Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2373

Chapter 2373: 2373

The untethered gave a harsh glare at Longevity Sage for her comment . Though the two were antagonistic at times, they shared a similar view on many topics since they were both intelligent women .

“Marriage is a very big deal . ” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “Not just anyone can become my wife, but the requirement is less stringent for a bed-warming maid . ”

He didn’t directly state his intention but everyone understood . Keep in mind that the untethered was not only the sect master of Yang Radiance, powerful, and talented - she was also a supreme beauty, to say the least .

Many men could only look up at her, not daring to have any unnecessary thoughts . Alas, Li Qiye said that she was only suitable to be a bed-warming maid, a truly incomprehensible statement .

She naturally didn’t take it in stride . Nevertheless, she maintained her aloof and unreachable attitude, which was strangely attractive .

“Alright, this matter ends here if no one else wants to play . ” Li Qiye smiled: “But of course, I welcome all challengers in the future, just know to bring more experts . Don’t embarrass yourself by coming with three or five Ascenders . At least make it fun . ”

How could anyone retort? Even the falcon god, an Eternal, died without a grave against Li Qiye . If anyone wanted to attack Li Qiye now, they needed to bring Eternals at the very least . Ascenders were mere cannon-fodders now .

“Off we go . ” He waved towards Wu Bingning and the rest .

The ladies followed him and left since no one would dare to stop them now . His departure allowed the crowd to breathe again . His presence resembled a mountain weighing down on everyone .

Those who have declared their intention of killing him felt the best . They dropped to the ground and murmured: “That monster is finally gone . ”

“That person has unlimited potential, he won’t stay at Myriad or even Imperial in the future for Immortal is a better fit . ” One ancestor speculated .

The crowd was shaken . Even the big shots among them had a hard time reaching Imperial, let alone Immortal .

“I don’t think anyone in Myriad can take him on, well, maybe Dracoform Martial God . ” Another conceded .

The symbol of strength in Myriad - Dracoform . People shuddered upon hearing his name . If even he couldn’t face Li Qiye, then Li Qiye would truly be invincible in Myriad .

“Number one expert versus Fiercest, who will win?” Curiosity was at an all-time high .

The unbeatable versus the undefeatable - a battle between these two would be immensely exciting .

“A contest between the young and the old, it will go down in history . ” The ancestors themselves became excited, wanting for this to happen as soon as possible .  

Regardless of the outcome, this fight will be one of the most famous in Myriad .  


Li Qiye brought the group to a broken expanse . Stars collapsed in the sky, leaving behind meteorites . Planet-size celestial bodies were hanging in the sky as if they were dragged down .

The ground was ladened with bottomless pits . Some had lava oozing out while others burned to a crisp - as hot as a cauldron . One more location was filled with corrosive and murderous intent…

“Imperial Demise…” Bingning and Ximo were shocked by this apocalyptic location .

“A place of death, progenitors have died here too . ” Longevity Sage sighed and said .

This place resembled hell, more than enough to instill fear into the spectators .

It was the most dangerous location of Moneyfall . Calling the land here would result in summoning some incredible monsters .  

Rumor has it that Regalia Ancestor had summoned a terrible fiend in this land . They fought and tore the world and stars asunder . The Eternals nearby trembled with fear .

A progenitor’s wave alone could unleash havoc . However, Regalia was never seen again after this battle . People assumed it ended with his death .

From then on, this place earned the name, Imperial Demise! 

This infamy naturally came with skepticism . True Gods came to test it out and sure enough, none ever came out . Eternals and True Emperors suffered the same fate .

Due to the assured casualty, people stopped coming here . They wisened up and realized that coming here meant suiciding . Just mentioning the name of this place was enough to shock anyone .

Longevity Sage’s expression became serious as she stared at Li Qiye: “Are you sure? A progenitor has fallen here as well . There’s no coming out . ”

Li Qiye laughed: “Isn’t my death a good thing for Longevity Valley? No need to pay back your debt then and still got a fire seed for free . ”

She glared at him: “Nonsense, I want you to live . Plus, we have agreed to your demand . ”

He smiled back: “I’m just teasing you . Don’t worry, no one can take my life, not even the villainous heaven . ” He glanced at the sky afterward .

“I must go in . ” He turned his profound gaze towards Imperial Demise: “This is the only path . I have done what I could beforehand . ”

The sage sighed again . She didn’t know his reason for coming here, but it certainly wasn’t for treasure . The risk far outweighed the potential gain . He could find treasures in many other places .

“Very well . ” She nodded: “Try to live . Otherwise, our valley pretty much robbed you blind . ”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone take advantage of me . ” He said .

“Young Noble, please be careful . ” Ximo mustered the courage to grab his hand and spoke softly .

“Come back alive . ” Bingning glared at him - this could be considered her encouragement?

“It’s fine, the wicked lives forever while the kind-hearted dies early . Someone as bad as me is virtually immortal . ” Li Qiye smiled and entered Imperial Demise without a care while the rest of the group watched with bated breath .