Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2388

Chapter 2388

Dracoform had a hard time taking in that last statement while the crowd became frozen .

He might not be a top existence among Eternals, but one would be hard-pressed to find someone on Myriad to match him, let alone someone stronger . Now, Li Qiye viewed him like an ant? 

Everyone exchanged glances with their friends, speechless . Li Qiye was obviously strong; surely stronger than Dracoform Martial God . But to call him an ant? Too arrogant of a comment .

Though people have grown used to Fiercest’s aggressive attitude and would find its absence jarring, they felt he was out of line this time around .

If Dracoform Martial God was an ant, then what were they? And all the cultivators and systems in Myriads? Certainly inferior to an ant .

The older experts were vexed . Some scowled: “Fiercest is very powerful, but he is just needlessly insulting Dracoform Martial God, an ungraceful showing . ”

Dracoform represented the strongest man of the last generation, so these old men naturally didn’t like this blatant insult from Li Qiye .

“I see, then please teach me . ” Dracoform Martial God finally stepped forward and headed for the sky .

He had no other choice . Li Qiye had made his way into their system and wouldn’t back down . They would need to either fight to the end or to acquiesce to his demands .

Nevertheless, he wasn’t blinded by anger . His form remained ethereal and each step left a footprint on the sky . Furthermore, they were uniform with the same distance from each other, seemingly measured by a ruler to the finest detail on top of containing his dao rhythm . The key thing was that he did it so effortlessly, indicating his immense power .

It meant that his attacks would also have precise movements and variations . He could unleash and withdraw techniques on a whim, perfection or even reaching the point of apogee .

As the saying goes - laymen watch for fun; experts watch to learn . Ordinary cultivators wouldn’t be able to notice this but the ancestors became serious just from watching his steps, realizing how frightening he was .

“Now that’s more interesting, challenging me in apogee? So be it, let’s have a match . ” Li Qiye saw the prints left behind in the sky and became amused .

On the other hand, Li Qiye’s steps left nothing in the sky as if he was just an ordinary person .

Alas, when facing Li Qiye, Dracoform had a serious expression, not daring to be careless since he took in everything when Li Qiye was crossing through Woodmen Alley .

He devoted his life to techniques and variations . It could be said that he could use them as he pleased, and in any order . Still, he was greatly shaken while spectating Li Qiye, realizing that the guy had an incredible gap on apogee .

Because of this, he chose against using an invincible weapon or a supreme art, relying on the simplest techniques instead .

After reaching the level of Eternals, cultivating top arts wasn’t uncommon . They cared more about minute variations, boosting the potential of each move to the limit .

Anticipation was at an all-time high as everyone watched with bated breath . Though the two looked quite calm, bereft of divinity and destructive auras, their first move would certainly be capable of crushing gods and devils .

Li Qiye leisurely stood there, full of openings in the eyes of Dracoform . Each opening could result in a fatal blow . However, Dracoform knew that at their level, these openings were trivial .

“Let’s get started . ” Dracoform cupped his fist . Though this would be a brutal fight, Dracoform lacked bloodthirst and fury, replaced by composure instead .

“Go . ” Li Qiye smiled: “I want to see how much you have mastered your techniques . ”

“Excuse me then . ” Dracoform didn’t hold back and rushed forward .

The move got there instantly . It wasn’t flashy, lacking a loud detonation and a blinding flash . The name was Black Tiger Strike .

People wouldn’t believe that this was his first choice . Not to mention cultivators, even a faker could learn this move in two days or so .

It couldn’t be simpler and had no variations to speak of . A regular martial artist could perform this move in an identical manner as Dracoform .

The crowd believed that Dracoform would start the match with a dazzling move, such as a supreme merit law, a famous move from Vermillion, or one of the twelve variations .

Who would have thought that he would use Black Tiger Strike against Li Qiye?

Some thought they were seeing things . Others speculated that perhaps this move had some hidden changes .

“Maybe we just don’t understand this move? There’s more to it?” An elder rolled his eyes and began to think .

Unfortunately, no transformation came . The simple move continued heading for Li Qiye .

In fact, Dracoform didn’t look like the number one expert of Myriad but more like a mortal that had only learned martial arts for several days .

Of course, the wise ancestors were quietly praising him: “Such free movements, so tight too, not one drop of water can leak out . ”

Naturally, this seemingly-unimpressive fist could destroy the world . People didn’t see any power coming from it because he had full control over it . Only when it made contact with Li Qiye’s chest would he allow this power to erupt . This meant that no energy was wasted before a successful blow .  

This was more than enough to either grievously injure or even kill another Eternal . He was the only one in Myriad who could use this ordinary move to this extent .