Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2419

Chapter 2419: 2419

The maid continued to fan Li Qiye while the indistinct sound of tea brewing went on in the background .

The servants were unaware; everything was only a dream of his, or so it seemed .  Alas, the meeting just now had indeed transpired .

He didn’t bother prying into it . The servants here couldn’t notice anything due to their level .

Zhang Jiadi hastily came in and bowed towards Li Qiye: “Your Highness, His Majesty wishes to see you right now . ”

“He’s about to die? It’s time to pass down the throne?” Li Qiye smiled .

“ . . . ” Jiadi had no comment . This disaster of a master could only be described as insane .

The servants nearby turned pale . This was a crime of impudence - punishable by clan extermination via beheading .

Jiadi looked down and replied: “I don’t know, please follow me, Your Highness . ”

“How boring . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “Just make me king already instead of wasting time with convoluted and needless ceremonies, ruining my mood . ”

Jiadi smiled wryly and could only pray for himself with a master like this around . All he could do was carry out his responsibilities to the fullest .

Li Qiye made it to Lucidity King’s place after following Jiadi .

Lucidity was still laying in bed, sickly as ever . He was a lamp running low on oil . Who knows which immortal medicine he had used to keep him around for this long .

Sun Lengying was naturally there as well, lurking in the shadows just like a poisonous viper . No one would notice him as long as he didn’t attack .

Five more old men were present, of varying height and aura . The only similarity was their obvious, shocking power - resembling five gods . The room was more than large enough but their presence made it seem crowded and oppressive .

Their strength, rather than their stature, gave off this impressive feeling . Not on the same level as Lucidity, but these five Eternals were far beyond Zhang Jiadi .

“Child, you’re here . Meet the Supremes of the five great powers . ” Lucidity waved at Li Qiye in a kind manner .

Li Qiye smiled and glanced at the five old men before nodding . He sat down in a chair nearby without any hesitation .

“Wind God, this is the child I’ve told you about . His name is Li Qiye . ” Lucidity began the introduction, speaking to the fifth old man: “We are connected by fate . ”

The way Lucidity looked at Li Qiye couldn’t be any more gentle and doting . People would actually mistake Li Qiye for being his son . It didn’t seem like they have only met several days ago .

These five old men all stared at Li Qiye, wishing to see through him . They were powerful Eternals, not just in Nine Secrets but in all of Imperial - existences that could blot out the sky .

Li Qiye was impervious to their stares and only sat there in a lazy manner lacking a crown prince’s manner, more like a hoodlum .

This made the Eternals glance at each other . The truth was that they were shocked when Lucidity summoned them for the appointment of a crown prince .  

Of course, this wasn’t surprising since Lucidity didn’t have much time left . He needed to do so before his death .

In the beginning, they assumed Lucidity would support a genius or an ancestor from War Saint Dynasty to be the next successor . However, they have never seen or heard of this young fella before . The king’s doting demeanor made them think that Li Qiye was his illegitimate child .

Lucidity has always been merciless and cruel . No one has seen this type of expression from him before .

A comparable situation would be an old man finally having a son at his late age and over-spoiling the kid .

There was a problem - everyone knew that Lucidity only had a daughter during the previous generation . However, she was brilliant and became a True Emperor, eventually ascending to Immortal and wasn’t heard from since .

Right now, the five were convinced that Li Qiye was his illegitimate son . The world had no way of disproving this . Moreover, the king had too many enemies . Assassinating him might be difficult, but what about aiming for his son? Perhaps Lucidity feared this and secretly hid his son from outsiders .  

The five continued to stare with torch-like eyes . Nothing could escape their gaze .

Li Qiye’s cultivation was too shallow and his constitution was normal . Everyone could see that he had cultivated before but judging by his aura, this little bit of training was negligible . He had no power to speak of .

One even used their divine intents to sweep through him and found a minuscule amount of true energy . It meant that any new disciple could be stronger than him .

They eventually stopped, realizing that Li Qiye couldn’t be a hidden son of his . If this was the case, Lucidity would have groomed him from an early age .

The next step of logic was obvious - Lucidity’s previous trip must have been to find a long-lost son, not to find longevity medicine .

It seemed that he had a one night stand with a woman, resulting in a son . Someone like him wouldn’t accept a child born in this manner but he was on the verge of death now and needed a successor . Thus, he recalled this useless child and brought him back for the throne .

“Child, these uncles are the Supremes, or the ancestors of the great powers in our system . They will aid you in the future . ” Lucidity told Li Qiye .

The great powers included Waterfront Pavilion, Bingchi Clan, Calm Lotus Monastery, Myriad Formation Kingdom, and Godstep Sect . They were the strongest and most influential ancestors from these sects .

Their words were laws back there, capable of exerting their will . Normally, they were unreachable existences . Even ordinary ancestors couldn’t meet them .

However, they couldn’t refuse this summoning from Lucidity - the absolute tyrant of Nine Secrets . They needed to go in person as well, not just send a representative .  

There were plenty of powerful lineages in the system, but the ones truly in charge were these five behemoths after Lucidity’s death .

That’s why the king summoned them here for help . He said weakly: “The future won’t be easy, this child is still ignorant and will require your help . ”

“Your Majesty, we will do our best to take care of the young prince . ” One of the old men bowed and said .

They were obviously excited, unable to resist the temptation of power . If Lucidity were to pass the throne to a powerful ancestor or a genius of War Saint, taking over would be exceedingly difficult .  

However, a nameless and weak junior like Li Qiye? This was a godsend opportunity for them .