Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2414

Chapter 2414

“Crown prince, huh? Should be amusing . ” Li Qiye returned to the eastern palace and smiled, unaffected by his new role .  

It was an unbelievable matter . Lucidity King appointed a stranger like him to be the crown prince . Meanwhile, this stranger didn’t give a damn at all as if it was no big deal .

This was bizarre and unexplainable . No one would believe this story .

Lucidity - a calculating and imperious person that leaves nothing to chance - acted like a senile old man .

Remember, not to mention the great powers and other sects in the system, War Saint Dynasty had plenty of geniuses . Many of them came from Lucidity’s main branch .

Though they weren’t related to him by blood, they were still considered his clan members and part of the royal institution . But now, he skipped all of them and the powerful ancestors just to choose a stranger .

This was excessively unreasonable, borderline insanity . He knew nothing about Li Qiye outside of his name .

If Lucidity were to pass it on to his most trusted confidant, Sun Lengying; most would be able to take it . After all, Lengying has always been in charge of killing . No one could rationalize the king’s choice .

Li Qiye’s nonchalant attitude was just as strange . Even if he didn’t care about a system, he should be thinking about Lucidity’s intent . Or, perhaps he has seen through everything and that this development was within expectations . All in all, no one knew what he was thinking since all he did was smile after being appointed .

Someone else came to visit Li Qiye on the same day .

“Your Highness . ” This person bowed respectfully and said: “I am here to report for duty under the order of His Majesty . ”

This middle-aged man had a proper and righteous appearance, both in stature and facial features . His features were stalwart, resembling an artistic statue .

His eyes were bright and serious like gems . He wore a green robe, looking quite experienced and fierce like a soldier . He looked indifferent yet respectful .

There was no powerful and domineering aura but as he was standing there, the orders nearby bent to his whims . Any insightful person could tell that he was an Eternal .

Ever since his ascension, Li Qiye has met one Eternal after another .

This wasn’t strange at all . In Myriad, an Eternal was considered a mighty and rare existence . They were also strong in Imperial but far from being uncommon .

Moreover, War Saint Dynasty was the strongest kingdom in Imperial, standing at the apex . It wouldn’t be strange for it to have plenty of Eternals .

How could they maintain their position without sufficient fighting forces?

“What is your name?” Li Qiye gave a quick glance .

“Your Highness, this servant’s name is Zhang Jiadi . My previous position was the captain of the imperial guards . Now, I am here to be your guard captain, ready for your orders . ” The man solemnly said while standing straight .

If someone else in the system were to hear his name, their first reaction would be astonishment .

He was a powerful and famous Eternal . Of course, far inferior compared to Lucidity and not comparable to Lengying .

An ordinary True God wasn’t qualified to be the captain of the imperial guards for Lucidity . A strong Eternal was more suitable .

Plus, who could actually assassinate someone as strong as Lucidity? Being his guard captain was quite an easy job .

“So you will obey all of my orders?” Li Qiye chuckled .

“Rest assured, Your Highness, His Majesty has given me an order to obey you, so your orders are his orders . I will not refuse . ” Jiadi said seriously .

An Eternal was a big shot anywhere, including Nine Secrets and War Saint Dynasty . However, surprisingly enough, Jiadi didn’t think highly of himself, preferring to assume the role of a disciplined soldier .

“Sounds like you are utterly devoted to the king . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“Your Highness, His Majesty has given me a second life while my parents gave me the first . I am here today thanks to him . ” Jiadi didn’t hide this .

Zhang Jiadi used to be an ordinary soldier, a nobody in the mortal world .

During a particular march, Lucidity actually noticed this mortal soldier . The next part was even more unbelievable - Lucidity handed him the Four Divine Transformations from the Lucidity Pill Scripture . [1]

This was a big deal . Keep in mind that this scripture came from Emperor Zheng, the most amazing True Emperor of the system . Nine Secrets was on a downward trend during his youth . After becoming emperor, he revitalized the system and made War Saint Dynasty the untouchable leader .

Later on, the future generations also added him into the Radiant Decemvirate .

Emperor Zheng’s Lucidity Pill Scripture was rumored to be on the same level as Nine Secrets, the laws left behind by their progenitor .

Nine Secrets belonged to the entire system, but Lucidity Pill Scripture was possessed only by War Saint Dynasty .

Thus, one could imagine how important it was to the dynasty . Normally, they would never give it out to an outsider, not even just one part .

However, no one could stop the imperious Lucidity King . Not a single soul said anything after this act, including the ancestors of War Saint Dynasty .

Zhang Jiadi didn’t let him down and proved that he was right . After receiving the four transformations, he embarked on the path of cultivation . The ordinary mortal displayed an amazing gift for cultivation to the point of being devilish .

He sped through the levels and eventually became an Eternal, not quite as strong as Lengying but more than enough to sweep through the realms . Moreover, his dedication and loyalty remained, always acting as just another soldier .

The unhappy ancestors no longer commented about this matter among themselves after seeing his success .

“Loyalty is a virtue indeed . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“His Majesty will let Your Highness pick several treasures for protection, do you mind following me to the treasury?” Jiadi said respectfully .

Jiadi knew nothing about this fameless stranger who is clearly weak at cultivation . One could easily find so many youths like him in Nine Systems .

Someone like this shouldn’t be able to order an Eternal . However, Jiadi has always followed his orders and wouldn’t look down on Li Qiye just because the guy was weak . Doing it half-heartedly was out of the question as well .

The moment Lucidity sent him here, Li Qiye became his master . This was the reason why Jiadi was amazing and why Lucidity chose him for this task .

1 . Lucidity Scripture also has the word usually used for pill . It can also mean red/powder/cinnabar . Not sure what it is until more info is given