Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2392

Chapter 2392

True Emperor themselves would find trouble dealing with this type of direct suppression .

The crowd was absolutely horrified by this scene - Dracoform’s might was no exaggeration .

“His fame as the number one expert is not empty at all . ” Some were lost in admiration .

They felt that he wasn’t that strong a while ago . Well, not that he was weak, but Li Qiye was just too strong .

The latter had the upper-hand numerous times in this battle, so Dracoform didn’t look like the number one expert at all . Thus, people started becoming disappointed and thought that he wasn’t as strong as they have imagined .

Since the carp’s tail was being pushed down by the elephant, it couldn’t create any more wave . It became no more than an ordinary fish .

“Please give me pointers . ” Dracoform stood there with a heightened presence, seemingly invincible . His progenitor aura caused people to shudder, regardless of who they may be .

True Gods could only kneel, unable to resist this type of aura . In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that his strands of power right now could crush them .

“No need . ” Li Qiye smiled: “Just Wavebringer Carp is enough . You’re not the only one who can control the power of the dao source . ”

With that, a buzzing noise came about . Li Qiye suddenly radiated strings of light, resembling the formation of a cocoon . They drilled into the ground .

“Boom!” The system poured out endless light . This place was massive with countless living beings . In this blink of an eye, dao runes densely packed on every inch of the land .

“Clank . ” They wove together to create dao laws that surged to the sky . These dao laws then formed a heavenly symbol - an order of the grand dao . This runic order instantly imprinted itself onto Li Qiye .

“Rumble!” The entire system quaked once . Every inch of the land was pouring out pure, true energy . Everything accumulated in the system was coming out . This endless power gathered on a maelstrom formed by the previous runic order .

“Boom!” Two dao wings appeared behind him . Just one flap of them would send down enough wind and lightning to eradicate everything .

Though his physical shape remained the same, he seemed a lot bigger than before with his head wearing the sky and feet stomping on the earth . The power of a progenitor presided within him .

“I-impossible!” Dracoform became aghast with his eyes wide open in astonishment, unbecoming of being the number one expert .

“How can this be?” He couldn’t believe his own eyes, thinking that he was only seeing things .

The rest of the world became afraid too . The members of Vermillion were slack-jawed, standing there frozen like wooden chicken .

They couldn’t regain their wits at all . Eventually, one ancestor was the first . He confirmed that it wasn’t an illusion and gasped: “No, no way… how can he control the power of Vermillion, he’s, he’s just an outsider, and this force isn’t any weaker than Dracoform Martial God either!”

Indeed . Li Qiye’s grasp on this dao system’s power right now was not inferior to Dracoform’s .

People wouldn’t find it strange that Dracoform would be able to do this . As its strongest ancestor, he had researched and studied the entire place . On the other hand, Li Qiye was just an outsider who has never been to Vermillion before this .

The whole thing was too frightening . Only those who studied the laws of their progenitor and the dao source could control its power . As for how much? That’s dependent on their own abilities .

It seemed as if Fiercest could casually grasp any system’s power . This meant that he would be untouchable wherever he went, capable of crushing all the other members of these systems .

“How, how are you wielding our system’s power?” Dracoform has finally lost his cool and stuttered .

Mu Shaochen had also controlled their system’s power before, but that was because he had time to research their system on top of having permission from the martial court .

Moreover, his control was quite limited, far less than what Dracoform could do . This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye at all . It meant that Li Qiye could use their own power to crush them without using an ounce of strength - quite a frightening thought . No wonder why someone of Dracoform’s stature would still be shocked .

Li Qiye leisurely answered: “It’s only returning to the origin . Whatever your Martial Ancestor did, I replicated the same thing, that’s all, so what’s difficult about controlling your dao system?”

The nonchalant comment frightened Dracoform because he himself didn’t know how his progenitor did it . No one in Vermillion in history has been able to answer this question, let alone an outsider .

The members of Vermillion didn’t know, not their wise sages either . Li Qiye possessed this knowledge, allowing him to use the twelve variations and control Vermillion’s power .

It was indeed the truth when people said that Martial Ancestor had found a section of a heavenly scripture - Physique . Of course, it might not be named the Physique Scripture back in that era .

Because of these pages, he was able to create his own grand dao along with the twelve variations . Thus, he used the words of this scripture as the guiding principle for the dao land refinement process during the foundation of Vermillion .

It didn’t matter whether the scripture was named Physique or Finality, it still had the same essence, created from one of the nine words .

Coincidentally enough, Li Qiye had this scripture and even opened a new page completely, naming it Finality .

He possessed the real thing on top of mastering its profundities, so it wasn’t hard for him to trace all the way back to Martial Ancestor’s original source .