Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2428

Chapter 2428

The girl had conflicted feelings about hearing this - a natural response for most women regarding their appearance . She gave him the side-eye before looking down again .

Li Qiye withdrew his hand and gave an order: “Jiadi, I like this girl . Leave her one million to buy some clothes . ”

Jiadi immediately threw a spatial pouch on the table before leaving with Li Qiye .

Yingjian and Untie Tie were slack-jawed - spending one million just like that? In their clan, even the direct successors there couldn’t be so wasteful . This guy was a god-tier wastrel .

He was already long gone after she calmed down . She didn’t have the courage to give chase, still afraid of him . She stood there, confused, not knowing what to do .  

After leaving the force, Jiadi smiled and asked Li Qiye: “Your Highness, she’s not a bad girl, how come you didn’t take her in?”

“Why should I?” Li Qiye smiled: “I have no lack of women . A good girl is very rare, and only thinking about sleeping with one is the act of a vulgar man . ”

Jiadi replied: “So you like her that much, Your Highness?” He had grown used to Li Qiye’s amiability when they were alone .

It was completely different than being around Lucidity . Though people called him the Chaos Hellion and considered him to be the worst scum, Jiadi didn’t think he was that bad . At the very worst, the guy was just a whimsical spender .

As for Lucidity, being around him meant being nervous all the time . His fury could end in decapitation for anyone .

“There are many types of like, not necessarily romantic . Some are just a type of appreciation . ” Li Qiye said .

Jiadi nodded and didn’t pursue the topic .

“Boom!” Suddenly, a divine light soared to the sky from the imperial palace . It separated the clouds and illuminated the entire area .

A majestic divinity engulfed the world, seemingly wanting to drown the entire system . The experts all over Imperial were alarmed .

“Buzz . ” The pillar of light suddenly lost all power, akin to a spring gushing out water before running dry . The leftover water sprinkled down, or in this case, just tiny strands of light that scatter with the wind .

It seemed like a rain of light all over Nine Secrets, resulting in a surreal scene .

“Buzz . ” Next, a fiery spark came from the palace . If the palace itself was a candle, then this light was it being lit up .

Unfortunately, this was a candle in the wind, feeble and flickering - on the verge of extinguishing . It pulsed continuously from dark to bright in an uncertain manner .

“Not good . ” Jiadi was shocked: “His Majesty is deteriorating, we must return now, Your Highness . ” Having said that, he grabbed Li Qiye and rushed for the palace .

At this moment, all eyes in Imperial were focused on the flickering light . They knew that Lucidity couldn’t last any longer . This was his final moment .

“Whoosh!” When Jiadi and Li Qiye finally made it back, the light suddenly shattered and disappeared .

The palace fell into darkness; Nine Secrets have lost its light .

“His Majesty has passed away!” Jiadi shouted: “Your Majesty…”

He continued carrying Li Qiye towards Lucidity’s resting chambers .

Once they made it in, they saw Lucidity on his bed, no longer breathing . The servants were on their knees .

Only Sun Lengying sat by the bed while holding the slumbering king’s hand, tears running down his cheeks .

“Your Majesty!” Jiadi instantly prostrated on the ground .

This sad emotion came from the heart . Lucidity was a second father to him so he became broken-hearted .

The palace grieved, seemingly engulfed in a terrible mood .

“His Majesty has passed away!” After a long while, an official order finally came .

The palaces and buildings in the imperial palace had a white cloth hanging on the front entrance . It didn’t take long before the entire place was filled with white, similar to the snowflakes in winter - a world of white .

People were still shaken despite knowing the inevitability of his death . The moment still caught them off guard . Anxiety and grief permeated the situation, especially for the servants . They didn’t know what to do, akin to rootless duckweeds .

The extinguishing of his light made many pairs of eyes light up all over Nine Secrets, similar to divine lamps being lit in the dark .

The seniors from the various powers and the five supreme ancestors became stirred .

“Lucidity King is finally dead . ” One Eternal from a powerful lineage said .

“A storm is coming . ” A supreme ancestor had a happy expression and excitement in his eyes .

“This day is finally here!” Another peer of his smiled .

One more had his eyes flashing with a cold glint: “A new era should come to Nine Secrets now . ”

This was a godsend opportunity just like a pie falling from the sky .  

War Saint Dynasty has lost its leader and the entire system was a headless snake . It meant turmoil and changes, or opportunities for others .

These supreme ancestors knew that it was over for War Saint Dynasty . It didn’t matter that he had appointed a crown prince because this person couldn’t suppress all of Nine Secrets .

Moreover, Lucidity had also defeated the Sacred Cabinet . Without this council, War Saint was without its skeletal structure and needed to rely on Lucidity as the single pillar . Now, without him, demise was coming for this dynasty .

“Lucidity King has passed away . ” Many ancient clans and sects have received this news .

These masters became emotional just like the rest . They have gotten used to his tyranny in the last three generations .

This authority was no longer present . A new leader was about to emerge for Nine Secrets .

The news of his death quickly spread to the other systems in Imperial as well .

The two other behemoths, the Mu and Li, were the happiest to hear about it . Lucidity played a pivotal role in Nine Secrets’ success .  

With his death, this behemoth has fallen . Many other ferocious beasts and birds would want to come and share this fat piece of meat .

“It’s about time . ” Two True Emperors took note of this . Their gazes searched around Nine Secrets .

Even beings of their level didn’t dare to do anything when Lucidity was around . This was no longer the case - Nine Secrets was now up for grabs .

“Crown Prince Li Qiye shall assume the title of King!” An order left behind by Lucidity emanated from the palace .

His awe-inspiring and mighty voice along with his majestic aura of an Eternal filled the world .

The system still trembled in fear after hearing the order . He might be dead but his notoriety remained . People were still afraid all the same .

“Crown Prince Li Qiye?” Confusion naturally sparked .

“Who is Li Qiye?” The leaders of various powers found this surprising . They have never heard of this name before . In fact, they didn’t even know that Lucidity had appointed a crown prince .