Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2418

Chapter 2418

Only Li Qiye and the girl seemed to be existing in this plane, seemingly separated from the rest of the world .

He lazily opened his eyes to take a look at her in a brazen manner despite her supreme beauty and hallowed appearance .

Perhaps, no one can make him change his unrestrained gaze .

He took his time to the point of being invasive . Any other girl would feel as if they were naked but she remained calm, unaffected by the gaze .

After a while, he stopped looking and didn’t bother standing up out of laziness, nearly ignoring her presence .

“How does it feel, being the crown prince?” She broke the silence with a fascinating voice filled with spirit energy - a feeling of transcendence .

“Words can’t describe how good it feels, on the verge of melting with pleasure, do you know this feeling?” He teased .

“If being a crown prince is already that good, what will happen after you become the king? Going to start floating in the sky?” She revealed a smile enough to topple the myriad ages . This smile eclipsed the gorgeous smile of the sage and the untethered .

“You don’t get it . Being the king is completely different from being the crown prince . To be a king is to toil and struggle, to kill and bathe in blood . Basically, one would have to be at the right power level with ample abilities to sit on the throne . It’s no longer a feeling of pleasure but one of success while being above all, capable of exercising great power . But this isn’t the case for a crown prince . Becoming one overnight, the future ruler of the dynasty? How great is that? No need to work hard with ambition yet the world still falls onto your lap…”

“ . . . This is a real dream-come-true situation . So many fantasize about rising overnight to reach the top . A man’s nature is to want things without putting in the effort . This feeling of satisfaction far exceeded the toil of a king . That’s why so many people use power-increasing pills . ” He shook his head and smiled before closing his eyes: “In the blink of an eye, the heaven bestowed this fortune upon me, benefitting without doing anything, so amazing . ”

The girl carefully listened to his pleasant voice . She chuckled in response: “You’re very interesting . However, being a crown prince is nice, not necessarily the case once you’re on the throne . People salivate for that authority and power . ”

“We’ll discuss that when I’m king, but who knows, maybe Lucidity King won’t die . The world is always unpredictable and unfathomable; life is just a play - who are the actors and who make up the audience? And, life is also too short, just enjoy it first and no need to worry about anything else . ”

The immortal lady smiled charmingly at Li Qiye: “Enjoy life, I see . Is that the type of person you are?”

“At least for now . ” He replied: “As I said, life is just a play, who are the ones acting? And for whom? Maybe you and I are only spectators right now, the real actors have yet to come on stage . ”

“Then who do you think are the actors?” She seemed to be affected by Li Qiye’s demeanor and became more relaxed, straightening her long, perfect legs and started stretching lazily . This didn’t deter her beauty at all .

“Who knows?” Li Qiye said: “Perhaps you, me, or Lucidity, or the entire world is just acting . As long as there is a stage in your heart, there are plays going on everywhere . ” [1]

“True . ” The girl nodded in agreement: “How long do you want to put up this act?”

“Who knows, I’m not done being the crown prince yet . Maybe the heaven wants me to play the part of the king next . One play after another, the crown prince then king, then maybe the role of a dead man . ”

“How do you want to play the part of the king?” She asked, amused .

“How the hell am I going to play the king when Lucidity is still alive? It has to be after his death or I’ll be forever stuck in the role of a crown prince . ” He said . [2]

“Just hypothetically then, how will you play the role?” She tilted her head ever so slightly, causing a few strands of black hair to drape down - beautiful beyond words .

“A tyrant, of course . ” He smiled .

“Why a tyrant?” She became curious; her eyes were the prettiest gems in the world - capable of seeing through the ages .

“Once again, freedom and pleasure . ” Li Qiye elaborated: “Taking wives, massacre, building a harem, mountains of meat and fountains of wine, the world bends to my whim - what’s better than that? This freedom is beyond any single mind-blowing pleasure . ”

“A tyrant will invite numerous rebellions and resistance . ” She said .

“That’s fine, go ahead and try to rebel . Once I lose, I just need to wipe my butt and leave . ” He smiled .

“With total authority, have you not thought about becoming a wise ruler so that your citizens can prosper and your dynasty to last forever?” She asked again .

“What does that have to do with me? A pie simply fell onto my lap, I just need to eat my fill instead of caring about its future . ” He replied .

“Don’t you want to take roots here and wait for the flowers and fruits to bloom? So that your future descendants can multiply?” She said pensively .

He smiled in response: “Why should I prepare an eternal kingdom for my future generations? Do you ever see an everlasting legacy? An undying kingdom?”

The girl shook her head, still looking as charming as ever .

He continued: “It’s because an eternal kingdom will still be ruined by one’s descendants . If that’s an inevitable outcome, why shouldn’t I be the one to ruin it? That would be much better instead of having it fall in someone else’s hands! Plus, I wasn’t the one who put in the effort to create the dynasty so when I’ve had my fun, let the floods and rains of fire come . ” He laughed, awaiting her response with an amused glance .

However, this glance changed into something profound and penetrating, impossible for anything to hide .

The girl lifted her head and looked straight back at him without fear and awkwardness .

He chuckled and raised the stake by slightly lifting her beautiful chin: “Would you follow me if I were to become a wise ruler? We’ll have plenty of children?”

The girl had a holy, inviolable aura yet Li Qiye was unaffected and maintained his lawless act .

She gently pushed his hand away and chuckled: “I’m afraid it won’t be that simple . ”

“Nothing is difficult about it, just one woman . If I truly wish so, I can have an immortal as my wife, and you’re certainly not one . ” He smiled .

“You’re quite confident in yourself . ” Her temper grew as she spoke with a provocative tone .

He lay back down and leisurely said: “It’s not confidence; I’m merely speaking the truth . ”

The girl continued to stare at Li Qiye, wishing to find some clues . Meanwhile, he closed his eyes, seemingly asleep .

A while later, the breeze returned as he awoke from a dream . The servants were back . One maid was fanning for him; another peeled some fruits and one more prepared tea .

It was as if nothing has happened, only a dream . He smiled without being surprised .

1 . I don’t quite get this last sentence, so translating literally .

2 . Completely omitting the next line without editing or rewording - If outsiders were to hear this, they would think that he was insane . Someone actually dared to wish for Lucidity’s death? He must be tired of living! - I think this particular line was repeated 2 or 3 times during the conversation with Jiadi already and it doesn’t add anything here for the readers; it’s a common line throughout the novel for word count too . This is a good example of lines that I modify sometimes for readability . In this case, it was repeated enough recently to warrant an omission