Chapter 239: Heaven Protector Goddess (1)

The only thing Li Qiye regretted was Little Brat Min Ren being in love with someone he shouldn’t have. There were too many women in this world; in that era, he could have matched Min Ren with any peerless beauty even when Min Ren had yet to shoulder the Heaven’s Will.

Unfortunately, this little brat only loved that woman! What was even more damnable was that that pure woman was blind to the point of stupidity and loved that hypocrite, Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo!

If Immortal Emperor Min Ren didn’t beseech him that year, he would have already brought his invincible generals to massacre the Jiangzuo Clan!

The truth was that among the geniuses trained by Li Qiye, despite Immortal Emperor Min Ren not being the most exceptional, he had the highest evaluation from Li Qiye, even to this present day. One could even say that in order to train Immortal Emperor Min Ren, he had to steal the fortune from heaven and earth itself!

Immortal Emperor Min Ren had always shown the utmost respect to Li Qye for being his teacher. The only barrier between the two was that woman. Li Qiye wanted Immortal Emperor Min Ren to forget about the unsavable pure woman, but it was also impossible to change Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s mind. His heart was hellbent on loving this woman, and he never married anyone else in his life because of her.

Also, because of this woman, General Su, who had always been in love with Immortal Emperor Min Ren and held utmost loyalty towards him, left for the Heaven’s Edge! This matter had almost caused the master and disciple to become enemies!

One could say that Immortal Emperor Min Ren respected Li Qiye throughout his entire life, but because of this event, a great feud had arisen between them. And since Li Qiye didn’t want to care for Min Ren’s mess, by the end of it all, he chose to enter his hibernation early!

Immortal Emperor Min Ren sacrificed too much for a foolish woman. If it wasn’t for her, how could Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo have had the qualifications to compete against Immortal Emperor Min Ren for the Heaven’s Will that year? Li Qiye, as the Dark Crow, should have killed that hypocrite much earlier, but unfortunately, Immortal Emperor Min Ren did not want to hurt that woman. And so, under Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s request, Li Qiye showed mercy and did not slaughter every last one of them.

In that era, the divine generals under him could have turned over the sky! How could a meager Jiangzuo Clan dare to oppose them? He could have killed their entire clan at any moment! Alas, Immortal Emperor Min Ren had already set his mind on this matter.

“Such a shame for the Wise Heart Jewel Box!”

The Wise Heart Jewel Box was a supreme protection treasure that he gave to Min Ren when he started his cultivation road. Unfortunately, Immortal Emperor Min Ren — as if possessed — gave this treasure to that simple woman for her protection.

What was even worse was that the hypocritical Virtuous Monarch Jiangzuo used convincing words to trick the innocent woman into giving him the Wise Heart Jewel Box! This matter had once enraged Li Qiye, and he even ordered his generals to trample over the Jiangzuo Clan before Immortal Emperor Min Ren managed to interfere.

This was why the Wise Heart Jewel Box became the clan-protecting treasure of the Jiangzuo Clan!

“Damn, one day, I, your father, will massacre the entire Jiangzuo Clan. Such a waste of my Wise Heart Jewel Box!” At this moment, Li Qiye was very upset. If he had not been sentimentally considerate regarding Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s love, then he would have sent people to destroy the Jiangzuo Clan in later generations!

As for Su Yuhe listening to Li Qiye’s cursing, her mood became melancholic. She was the one who stayed at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect for the longest, and she knew one or two things about the matters that year. It was not a secret that Immortal Emperor Min Ren was smitten with that woman during that era!

“Let us forget about the past.” In the end, Li Qiye didn’t want to dwell on it any longer. He spoke to Su Yuhe: “Since the end is coming, prepare your heart for it. In a short period of time, I will take your remains to the Eastern Hundred Cities and bury you under the peach tree.”

Su Yuhe bowed and gently sighed before suddenly disappearing. Li Qiye couldn’t help but wryly smile. After millions of years, he still had to sort out the mess left behind by Little Brat Min Ren!

Li Qiye left the Ghost Pavilion and called for Gu Tieshou to say: “Carefully prepare these materials, I will start a dan refinement cauldron. The main force of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is not good, so we should give the middle-level disciples some Fate Pills. I plan to leave for some time to the Eastern Hundred Cities, so I will leave the training of disciples in the future to all of you.”

“Going to the Eastern Hundred Cities?” Gu Tieshou was a bit taken aback. The Eastern Hundred Cities was very far away from the Grand Middle Territory, but in the end, he didn’t ask for why Li Qiye was going. He trusted Li Qiye, so he wouldn’t inquire about such matters.

After planning a trip to the Eastern Hundred Cities, Li Qiye carefully prepared for his departure. On the contrary, Li Shuangyan was not going to embark on this journey.

“I want to open my sixth Fate Palace.” Li Shuangyan told Li Qiye her thoughts.

At the moment, Li Shuangyan was not only a Grand Dao Noble with five Fate Palaces. In fact, her cultivation had reached grand achievement and she could step into the Enlightened Being realm at any time!

However, Li Shuangyan had an even greater ambition. She wanted to open her sixth palace. Keep in mind that six Fate Palaces was the limit for the Royal Noble realm. In this generation, anyone that was able to open six Fate Palaces at the Royal Noble realm was not far off from being the number one genius in the world!

Royal Nobles with six Fate Palaces were called Supreme Nobles. Just this name alone should be indicative of how heaven-defying they were for having six palaces in the Royal Noble realm!

