Chapter 238: Refining the Pristine Worldly Metal (2)

With a pop sound, the Pristine Worldly Metal suddenly knocked Little Silly’s dao bone flying away. It had always been stored inside Li Qiye’s second Fate Palace before being knocked away by the metal.

One has to know that Little Silly had a heaven-frightening origin, but at this moment, it could not compete against this metal, so its position was robbed away in an instant.

“Oh my god, so overbearing.” Li Qiye didn’t have anything to say and had no choice but to put away Little Silly’s dao bone. One Fate Palace could only grow one treasure; there was no way around this.

However, Li Qiye was not too surprised at such a scene. In the end, it would not be an exaggeration to say that it was the number one metal in the world.

Right when the Pristine Worldly Metal replaced Little Silly in the True Fate position; it actually automatically called for the water of life from the Spring of Life. With another “omm–”, the Pillar of Life also exerted its essence and mystical runes.

In just a moment, the Pristine Worldly Metal was bathing in the water of life, essence of life, and mystical runes of life in complete enjoyment. As time passed by, it began to change after being strengthened and bathed by all these different powers. A spirit energy was gradually formed as this metal engraved the mystical runes of Li Qiye on its body. As the grand dao intertwined, its own nine runic true mantra — along with these mystical runes — was seemingly becoming a chapter of Immortal Scripture.

Li Qiye was moved by witnessing such a scene; this was auto-refinement. One has to know that Life Treasures and True Treasures needed cultivators to refine. In order to increase their powers, cultivators would not only use the world’s essence, life essence, and blood energy, but they would also use supreme merit laws for this refinement process and to engrave these laws onto the treasures.

However, this piece of Pristine Worldly Metal was able to start the refinement process by itself without Li Qiye’s interference. Li Qiye was speechlessly happy regarding this matter!

As day after day passed by, the Pristine Worldly Metal sucked up a large amount of Li Qiye’s life force and started to slowly change. It was no longer just a piece of metal, but had been turned into a refined weapon. As even more time passed by, it slowly turned into a bow!

Since it refined itself into a natural Life Treasure, Li Qiye couldn’t help but praise it. It will absolutely be unfathomable once it formed. It will be the best weapon in the world in the future once he shouldered the Heaven’s Will and became an Immortal Emperor.

Li Qiye couldn’t contain his excitement thinking about how the utmost pinnacle of weapons will come from his hands in the future. He had lived through the ages witnessing Immortal Emperor True Weapons and True Gods’ arsenals, even the more mythical and ancient mysterious treasures were seen by him! Since the ages, many weapons were praised as the world’s ultimate weapon under the heavens, such as Immortal Emperor Gu Chun’s Bronze Sword, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s Banner, Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan’s Spear, or even Tian Du’s Flag… 1

But in Li Qiye’s opinion, once he shouldered the Heaven’s Will and ascended into an Immortal Emperor, this bow of his will absolutely surpass all weapons in the world and take the throne!

As the Pristine Worldly Metal was refining itself, Li Qiye was also devilishly training his own cultivation.

At this moment, Li Qiye had entered the Heaven’s Primal realm. Before, Li Qiye was only at the Purified Rebirth realm, but right when he was undergoing his tribulation with everything going his way, he went all the way from Warrior Canopy at grand achievement to Purified Rebirth at grand achievement. One could even say that Li Qiye surpassing one grand realm in one day was a miracle never before seen throughout the ages.

Li Qiye had always believed in taking it one step at a time even though he had the Revolving Crescent Sun Law along with the Kun Peng’s Six Variants — a supreme Longevity Law along with an Immortal Emperor Fate Merit. He initially had a way to quickly increase his cultivation, but he chose to consolidate his foundation step by step.

However, at the Purified Rebirth realm, he was able to break through an entire realm — this was truly the fastest speed this world had ever seen!

However, it was only because of the perfect circumstances with controlling the devil physique and stealing its fortune along with the Underworld Water! It could be said that this Purified Rebirth realm at grand achievement was quite perfect. Even Li Qiye, who believed in taking it slow and meticulously, was satisfied with such a soaring jump.

However, Li Qiye understood very well that such a thing could not be repeated because a favorable circumstance like that — under the heaven and earth — was unlikely to happen again.

Now that he was in the Heaven’s Primal realm, he went back to his step by step training process for a solid foundation.

Heaven’s Primal was a boundary for cultivators. Once one reaches this realm, one could be considered an expert. Many cultivators over the years believed that anyone lower than Heaven’s Primal would only be ordinary disciples and cultivators. However, they became experts the moment they reached Heaven’s Primal.

The most important thing regarding Heaven’s Primal was the refinement of one’s Heaven’s Primal, or True Fate. Once the True Fate reached grand achievement, it would be called the heaven’s will primal soul, which is also the origin of the name, Heaven’s Primal. 2

Once a cultivator’s True Fate reached grand achievement and became a primal soul, one could recreate their flesh. For example, if they meet a powerful enemy and their flesh became disabled or destroyed, as long as their primal soul still existed, then no matter if their Fate Palaces were destroyed along with a shattered Inner Physique, there was still a chance for survival!

The quality of the primal soul correlated to one’s future in cultivation. It could even be said that the quality of the primal soul directly affected whether one would be able to reach Immortal Emperor and shoulder the Heaven’s Will or not.

After Heaven’s Primal was the Soul Creation realm, then the Mysterious Fate realm. Cultivators of these two realms were referred to as Named Heroes and Royal Nobles, respectively. In today’s world, Named Heroes and Royal Nobles were the main force, especially Royal Noble cultivators. They had a prominent position in today’s society.

