Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2387

Chapter 2387: 2387

Li Qiye was breaking down from Shihua’s inhale . His tiny, broken off fragments headed straight for the bloody jaw .

Everyone gasped after seeing this . Even Li Qiye couldn’t withstand this force, just how monstrous was it?

“Is this a defeat?” A spectator became startled .

“Hard to say, but this move is indeed insane . No name and no variation, but everyone has a temporal affinity belonging to themselves . People might think that Li Qiye’s physical body was being devoured, but no, just his time and lifespan . When Shihua takes all of them away, Li Qiye will truly die from old age . ” An ancestor said .

Another one added with a grave tone: “It is unavoidable . Unless one could resist this force, their lifespan would be sucked in by Shihua, then they would rot into dust . ”

It didn’t take long before Li Qiye’s body almost dispersed completely, inch by inch at a time, a return to being dust .

Shaochen and Shihua were ecstatic . Though Li Qiye’s merit laws and techniques were unmatched, how many people could actually avoid their time from passing by? Nothing could stop the flow of time .

“Li, you’re finished!” Shaochen laughed wildly .

“Pop!” Strands of light interrupted the deterioration with an explosion . Each fiber of light was dazzling and pure . Time seemed to be washing by like a flood; billions and billions of years .

This shocking scene astonished the crowd, akin to playing with a precious stone, cutting off one layer by one layer and thought that it was worthless . However, the final cut revealed a green light - the coming of a supreme gem . Or, digging down a mine to find nothing for so long, but at the final scoop, a treasure light shot into the sky . The real treasure was hidden all the way below . This was the type of joyous emotion everyone felt right now .

“Boom!” These temporal rays headed straight for Shihua and Shaochen due to the absorbing force .

These rays contained so many years . Their coming forced the radiance inside the bloody mouth explode . At the same time, Shihua was growing old at a rapid rate .

He couldn’t withstand the sheer quantity of years . If he could swallow a lake of time, then what Li Qiye gave him was an ocean of stars, able to instantly annihilate him .

Mu Shaochen fell prey as well . He screamed and lost more than one thousand years of life; his hair instantly turned gray . Shihua’s body started to have numerous cracks before turning into specks of dust altogether .

“Senior Martial God!” Shaochen had no choice but to shout for help .

“Boom!” A sparkling divine wall landed from above and stopped the temporal rays .

“Buzz . ” This wall couldn’t handle it either and instantly collapsed just like the rest .

In this split second, a figure came to save both Shihua and Shaochen .  

Everyone saw that it was Dracoform Martial God, taking the two back to a floating palace .

The two were thrown to the ground, rolling backward before standing back up . Shihua couldn’t be any older, seemingly breathing one last breath . Shaochen, the good-looking youth, was now a decrepit old man .

This all happened in the blink of an eye to the astonishment of the crowd . Li Qiye had washed away their remaining lifespan, something even worse than just directly killing them .

All eyes were on Li Qiye, seemingly the source of time . His body condensed together and the light disappeared . He appeared again, standing there as if he didn’t even lift a finger earlier .

This was indeed the case . He didn’t need to do much and could still easily defeat Wang Shihua .

“Toying with time against me? No different from an ant trying to go against a mountain . ” Li Qiye chuckled .

Shihua didn’t dare to utter a single word; his face paled and stricken with terror . He has never seen someone who possessed such a long period of time . The guy seemed to have eternal life .

His proud temporal technique couldn’t stop Li Qiye at all . It was indeed the same as an ant trying to swallow a mountain - simply impossible .

This move had swallowed an Eternal on the same level as him before without any difficulty . But this devouring force was useless even when Li Qiye only stood there . Those temporal rays buried and made short work of him .

The crowd realized once more the disparity between Li Qiye and his opponents . They couldn’t help wondering about Dracoform Martial God . He was the only one with any chance of beating Li Qiye in Myriad Lineage .

Alas, they speculated that he couldn’t stop Li Qiye without external interference . They wondered about his mastery of the system’s dao source . If he didn’t have full control, then it would be helpless .

Strangely enough, everyone wanted him to be strong enough or the outcome of this fight would be too obvious . Li Qiye would prove his supremacy over the land .

“Looks like you are courting death too . ” Li Qiye smiled at Dracoform .

Everyone watched quietly, not surprised by Li Qiye’s comment at all . Anyone else would sound ridiculous for speaking like this towards the number one expert of Myriad, but it felt just right coming from Fiercest .

Dracoform Martial God replied: “Sir, you are overly imperious, today is a joyous occasion for our Vermillion Martial Court…”

“No . ” Li Qiye swiftly interrupted and shook his head: “Not a joyous occasion . Today was supposed to be just another day, but unfortunately, all of you have turned it into a funeral!”

Having said that, he glanced over at Shihua and Shaochen: “No one can stop me from killing, it’s just that I wasn’t in a rush before . Since you want to interfere, very well . Everyone calls you the number one of Myriad, well, I have time to exercise, it has been a while and my bones are about to rust . ”

Everyone smiled wryly again at his aggressive and domineering style .

“You are so sure of victory?” Dracoform’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Li Qiye .

Li Qiye smiled: “No, it’s not even a contest, no need to think about the odds or victory . Killing all of you is dependent on a single whim of mine . Do you bother thinking whether you can win against an ant? No, only whether you want to stomp it or not!”