Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2376

Chapter 2376

Dracoform didn’t seem like an imperious old man since he was quite simple looking, on the verge of returning to the origin .

However, he commanded attention at all times as if he was the center of the world .

The sudden jolt made Bingning stagger backward .

“Child, you have been gone long enough and should have had enough fun, time to go back now . ” He stared at her like a kind senior instead of scolding her .

Her expression changed: “Ancestor, I have left the martial court and won’t be returning . Sorry to trouble you . ”

“Ridiculous, the martial court is your home . Where else can you go? Just return with me . ” He shook his head and said .

His mannerisms didn’t match up to people’s expectations . He seemed so friendly just like a kind grandpa instead of the strongest being in Myriad .

In their mind, each of his actions and words should be imperious and arrogant . People should only look up at him .

“Ancestor, I apologize for my lack of filial piety, but I have made up my mind . ” She remained firm and shook her head .

“Nonsense, come back now . ” He raised his hand and instantly sealed her . She couldn’t move at all and was pulled to his side .

“Senior, why the need to make it so difficult? Just let them be free . ” Longevity Sage’s whisker suddenly swept over in order to take Bingning back .

She knew that she wasn’t a match for Dracoform, but sitting idly and watch wasn’t her style .

Dracoform gently flicked his finger and managed to repel the whisker without any problem .

She didn’t try again, realizing that the gap between them was the difference between heaven and earth .

“Don’t worry, Sage, this is a good thing . ” Dracoform remained friendly: “I’m busy right now and can’t visit your system . Please tell Brother Feng that it has been a long time and when time permits, I’ll come to see him . ”

Dracoform was also graceful and cool, not just skilled in martial arts .  

The sage put her whisker away and sighed, knowing that she couldn’t change the tide: “Senior, I will let the ancestor know . ”

“Brother Feng” was Longevity Lord, the strongest ancestor of this system . Alas, few knew about this unfathomable ancestor because of his reclusiveness . However, one could easily imagine how powerful he was because of Dracoform’s respectful address .

“Let’s go . ” He turned to leave with Wu Bingning . She couldn’t refuse because of the seal rendering her immobile .

The crowd watched the whole thing while contemplating the significance . They found it strange that Dracoform himself would come out just for a junior .

“In a few days, Vermillion Martial Court shall become in-laws with the Mu Clan . We welcome everyone at the celebration . ” He left this message as he was leaving .

Everyone could hear it clearly as if he was standing next to them .

“A marriage?” The crowd was shocked .

“Who in the Mu Clan?” They wondered . The bride would certainly be Wu Bingning, but what about the groom’s side?

“Mu Shaochen? No, he was killed by Fiercest already . ” Everyone saw his death; not even his ashes were left behind .

“I’m afraid he’s still alive . ” An ancestor from an old system revealed .

“Impossible, I witnessed the whole thing!” One skeptic argued .

“That just means you didn’t see it clearly enough . Right when Mu Shaochen was burnt to a crisp, a tiny ray escaped, probably him . ” The ancestor replied .

“A remnant soul should be useless since it was broken down to a tiny ray, you can’t live again from that . ” Another said .

“Not for the Mu Clan . ” The ancestor mused: “I heard a rumor that the progenitor of the Mu had obtained an incomplete scripture with an art for immortality . Those who cultivate it are extremely hard to kill . Just one strand of soul is more than enough for them to live on . ”

“Really?” The person replied: “So the members of that clan are unkillable?”

“It’s just a rumor, but Mu Shaochen is most likely alive due to this heaven-defying art . Killing him can’t be that easy . ” The ancestor said .

“An art for immortality, huh?” People began to daydream .

“Then the martial goddess will have to marry Mu Shaochen?” Someone else brought this up .

Everyone knew that she didn’t want to marry him . Alas, a junior like her, or anyone else for that matter, couldn’t oppose Dracoform .

“I don’t think it’s just a simple marriage, it might be a provocation towards Fiercest too . ” A sect master speculated .

“That’s true . ” Everyone agreed .

This should have been an internal matter, except Wu Bingning was on Li Qiye’s camp after leaving her system . She seemed to be a staunch supporter of his and they shared an intimate relationship .

“Where did Fiercest go right now?” People realized that Li Qiye was nowhere to be found .

“Hah, maybe he’s afraid of Dracoform Martial God?” One of Shaochen’s supporters found the courage to speak again .

“I dare you to say that in front of him . ” An expert gave him a look of contempt: “You think he is afraid of anyone? A guy who killed Eternal and the successor of the Mu would be afraid of Dracoform Martial God?”

“Fiercest had killed plenty of people from Coiling Dragon and various systems, more than ten thousand experts and ancestors probably died in the last fight . As if he would be scared of Dracoform Martial God . The guy is willing to fight against the entire world . ” Others chastised . At this point in time, no one thought that Li Qiye would be afraid of Dracoform Martial God .  

The support became embarrassed and didn’t dare to open his mouth again .

Nevertheless, speculation came about . Some said that he was in isolated cultivation; others said that he had entered Imperial Demise .

“Imperial Demise, really now?” The latter news shocked everyone .  

Of course, no one actually saw him entering with their own eyes . This was strictly speculation . The majority denied this possibility since only an insane person would do so .

“A fight between the strongest and Fiercest is inevitable . ” One ancestor concluded .  

The crowd naturally became excited and couldn’t wait any longer .