Heaven’s Primal had three levels. From lowest to highest, they are in the following order: Wisdom Opening, Fate Tempering, and Bridge Creation!

When cultivators reached the Bridge Creation level, they would be able to soar through the span of thousands of miles without the need for any treasure. This was the foundation for cultivators to reach the sky and enter the earth in the future; they would be able to pillar the nine heavens above and explores the nine worlds below!

During his cultivation, Li Qiye used the Revolving Crescent Sun Law to channel his Life Wheel while the Kun Peng’s Six Variants turned into a dao foundation to raise his True Fate. At this moment, this dao foundation resembled a supreme dao chapter. As it opened, magical runes started to move, and it seemed as if this dao chapter was preaching the Immortal Scripture to the True Fate.

As the essence of the heaven and earth was poured in with the tapping of the Fate Merit, sounds of the grand dao resonated within the True Fate, taking the shape of a Kun Peng!

However, Li Qiye did not imagine that his four symbols and his Fate Palaces themselves were all affected by the Pristine Worldly Metal. When the Fate Palace was growing the metal, the metal that was filled with primordial forces also affected the Fate Palaces. Unknowingly, Li Qiye’s Fate Palaces were filled with primordial power! 3

This scene left Li Qiye in shock. This was a symbiosis process as his Fate Palaces and the Pristine Worldly Metal were working together, exchanging life essence for primordial power. Otherwise, Li Qiye’s life force would not be able to nurture the immensity of the Pristine Worldly Metal by itself.

In the end, if a Life Treasure was too powerful, then a Fate Palace would not be able to nurture it. If a Life Treasure absorbed way too much life essence, then it would be a lose-lose situation just like a fisherman draining the pond to get to the fish.

At this moment, Li Qiye’s Fate Palace was growing this metal while the metal returned primordial energy back to the Fate Palaces. This was a win-win situation for both sides as they both reaped the benefits!

Li Qiye cultivated non-stop once he was back at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He did not care about foreign affairs. In the end, his cultivation was not powerful enough. Even if he had many schemes to destroy his enemies, the true and correct path was to have a powerful self-cultivation.

Of course, Li Qiye was not the only one practicing hard back at the sect. At the moment, the sect’s atmosphere was great. All of its disciples, especially the younger generation, were extremely diligent. Luo Fenghua, Zhang Yu, Qu Daoli, and Xu Pei’s groups were great role models for the other disciples.

“Zhang, zhang, zhang…” Waves of melodious music rang back at the Zither Pavilion, formerly known as the Ghost Pavilion. Li Qiye gently stroked his ancient zither as he played his tune.

During his leisure moments away from cultivation, Li Qiye couldn’t help but come to this place to play a song. Today, his ancient zither was no longer an Emperor’s Possession; the battle at Ancient Sky City had completely expended its emperor’s power and immortal intent.

This ancient zither was given to Immortal Emperor Min Ren by him. There were too many memories attached to this place, so Li Qiye couldn’t help but sigh after he finished his tune.

During his reminiscence, another soft sigh appeared as a shadowy figure who was always there to quietly listen to the music as if she was spell-bound.

“Flowing Water Mortal Home…” 4

Su Yuhe could only lament as she was only a yearning sentiment; she wasn’t even a ghost nor human, she was only a yearning sentiment without any trace of life!

“In the end, I can’t play it as well as Little Brat Min Ren.” Li Qiye finished playing and smilingly spoke.

Su Yuhe was melancholic as she replied: “The Immortal Emperor only felt pity for me. Your Excellency is different; you are supreme for all generations so your song is different from the Immortal Emperor’s song.”

Li Qiye gently shook his head and said: “Why must you do this? It has been too long, there is no need for you to suffer like this.”

Su Yuhe, a yearning sentiment, became silent and didn’t say anything.

“Nevermind…” Li Qiye gently continued on: “How about this, I will go to the Eastern Hundred Cities and take your remains! Just let everything dissipate. A million years of being neither ghost nor human… Even if Little Brat Min Ren was here, he wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

“Thank you for fulfilling my wish.” Su Yuhe prostrated and said: “If I could be buried under the peach tree, I will no longer have any yearning sentiment!”

“That year, I buried you under the Yearning Lunar Peak. Your fateful connection with Min Ren was also because of me.” Li Qiye said with some helplessness: “Now, I will bury you under the peach tree, and this could be considered the end of your fateful connection. This is a lamentable connection, so it should just end in peace.”

“Yuhe will not be able to repay Your Excellency’s benevolence.” Su Yuhe very gratefully replied.

Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve and sighed before speaking: “This started because of me, so it should end by my hands. You should rest after being buried under the peach tree to avoid eternal lamentation. Little Brat Min Ren, ah…” He didn’t say anything else at this point.

He didn’t have much to say about Immortal Emperor Min Ren. He had trained many invincible existences. One could say that Little Brat Min Ren had always supported him no matter what. Immortal Emperor Min Ren had never questioned him and absolutely stuck with him to the end.



  1. Gu Chun’s sword official name is Gu Chun Sword of course and same with the other ones, but I avoided the repetition. Gu Chun = Ancient Purity; Fei Yang = Soaring; Bu Zhan = March to Battle; and Tian Du is Heaven Massacre. Notice how Tian Du is never accompanied with Immortal Emperor even though he is one. 
  2. Might be a bit confusing here, but a lot of words have identical meanings. Fate and Soul are nearly identical, which is understandable. Heaven’s Primal just means the origin, so one’s soul. Let’s just say that all of these refer to one’s soul/fate to make it easier to understand. 
  3. Four symbols = pillar, cauldron, tree, and spring 
  4. The name of the tune, played back in chapter 73 as well.