Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2413

Chapter 2413: 2413

Silver Secret Legion marched with the speed of lightning and made it back to the court within one day .

Li Qiye stepped into War Saint Dynasty . Its majestic appearance earned a smile from him .

War Saint Dynasty was in charge of Nine Secrets . It had forts everywhere in the system; its main court was located in Skywrap Mountain .

Skywrap was both the name of a mountain and the mountain range around it . There were plenty of tall peaks in this area, some towered to the clouds .

However, these peaks were insignificant compared to the main mountain with the name Skywrap . Even the clouds only made it to the base of Skywrap; the stars only hovered near the ridge . The peak of Skywrap was up in the galaxy . Quite a shocking scene .

Any random stream pouring down looked like a river with roaring currents in the form of a massive dragon . Any tiny portion of the mountain encompassed rich thickets . Just a random boulder here could be carved into a city .

On top of the peak were numerous palaces . On the ridges were cities with millions of citizens . Skywrap Mountain alone seemed like its own world .

Numerous bridges crossed through the air from one mountain to another . Some spanned for more than ten thousand miles . The smaller mountains and peaks at the base also had their own cities . The entire place must have tens of millions of people, maybe even more .

With Skywrap Mountain at the center, all of the cities nearby were considered part of Skywrap City . Of course, this was more like a kingdom than a city .

Nevertheless, this was only one part of War Saint Dynasty . Just looking at this place alone gave a good idea about the dynasty’s incredible scale; same with Nine Secrets System .

After all, one of the three behemoths of Imperial naturally possessed numerous territories .

The progenitor of this system was obviously Nine Secrets . The system was conveniently named after this person . No one knew the progenitor’s true name and identity .

People only knew that Nine Secrets’ master was Bao Pu, nothing else .

Bao Pu was the first progenitor in the written history of Three Immortals . As one of Bao Pu’s disciples, Nine Secrets started the system a very long time ago .

Because of this, few records about Nine Secrets existed, only a few words here and there in the ancient scrolls . Despite a lack of information, no one should question Nine Secrets System’s power and resources .

After numerous eras, the system had its ups and downs but it still stood strong till the present .

Under the leadership of Lucidity, it once again reached the top of Imperial .

Though no one knew the golden age of Nine Secrets, they thought that its current state couldn’t be much inferior .

Outside of numerous clans and sects, it also had monsters like Waterfront Pavilion, Bingchi Clan, Calm Lotus Monastery, Myriad Formation Kingdom, and Godstep Sect .

These five great powers were stronger than numerous other systems in Imperial . As for War Saint, this dynasty was enjoying its prime .

This was why whenever people stepped into Skywrap, they could sense the prosperity and confidence in the air .

Li Qiye didn’t see Lucidity after reaching the imperial city . The servants have already made preparation for him without needing to be told .

He was actually placed in the eastern palace of the imperial city . In other words, the location traditionally presided by the crown prince - very prestigious .

Lucidity only had one daughter . However, after becoming a True Emperor last generation, she left for Immortal and hasn’t returned .

It meant that he no longer had a successor available, so Li Qiye’s current placement truly shocked others .

No one would dare to make this arrangement without permission from Lucidity . Doing so could result in a clan extermination .

At the same time, people didn’t gossip about it either due to Lucidity’s perfect grasp over the dynasty .

Li Qiye didn’t react at all just like before as if this place was just another inn . He remained nonchalant, unaware of the significance behind the eastern palace .

All eyes were on Skywrap Mountain after the return of the king . They wanted to know about his health but none dared to visit without permission .

On this night, Lucidity sent a messenger to summon Li Qiye . The guy walked over in a carefree manner as if this was his own place .

When they met again, Lucidity was in a worse state, needing far more energy to open his eyes .

“Do you like your place, little friend?” Lucidity revealed a gentle smile, quite rare for him .

He was certainly not a nice person, more of a ruthless and imperious tyrant - bloodthirsty, even . A kind smile was the last thing to be shown on his face .

“Not bad . ” Li Qiye smiled back, treating Lucidity like just another person .

“I hope you will find the accommodation acceptable . ” Lucidity acted like a doting senior .

One would be scared out of their mind if they were to see this . Lucidity never showed such care for anyone outside of his daughter . But Li Qiye was only a stranger without any relation to him .

“I don’t have much time, and no children either . ” Lucidity wasn’t one to waste words and got straight to the point: “The dynasty needs a ruler, so I have made up my mind . Will you be the crown prince?”

His servants were astounded after hearing this . Appointing a stranger that he had only met for one day as the crown prince? How illogical .

They wondered to themselves - was the illness getting to the king?

The only person unmoved by this development was Sun Lengying who stood unnoticed in the shadows .

“Crown prince? That would make you my dad then . ” Li Qiye laughed in response, still rather indifferent to anything thrown at him ever since his arrival .

“Our meeting is fate, no need to worry about worldly customs . ” Lucidity weakly waved his sleeve .

Li Qiye smiled: “Perhaps . Is it fun being the crown prince? I can do whatever I want?”

“Indeed, you can do whatever you want . ” Lucidity seemed insane, forgoing his authority in order to make Li Qiye the crown prince .

Once again, he had only met this guy yesterday .

“A bit interesting, could be fun . Very well, I’ll be a crown prince . ” Li Qiye revealed a wide smile .

“Good, go rest then . ” Lucidity was running out of breath and needing to close his eyes .

“Alright . ” Li Qiye casually responded and left, not bothering to bow or perform any ceremonial gesture towards the king .

The servants were slack-jawed by the lack of formality . This was the first time they’ve met someone so bizarre .

Becoming the crown prince of War Saint Dynasty? This meant gaining unlimited power and authority yet this guy didn’t react at all .

‘Could it be that this brat doesn’t know the significance behind the role in War Saint? Does he not know how much power he had just gotten?’ They thought .