Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2379

Chapter 2379: 2379

“Maybe Mu Shaochen isn’t a match for Fiercest, but don’t forget about Dracoform Martial God . He will definitely be on Shaochen’s side to stop Fiercest from interfering with their marriage . ” One expert jumped in .

“Right, and his title as Myriad’s number one expert is completely justified . Even if Fiercest is crazily strong enough to overwhelm him, he’ll be at the martial court since that’s where the marriage is taking place, someone else’s territory . Dracoform Martial God has a great advantage . ” An ancestor speculated .

“That’s true, Dracoform Martial God might be the best system controller in Vermillion . Let’s say he can’t muster all of the dao source’s power, it should still be terrifying enough, perhaps doubling his power or even more . ”

The power of Vermillion’s dao source was well-documented . It wasn’t only created by the Martial Ancestor but has also been blessed by numerous True Emperors and Eternals .

Some even said that it couldn’t be weaker compared to Yang Radiance . Thus, Dracoform possessing the power of his system would be something quite amazing . A high-level True Emperor might be suppressed in that place .

“The young versus the old, it’s a must-watch . ” Myriad Lineage became excited .

The guests didn’t care about their own schedule and quickly rushed for Vermillion .

Remember, grand weddings were common but a fight between Fiercest and Dracoform was once in a lifetime . It would certainly go down in history so missing it would be quite a shame .


Wu Bingning was anxious despite only being under house arrest right now .

“Little one, don’t worry, when the time comes, we old men will help you run away . Though the ancestor has been pushing this marriage, but if you really don’t want it, we’ll come up with something . We might not be as influential as Great Ancestor, but it will be fine . ” An ancestor next to her said .

This was a member of the coalition that attacked Insane Court back then . They remembered their debt to her .

Prior to this, she was a pampered jewel, beloved by the ancestors . Though they couldn’t change Dracoform’s mind, they would definitely help her in this endeavor .

“Ancestor, I’m not worried about myself . ” Wu Bingning gently shook her head: “Young Noble Li will definitely come on the wedding day, so I’m worried about our system . A disaster is not what I want to see, so I hope Ancestor Dracoform can change his mind . ”

She was telling the truth since she didn’t hate the martial court and the seniors did treat her quite well . Furthermore, Li Qiye will appear and Mu Shaochen was only courting death .

Thus, being dragged down in this mess would be disastrous for a furious Li Qiye would kill everything in his path . The martial court might turn to ashes .

“Don’t worry, our court has been standing for so long, weathering numerous storms . We can handle Li Qiye since his power can’t be unlimited . ” The ancestor shook his head and smiled .

“No, Ancestor, you don’t know Young Noble Li . ” Bingning’s expression hardened: “Anyone else, however strong they may be, might not be able to destroy our court, but this is not the case for him . We won’t be able to stop him and our destruction depends on his whim!”

She has stayed with Li Qiye for a long time so she was aware of his personality and abilities .  

“That’s an exaggeration . ” The ancestor remained skeptical and optimistic: “Alright, I admit that he is very strong, perhaps just as strong as Great Ancestor, but that’s not enough . I’m sure he’s unstoppable in Insane Court, but this is Vermillion Court, our ancestor will be unbeatable since he has control of the dao system’s power . ”

“The entire power of the system won’t do either, unless he is the reincarnation of Martial Ancestor, but that probably isn’t enough either . ” Bingning said with gravity: “Trust me, Young Noble Li is the most terrifying existence I have ever seen, he is at least at the progenitor level . So, I ask you, is Great Ancestor at this level?”

This ancestor became serious as well after seeing her expression and took it more seriously . There was a reason why she was chosen as the next successor, and she was very knowledgeable as well .

Their Dracoform Martial God was mighty indeed, but he still had a way to go compared to their progenitor . At the very least, he hasn’t reached the everlasting level . Only an Everlasting Eternal would be able to challenge a progenitor .

“Maybe we need to take this seriously . ” The ancestor spoke with a serious inflection: “But changing Great Ancestor’s mind will be very challenging . ”

“I want to see him again in order to convince him to stop this . ” She said .

“That’s meaningless . ” The ancestor disagreed: “Great Ancestor has already made up his mind . Plus, he wants Mu Shaochen’s twelve variations . Nothing is more important than this for him . ”

“Mu Shaochen might not have the real variations, but Young Noble Li definitely does . ” She continued .

The ancestor looked at her and remained skeptical: “I doubt it, Mu Shaochen’s talents are indeed extraordinary and Great Ancestor trusts this, thinking that he will be able to find the lost techniques . Even if Li Qiye actually has the twelve variations like you said, he won’t believe you . ”

He paused for a moment before elaborating: “Li Qiye is an outsider that has never visited Vermillion, so how could he know the twelve variations? That’s not the case for Mu Shaochen . They have been researching this at the tower with a degree of success . Great Ancestor saw Shaochen’s derivation ability with his own eyes . The guy really has a chance to find them again through his comprehension . ”

“Well…” Bingning didn’t know what to say . She agreed that Dracoform wouldn’t believe her .

“Unless, you can get Li Qiye to perform the twelve variations in front of Great Ancestor . He will believe you then . ” The ancestor said .

“That’s impossible . ” Bingning smiled wryly . Though Li Qiye looked amicable enough at times, he was unreasonably arrogant .

Even their strongest Dracoform wouldn’t earn any respect from him . Why should Li Qiye perform the twelve variations? The guy wouldn’t give a damn about Dracoform’s opinion and stance .

The moment Dracoform stood in his way, Li Qiye would kill him without any hesitation . Thus, this idea was impassable .

“Then I’m out of idea . ” The ancestor gave up .

She pondered for a bit before sincerely asking: “I need your help . ”

“Speak, little one, we’re not strangers, no need to be so reserved . I’ve watched you grow up . ” He smiled .

“I hope you can go see Young Noble Li before he enters our system and give him my letter . ” She requested .

This was the only thing she could do, feeling unsure whether she could save her system or not .