Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2398

Chapter 2398

Mu Shaochen took a deep breath and sneered: “Li, this is your last day to act arrogant . So what if you are strong? You won’t be able to kill that heart devil since it will grow stronger and stronger after devouring all of Vermillion . Your demise is soon, I’ll be waiting for you to groan and beg . ” He laughed boisterously after stating this .

Li Qiye shook his head: “Just a frog under a well . One heart devil is enough for you to be this complacent? In my eyes, not to mention this thing, Martial Ancestor himself would make no difference being here . ”

“Arrogant fool, you don’t know how terrorizing a progenitor can be . . . ” Mu Shaochen’s expression darkened .

Li Qiye quickly interrupted him: “Just a progenitor, not a true immortal . Only a true immortal is really invincible, the same can’t be said about the former . ”

“You!” Shaochen was speechless because he has never seen someone making such a bold statement before . Who would dare to look down on progenitors, especially in such a nonchalant manner?

“Senior, please save our Vermillion, we will do our best to repay you . ” Dracoform himself started beseeching .

At this juncture between life and death, even the proud Dracoform had no choice but to lower his head and ask Li Qiye for assistance . He no longer had the power to fight and couldn’t come up with another plan outside of this in order to save his martial court .

Personal reputation and honor were nothing if he could save his system .

Everyone stared at Li Qiye, not feeling surprised about Dracoform’s request . After all, it looked like Fiercest was the only one who could take down the heart devil . Thus, it made sense for someone with certain priorities like Dracoform to ask his enemy for help .

“However, that brat Mu is right about one thing . ” Li Qiye smiled: “Killing that heart devil won’t be easy . More importantly, it has become a part of your Vermillion system, to kill it means that your system will fall into declination . ”

Dracoform froze, aware of this implication . Many systems, once declined, never could rise back up again until total collapse . Perhaps Vermillion Martial Court will not exist in the future .

“Declination is still better than destruction, please help us, Senior . ” Dracoform gritted his teeth .

He wanted to protect Vermillion at any price, even if it meant kneeling and begging Li Qiye .

“It’s not impossible . Come from one place, return to that place . I can indeed make it return to your system, but I am missing a catalyst to fuse it back to the land . ” Li Qiye said .

Dracoform stared at the broken land before him, nothing but silence and sadness . His heart ached so he made up his mind: “I will be that catalyst, go for it, Senior . ” He got on his knees with a solemn expression .

He wanted to sacrifice himself . Plus, this disaster stemmed from him in the first place so he needed to end it . He was already a sinner so his life was worthless . At least he could contribute something to Vermillion now .

“Hand me the truncheon . ” Li Qiye reached out .

Dracoform threw the truncheon at Li Qiye without any hesitation . Li Qiye caught it and did a test swing .

“This is Martial Dao Truncheon exists as a sealing tool, not just because it has the twelve variations . ” Li Qiye said .

The heart devil took one step back after seeing this . It didn’t give a damn when Dracoform was using it and even used its bare hand to stop the blow .

It was because Dracoform didn’t understand the mysteries of the truncheon, unable to use its real power .

This was no longer the case with Li Qiye . The heart devil immediately felt a terrible potential, a murderous intent that could pierce through its heart .

Keep in mind that Martial Ancestor crafted this truncheon specifically to suppress his heart devil . Only those who could use its real power could truly trap this heart devil . Otherwise, someone as powerful as Dracoform still couldn’t do anything .

Li Qiye casually pointed the truncheon at the heart devil and smiled: “Be a good boy and give up or do I have to make you?”

‘That’s Fiercest for you, daring to call this heart devil a good boy . ’ The crowd thought .

“Ra!” The heart devil roared . The darkness amplified and came together, causing it to grow in size .

It stood there like a giant looking down on the world . Just its palm alone seemed enough to destroy the martial court .

“Pointless struggle, you’re no longer as strong as before but even if you were, it is meaningless before me . ” Li Qiye shook his head, acting like it was no big deal .

 His relaxed attitude took the crowd by surprise . They were lost in admiration since only Fiercest could act like this in the world .

The devil began opening its mouth towards Vermillion for another devouring attempt .

“Watch out, he’s absorbing!” Many shouted in horror .

“Be careful!” Dracoform was shocked as well . The monster had devoured one million miles of land with the last gulp so it became much more powerful .

Perhaps it could easily do ten million miles this time around . Just several more attempts and their entire system would be done for .

“It’s unfortunate that your opponent is me . ” Li Qiye smiled and spread his palm in a natural manner . It seemed to be breaking the order of the world .

His palm came from the ancient past before the inception of the world . It crossed through time and space, releasing endless chaos . This chaos derived supreme laws that wove together to form the first word . This grand dao was unique and supreme .

“Boom!” The word imprinted itself above the ground of Vermillion in a dazzling manner . Just like that, the dao system seemed to be held down and stabilized .

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!” Crazy gales swept past the place with enough force to cut mountains by the waist .

Alas, a miracle had happened . The devil continued to suck in but the system wasn’t touched this time around .

Earlier, worldly essences and lives would instantly be drained dry and devoured because the creature had the same origin as the system . Nothing could stop that process earlier, until now .

Li Qiye used the word of his Finality Sword, a supreme word from a heavenly scripture, the real origin of Martial Ancestor . It was older than his grand dao, older than the dao source of Vermillion, and certainly older than this devil heart . It was the true and strongest origin .

Thus, its sealing prevented the heart devil from absorbing further worldly essences .

“What…” Everyone became slack-jawed in disbelief as they watched the devil’s ineffectiveness .