Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2374

Chapter 2374

The terror of Imperial Demise knows no bounds, akin to a dead world or hell itself .

Danger loomed before every step in this scorched earth ravaged by flame and lava . . .

As one infiltrated deeper, the danger only increased . There seemed to be terrible monsters hiding underground .

Li Qiye took his time strolling, unaffected by the surrounding perils . The lava and flame couldn’t hurt him at all . After all, this was someone who successfully traveled from the tenth world to this place through the tribulation ocean .

This place was not worth mentioning in comparison . When he released his grand dao, his body became the embodiment of a diamond - virtually impervious .

The dead True Gods and even Eternals’ corpses were destroyed with nothing left behind . After all, such a “nice” end wasn’t possible in this type of place since the destructive affinities would corrode their remains .

In the darkness deep beneath the crevices, some monsters would occasionally show themselves - long tentacles and red eyes . They stared intensely at Li Qiye, salivating as if he was a fat piece of meat .

Just the area itself was terrifying enough, but the presence of these on-the-prowl monsters lurking in the shadows amplified the dread . People would feel as if they were trapped in an ocean of beasts .

He didn’t bother himself with them . With a buzzing noise, his primordial tree appeared, seemingly creating a new world with its eternal power .

Three maelstroms continued to spin above his primordial will . Twelve laws poured down around him .

Under this state, he didn’t need to exert his aura . Just a wave was enough to crush the momentum of the world . Gods and immortals were no different than ants .

“Rustle…” These monsters quickly retreated back to the darkness, no longer daring to scheme against him .

Li Qiye gave them an instinctive fear . Though they were strong, intuition told them that this man was no prey; they were his meals instead . A fight would only end in their defeat .

He chuckled after seeing their retreat and trekked forward until he reached the deepest area of Imperial Demise .

The area was devastated . Ten million miles have turned into a crater . Each star in the sky crumbled and fell to the ground . Flames were still ravaging the bottom of these pits, continuing to burn deeper into the ground .

It looked as if the sun had been knocked down and drained completely by someone, leaving only a little spark behind .

Furthermore, numerous weapons were left behind . A massive spear was pinned on top of a star, broken . One corner of a shield insisted on floating in the sky . One more heavenly sword was at the bottom of an abyss . It emitted stormy runes and laws, capable of crushing the firmaments .

If outsiders were to see this, they would be scared out of their mind . They were famous weapons belonging to at least Eternals .

In the end, these existences still lost; their weapons destroyed . One could only imagine the great battles that have waged here .

One thing stood out among the destruction - a towering mountain, completely unaffected across the ages . A palace presided at the top, seemingly made from bronze with an ancient style . It was covered in a thick layer of rust by this point .

Li Qiye revealed a smile upon seeing the palace and walked on the air to reach the top .

The first sensation was a chill, not from cold air but rather an emotional one . People would instinctively shudder despite not seeing anything horrifying .

This painted a clear picture - something was extremely dangerous ahead . Of course, this meant nothing to Li Qiye .

It didn’t look that big from the outside, but upon entering, it resembled an entire world with a dark sky above .

Li Qiye didn’t need to go far before seeing a faint, holy light wanting to expel the darkness of this world .

He got close enough to see that it was a gray robe . Judging by its size, the wearer must have had a large stature .

Instead of laying on the ground, it looked as if there was someone still wearing it while sitting down even though there was no one there . The robe remained there with an eternal will .

Its light might be faint but its holiness left no room for doubt . No evil creature could ever come close .

“Regalia . ” It was obvious whom the robe belonged to .

Back then, Regalia Ancestor called out this terrible area . This resulted in a progenitor-level fight . No one saw him coming back out . Just what kind of creature did he face in here?

Li Qiye shook his head at this sight and was interrupted by loud footsteps .

These steps made people narrow their eyes, feeling as if the hair all over their body was about to explode .

He turned back and saw a shadow appearing in this empty palace .

“Boom!” The broken stars in the sky detonated .

Not to mention regular True Gods, even Eternals would be suppressed before this terrifying aura . The shadow wasn’t big but it made everything else seems small in comparison . It could easily destroy a True Emperor .

All of Moneyfall quaked after it’s appearance .