“This is a good idea.” Li Qiye was very approving towards Li Shuangyan’s ambition. He nodded his head and said: “You don’t need to rush your physique tribulation at this moment. Your aptitude is very good! If you can open your sixth palace, then surpassing the minor physique tribulation will not be an issue in the future. You could even surpass it with complete perfection!”

As a Supreme Noble with six palaces along with a minor completion Void Imperfection Physique, Li Shuangyan’s potential could surpass all the other geniuses in this world!

This was her intention from the very start, so after gaining Li Qiye’s approval, she became even more confident.

Chen Baojiao also wanted to go along with Li Qiye on this trip to take care of him, but in the end, Li Qiye ordered her not to do so: “You and Li Shuangyan should cultivate together. Your effort will always be rewarded. Regarding innate talents, you are a bit worse than Li Shuangyan. However, your willpower is void of any possible complaints. Your Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique is also not weaker than the Void Imperfection Physique. Your goal does not have to be like Li Shuangyan’s goal to open six palaces. If you can open four palaces in the Royal Noble realm, it will be enough to be considered flawless. You also sprinted to the Royal Noble realm again. As long as you have confidence in yourself, you will also absolutely be able to open the fourth palace!”

Chen Baojiao’s innate talents really were not as great as Li Shuangyan. However, Chen Baojiao had a persevering spirit regarding her cultivation; she was absolutely the most hardworking!

After hearing Li Qiye’s advice, Chen Baojiao decided to stay behind with Li Shuangyan and attempt to break through to Royal Noble!

When Li Qiye was ready to leave for the Eastern Hundred Cities, Gu Tieshou came in a panic. He was not here to bring Li Qiye medicinal materials but a piece of news instead.

“Someone from the Heaven Protector City came.” Gu Tieshou spoke with some anxiety as he met Li Qiye.

It was not his fault for being anxious. The Heaven Protector City, no matter whether in the past or the present, was an awe-inspiring name. It didn’t matter whether it was the Mortal Emperor World or the outside worlds, the only responses upon hearing this name were shock and awe!

The Black Dragon King’s fame was like a spell filled with endless charisma. He lived and dominated for three generations without resorting to external power. Even Immortal Emperors respected him!

The Black Dragon King never became an Immortal Emperor nor competed for the Heaven’s Will, yet he still rampaged and reigned over the Nine Worlds. Even an invincible Immortal Emperor would not dare to challenge the Black Dragon King without some consideration!

The Heaven Protector City was founded by the Black Dragon King at the Northern Grand Sea! Under the reign of the king, this city was a prestigious power that once had expeditions all over the earth. Humans, Demons, even Heavenly Devils, Stone Golems, and Charming Spirits — whom were considered the favored children of the heavens — all lost their brilliances during the Black Dragon King’s era.

There was a sect named Soaring Immortal that considered itself unbeatable. However, during the Black Dragon King’s era, even the Soaring Immortal Sect had to take a step back! From True Gods to Devil-Sovereigns, they all lost their colors from hearing his name.

It could be said that during his era, for three generations, the Black Dragon King along with the Heaven Protector City was a giant palm that covered the entire world, nothing else was comparable!

Thirty thousand years ago, he fought against Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and tore the Heaven’s Will apart. From then on, the Black Dragon King had disappeared from sight. Even though this era was no longer his, any heritage or great power — including Immortal Emperor lineages — still trembled from the words Heaven Protector City.

At the present day, the people from the Heaven Protector City suddenly visited the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, so it was natural for Gu Tieshou to become worried. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect of today compared to the Heaven Protector City was like an ant to an elephant.

“Finally, just as they should.” Li Qiye simply smiled calmly and told Gu Tieshou: “Elder Gu, there is no need to panic. Even if the sky falls down, someone will shoulder it.”

Gu Tieshou was still an experienced character. Li Qiye’s words — to his ears — were like a calming medicine. He took a deep breath and finally regained his composure to say: “The people from the Heaven Protector City want to meet you specifically.”

“Who came and how many people are there in total?” There were too many memories when he was the Dark Crow as he sat above the nine heavens with the Heaven Protector City.

Gu Tieshou continued on: “Only one person, the descendant of the Heaven Protector City, Heaven Protector Goddess — Zi Cuining!” In fact, he was also confused. The Northern Grand Sea was too far away from the Grand Middle Territory. Logically speaking, Li Qiye shouldn’t know the Heaven Protector City’s descendant, Zi Cuining, but today, Zi Cuining specifically wanted to meet Li Qiye — this greatly perplexed him.

“Descendant of the Heaven Protector City!” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes after hearing this before resuming: “If she has arrived, then let her come see me.”

Gu Tieshou was out of words after hearing this. This was the Heaven Protector City ah, an existence that once ruled over the Nine Worlds for three generations. Even though the Heaven Protector Goddess, as the descendant of the city, was part of the younger generation, she had an exceedingly high status in the Mortal Emperor World. Even Mortal Kings of Ancient Kingdoms and Supreme Saints from the great sects had to personally welcome her at the moment of arrival, let alone the younger generation.

At this moment, Li Qiye behaviour was the exact opposite of the status quo as he wanted her to come see him in person. This attitude was a bit too much. This was a descendant of a supreme heritage ah; even the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom would be dreadful of it.

“This is the descendant of the Heaven Protector City ah.” Gu Tieshou couldn’t help but to remind Li Qiye. This was not giving her any face at all!

Li Qiye looked at Gu Tieshou and still calmly spoke: “I know she is the descendant of the Heaven Protector City.”