribulation was approaching, so she is carefully preparing for it.” Gu Tieshou quickly explained to Li Qiye.

Under the strong support of Li Qiye, Su Yonghuang’s position at the sect became well established. In fact, it was a joyous event for the sect to accept this sect master from the outside as well. One had to remember that Su Yonghuang was a natural born Saint Physique. Such a talent had unparalleled potential.

Any natural born Saint Physique would be competed for by all the great powers. In fact, with the status and power of the current Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, it essentially did not have the ability to recruit such a talent!

Today, the sect was even more appreciative after accepting such a talent.

“Natural born Saint Physique, truly amazing.” Li Qiye also complimented as he nodded approvingly. Even though Su Yonghuang did not cultivate the Solar Physique like Immortal Emperor Min Ren, the Extreme Yang Physique was not any weaker than the Solar Physique.

Li Qiye and Gu Tieshou chatted for a bit before Li Qiye retreated back to his place. Gu Tieshou and the others knew that Li Qiye had his own matters so they didn’t bother him. They spoke to Tu Buyu, instead, to inquire about the situation.

The first thing Li Qiye did was to take out the Pristine Worldly Metal. This was the number one metal throughout the ages ah. He must refine such an item into a treasure. If this Pristine Worldly Metal became a Life Weapon, then it would absolutely be the number one weapon in the world in the future.

This metal floated inside Li Qiye’s second Fate Palace. At this moment, it was still surrounded by the primordial chaos along with the hymns of the Grand Dao that were like the preachings of Immortal Kings and True Gods. One could faintly see an Immortal Scripture being excavated, causing Li Qiye to become praisingly astonished. Such a metal was indeed supremely peerless.

At this time, Li Qiye channeled his law and activated the Cauldron of Life inside his palace. In the blink of an eye, the cauldron’s fire blazingly struck down and began to refine the Pristine Worldly Metal.

Cultivators had many different techniques to refine their treasures. However, most cultivators chose to use the Cauldron of Life’s flame in order to refine their treasures, especially those made from grand dao treasure metals.

“Ommm–” However, the moment Li Qiye wanted to refine it with his flame of life, the Pristine Worldly Metal suddenly flashed a glint of brilliance and immediately suppressed the flame of life — not even a trace of flame remained.

Li Qiye was a bit taken aback. Such a good treasure; truly supreme, it had its own awareness. At this time, Li Qiye channeled his merit law along with his divine sense in order to communicate with this metal.

However, the metal ignored him as if it was an existence at the apex and didn’t care for Li Qiye’s divine sense! No matter how much Li Qiye tried to communicate, the metal didn’t react at all.

Li Qiye was angry to the point of vomitting blood from such a scene. Even though this metal was peerless in this world, if there was no way to refine it, then it was still useless in the end. He couldn’t use this number one metal in the world as a brick and throw it as his enemies.

As Li Qiye was enraged with exasperation, the stone egg stored inside Li Qiye’s Fate Palace began to move. “Boom!” The stone egg ferociously slammed the Pristine Worldly Metal and caused it to gradually lose its brilliance.

The metal seemed to be chastened after being ferociously smashed by the stone egg. Back when Li Qiye tried to communicate with it, it had a superior arrogance and didn’t care for him. However, after being smashed by the stone egg, it withdrew its conceitedness.