Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2407

Chapter 2407: 2407

“Xsh, Xsh…” The two Longevity Trees fused together; the parts matched perfectly .

“So it was only an incomplete part…” The sage was shocked to see this scene .

Back in the olden days, their progenitor also came up with this conjecture . Unfortunately, the progenitor never got the chance to see the main tree so it ended at the hypothetical stage .

Today, the sage realized that their progenitor was right . What a shame that the progenitor couldn’t be here to see this .

After the complete fusion, a perfect Longevity Tree finally appeared before them .

“Buzz . ” It released both immortal rays and dao laws . These strands of dao laws were as thin as a silk string . However, upon closer inspection, there were faint blobs of light everywhere . The laws consisted of unbelievably tiny worlds stringed together in a line .

A totem emerged, the opening of a majestic world with countless creatures living in boundless land for eternity .

The tree didn’t need to try; just its image alone was enough to shock the heart . No other trees could compare to it .

“Is this the real Longevity Tree?” The sage eventually asked after calming down .

“Its name is Three Immortals Tree . ” Li Qiye said with a smile .

Li Qiye used to call it Longevity Tree but after entering the final level of Bewildering Palace, he understood the mysteries of the tree’s origin and found out its real name .

“Three Immortals Tree?” She repeated this name before looking at the emerged totems on the tree, seemingly opening a great world .  

“That’s Three Immortals World?” She became startled .

“Correct . ” Li Qiye’s eyes became profound: “Even a frog under the well can see all of Three Immortals through it . ”

“So it is deeply related to our worlds?” The sage asked again .

“Not just related . ” Li Qiye smiled: “The tree doesn’t only pertain to longevity . In fact, longevity is but one aspect of it . It has the same origin as Three Immortals World, that’s why it is supreme, unique, and eternal . ”

“I see…” 

Though this tree has been here in her sect all this time, they, including their progenitor, have never been able to figure out its true mysteries .  

To a certain extent, the biggest use of this tree was its leaves for pill making . Of course, these few leaves contained a massive amount of power .

Li Qiye raised his hand and the tree started leaving the ground and floated onto his palm . Even an idiot could tell that this was an incredible tree .

“Where will you plant it?” She asked .

“It’s very hard to find a suitable field for it in all of Three Immortals . ” Li Qiye focused across time and space; his mind seemed to be wandering in the void .

After a while, he withdrew his gaze and started leaving . The sage followed right behind him .

The two took their time enjoying this rare moment . After a while, she looked at him and said: “I know someone who has a method to reach Imperial . ”

Ascension wasn’t simple for the inhabitants of Myriad . One needed to be an Eternal or a True Emperor before thinking about it .

Only those strong enough could force their way up . Of course, it was much easier if there were people up in Imperial to help . For example, the Mu Clan was ready to accept Mu Shaochen, so it wasn’t especially hard to get him back up there .

There was another way . A few powerful systems have methods left behind by their progenitors who have traveled across all three worlds before .

Because of these methods, those weaker than Eternals and True Emperors have reached Imperial . Of course, the necessary resources for this task were insane . They wouldn’t do so unless there was no other way .

Given Li Qiye’s strength, forcing his way up was no problem - only a matter of wasted time . If there was an available method, then he could go up there even faster .

“Let’s have a look then . ” Li Qiye smiled and didn’t mind too much . Forcefully go up or using the back entrance didn’t affect him .

“I’ll go ask then . ” She hesitated for a moment before grabbing his hand for a long while before slowly letting go . Time went by slowly as if a century had passed .

Li Qiye was going to leave Longevity Valley . The girls didn’t want him to leave at all .

Their eyes turned red while saying goodbye to him . Even the wily Miaozhen lost her cool and wouldn’t let go of Li Qiye .

“I’ll remember you . ” She hugged him tightly and started to sob .  

“Silly girl . ” Li Qiye hugged her back and used his gentle voice: “As long as the world is still around, we’ll have a chance to meet again . ”

Like it or not, separations were inevitable . Li Qiye waved at the three girls and left with Longevity Sage .

The girls kept on waving at the two until they disappeared completely in the horizon .

The method mentioned by Longevity Sage was located at Yang Radiance Sect, the strongest system in Myriad .

Contrary to the public rivalry between the sage and the untethered, the valley and Yang Radiance had a great relationship . Outsiders weren’t aware of this .

Li Qiye kept a low profile after entering Yang Radiance . Nevertheless, the untethered herself still came to greet him .

They had some minor conflicts in the past, but she still gave him enough face by personally preparing a meticulous reception .

Of course, given Li Qiye’s current status, it was natural for him to enjoy such treatment .

“Untethered, we are visiting today to propose . ” The sage calmly said: “This disciple of mine is interested in you, thinking that you are very beautiful and charming . So, Our Longevity Valley is officially requesting a marriage alliance with your Yang Radiance Sect . ”

The sage was very similar to Fan Miaozhen in this regards . They had the personality of a demoness, always wanting to cause trouble . No wonder why the sage picked Miaozhen to be her First Disciple, one that would inherit her legacies . This playfulness was one of the most attractive things about her .

“Are you still half-asleep?” The untethered glared at her, cold and imperious as always .

The truth was that both the sage and the untethered were great beauties that could outshine the rest . However, due to their status and position, most didn’t notice their looks as much .

“Is that a no?” The sage continued: “Are you saying that my disciple is reaching high? He’s the number one expert of Myriad, more than enough to be your match . And you are marrying into Longevity Valley, not below you either . Of course, I will take advantage of you since you’ll have to call me Master . Well, actually, you’ll be the rude one calling me master because I’m younger and prettier than you . ”