Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2411

Chapter 2411: 2411

The unique palace was splendorous and majestic, full of nobility . Just filling the place with items and decoration couldn’t have the same effect . Just a few paintings and portraits here could overshadow other palaces made from divine metals .  These works of art portrayed their master’s conquests and achievements .

Li Qiye walked through the hall, unperturbed, and enjoyed looking around as if it was his own garden .

Sun Lengying eventually brought him into a royal chamber with many servants . Just one piece of wood on the furniture here could sell at a sky-high price .

One could smell a medicinal fragrance as well . An expert in this field would be shocked - the smell must be coming from an incredible pill .

An old man was lying on a bed made of expensive divine wood . The cushioning blanket consisted of nine-colored feathers from a luan . [1]

He wore a robe with the shade of flowing auspicious clouds, making it look as if he was lying among them just like an immortal .

His statue was lofty and powerful . If he were to stand up, most people would only be around his waist . His white hair draped over his shoulder just like silver threads .

Big eyes and big mouth - no different from a silver lion . A glare from him could destroy everything, changing the day into night and vice versa with a single blink . The world trembled before his whims .

Alas, he looked weak and dispirited, akin to a lamp running out of oil .

“Your Highness, the guest is here . ” Lengying bowed before disappearing into the shadows .

Lengying was notorious around these parts . Some even called him the King of the Night, grasping people’s lives within his palm . Just a single wave of his could annihilate a powerful clan or sect .

Numerous masters would lower their head before him, but only one could make him bow with respect - Lucidity King .

Lucidity, the ruler of Nine Secrets System and War Saint Dynasty, an unfathomable Eternal . But most importantly, he had what many considered to be the greatest daughter in the world!

One could tell how frightening he was after seeing Lengying’s near-subservient attitude .

Lucidity has ruled for three generations, the longest reign in the history of his dynasty . This could probably apply to the rest of Imperial as well .

Though many old masters still maintain their influence and authority, they usually withdrew to the background and stopped caring about mundane matters .

This wasn’t the case for Lucidity . He ruled with an iron fist and maintained control over various matters of the system, never losing an ounce of control . Much of this was due to his unfathomable cultivation .

Nine Secrets System prospered greatly under his rule . It was even rising above the Mu Clan . Many attributed this success to his leadership during the three generations .

Lucidity opened his eyes to look at Li Qiye: “I can’t stand up to greet you, Esteemed Guest . Please excuse the lack of manners . ”

His face turned red as if just uttering these words required immense effort, similar to a man on his deathbed uttering his last words .

“No need to be so polite, I’m only a lost traveler . ” Li Qiye chuckled and casually sat down .

The servants took a deep breath after seeing this . Few in Imperial were qualified to sit before their king .

This made Lucidity stare at Li Qiye again . The light in his eyes flickered and wavered, on the verge of extinguishing at any moment .

“My name is Hao Taiqing, what is yours?” The king closed his eyes again, seemingly needing rest after speaking so much . [2]

Virtually everyone in Imperial has heard of this name and knew who he was due to his peerless reputation . Even an Ascender would find their soul leaving in fear upon finding out . Only Li Qiye would treat this name as just another name, no different from the name of a random stranger on the street .

“Li Qiye . ” He casually stated his own name .

“It’s a good name, a good name indeed . ” Lucidity opened his eyes and praised, seemingly very excited after hearing the pleasant name .  

Li Qiye had no reaction to the king’s excitement .

“Your Majesty, you are unwell, please rest more . ” Lengying bowed and respectfully suggested .

“Yes . ” Lucidity nodded before turning towards Li Qiye with an invitation: “A meeting is fate, how about becoming a guest at my dynasty?”

Others would be honored to hear this, but Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “That’s fine, I have free time anyway . ”

“Good . ” The king nodded satisfyingly and told a servant: “Take good care of my young friend, do not make any mistakes . ”

The servant prostrated before respectfully turning towards Li Qiye: “Young Noble, please follow me . ”

Li Qiye nodded and followed .  

After he left, time seemed to stop in the chamber .

“Your Majesty…” Lengying eventually broke the silence .

The sleeping king opened his eyes and said weakly: “I don’t have much time left, it is time to appoint a successor . ”

“ . . . ” Lengying had no response .

“I know what you want to say, Lengying . ” The king smiled: “Accidentally coming across a few things is the work of fate, wouldn't you say?”

Lengying didn’t reply, standing there as if he was part of the shadows . No one could spot him .

“Start early tomorrow, it’s time for me to go back . If I were to die, I want to be at the court . ” Lucidity finished with this before entering a deep slumber .

Lengying continued to stand there, not as a shadow of himself but rather Lucidity’s shadow . He was the only one who could stand next to the sleeping king . Lengying was the only one the king trusts during his most vulnerable moment .

Since he reigned for three generations, he had experienced numerous trouble . So many wished for his death . Assassins scattered hid around him, so he only trusted a few confidants .

The only person in the entire system to have earned his absolute confidence was Lengying .

Everyone knew that he acted as Lucidity’s shadow and bodyguard . He would always be next to the king wherever he went with absolute loyalty, the only person to never betray the king .

Rumor has it that this relationship between them existed dated back to their youth . Being loyal to Lucidity was Lengying’s purpose for living .

Thus, he also acted as an enforcer of sorts . If anyone were to disobey or betray Lucidity, Lenging would carry out a disciplinary punishment while showing zero mercy . Obviously, a king that had ruled for so long had plenty of enemies . They saw him as an annoying nail and would want nothing more than to get rid of him .

Many sects have betrayed Lucidity in the past, and that would be the time for Lengying to shine - eliminating these traitors with brutality .

This played a large part in his present notoriety . Numerous people and great powers have fallen to his cruel and bloody methods .

All in all, Sun Lengying was Lucidity’s executioner and sharpest sword!

1 . Another mythical bird, I would say lower level than a Phoenix and can eventually evolve into one .

2 . Looks like his title is the same as his name; Taiqing means Extreme Pureness/clearness, or Lucidity