Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2431

Chapter 2431: 2431

“And?” Li Qiye smiled at the anxious man .

“Your Majesty, the world will change after Elder Sun’s departure . No one else can control the soldiers and military in the dynasty . The first to disobey you will be Silver Secret, then Central Legion and the rest . Without these seven legions, the officials won’t be the only ones who won’t follow your orders . The lineages such as the five great powers will begin to covet your authority and land . They might even start a campaign against you while no one will answer your call . It was a mistake, Your Majesty . ” Jiadi was disappointed at the youth .

“So what? They can do whatever they want . As long as the sky is still up there, the land is still there for enjoyment and squandering . I might as well be the one to do it . ”

Jiadi sighed again . Lengying’s retirement has decided everything . The only thing he could hope for right now was for Li Qiye to mature and stopped acting on a whim .

“Your Majesty, yes, the sky isn’t falling down but your kingdom is in trouble . Your life is in danger as well . ” Jiadi sincerely said .

“That just means the game is over when the kingdom is gone, but as for my life? I’m still waiting for someone capable of taking it . ” Li Qiye smiled .

Jiadi lamented in his mind . At this point, he began to question Lucidity’s choice in picking Li Qiye . Nevertheless, he maintained his conviction and loyalty towards Lucidity .


No secret could remain unheard . Though there was no public announcement of Sun Lengying’s retirement, those actively caring still found out .

“Sun Lengying is retiring?!” Shock was the first reaction .

“Why would the new king allow it?” Many didn’t believe it .

Everyone knew that the king relied on Lengying for stability and couldn’t suppress the other factions alone .

“Maybe the new king wishes to crush any potential opposition . After all, Lengying is still part of the old regime and with his presence, the king can’t have total autonomy . ” Someone else mused .

“Without Lengying, this new king can’t handle the seven legions and stabilize the unrest . I don’t even think he can stay on the throne or keep his life, let alone having full reign . ” A sect master sneered .

Ultimately, Lucidity King was unique . Only someone like him could maintain control of Nine Secrets after killing all of his opposition .

“Well, this new king is quite foolish then . ” A royal lord found letting Lengying retire as an irrational choice .

“We shouldn’t be surprised, did you see that ridiculous coronation?” An ancestor laughed .

Asking for beauties from the five great powers as tributes? Such a king would be able to do anything else .

“The chance is here, the tallest buildings will fall to the incoming storm . ” Another ancestor had a cold flash in his eyes .


A different atmosphere invaded the camps of the seven legions after hearing of Lengying’s departure . They had different plans; some wanted to know what Lengying was going to do because of his influence .

However, they found that he had disappeared completely after leaving the palace . It seemed that he wished to be left alone .

On the second day of this news, Silver Secret Legion began to march away from the imperial city .

“Silver Secret is leaving . ” Others naturally took note of this .

Meanwhile, Li Qiye was relaxing in his garden, enjoying the breeze and the services of his palace maids .

“Your Majesty! Something unfavorable has happened!” Jiadi rushed in .

“Jiadi, what’s the hurry? Look at how beautiful it is today . ” Li Qiye smiled as a maid served him some fruit .

“No, the sky is about to fall . ” Jiadi got closer with a serious expression .

“Oh? Do tell . ” Li Qiye said without actually paying much attention .

“Silver Legion wishes to withdraw without your orders . ” Jiadi said .

“Where to?” Li Qiye remained unmoved .

“I don’t know, but given the circumstances, Your Majesty, you need to get them to stay here . As long as they’re around, you still have a chance to control the situation . ” Jiadi hurriedly explained .

“Is that so? But we can’t force people to stay when they want to leave . ” Li Qiye smiled .

“Your Majesty, you need to personally go to the camp and persuade the generals . I have good ties with them and maybe we can convince them otherwise . ” Jiadi said seriously .

“What’s the chance of them staying just because of you and me?” Li Qiye replied .

“Thirty percent . ” Jiadi pondered before answering: “Your Majesty, we need to at least try . ”

“Let them go . Certain things can’t be helped, such as the rain ruining a beautiful day or mothers needing to remarry again . ” Li Qiye waved his hand . [1]

“But, but… Your Majesty…” Jiadi didn’t give up .

“Jiadi, I know what you’re trying to say . Don’t worry, no big deal if the kingdom falls . ” Li Qiye said .

Jiadi felt helpless following such a ridiculous master . Talking was useless now; he couldn’t change anything .

In the end, Silver Secret left the imperial city . No generals even bothered to report to the new king; they didn’t even send messengers . This was an unauthorized mobilization, treating the king with utter contempt .

“No one can control a monster like Silver Secret now that Sun Lengying is gone . ” Someone said sentimentally after seeing this .

“Where will they go?” People wondered because it could take over any area in the system, given its might .

They could easily influence the tides of the future, so even the five great powers were watching every movement from them .

After leaving the city, the entire legion also disappeared from sight . It seemed that this retreat was premeditated, not just a hurried decision .

“What? Silver Legion is gone?! How can a massive legion disappear just like that?!” An ancestor found this astonishing .

But this was indeed the case . An army of one million soldiers vanished without leaving a single trace . No one knew where it was heading to .

After this was confirmed, an ancestor murmured: “They must have planned this a while ago, perhaps they knew about this king before the coronation, so they started thinking about a retreat path . The only reason why they assisted with the ceremony was to honor and carry out a promise with the late king . ”

Some finally realized that from the very beginning, the insiders didn’t have a good opinion of the new king .

After all, Lengying and Silver Secret were confidants of Lucidity . They knew about the crown prince before anyone else .

“What about us?” The main fighting force of War Saint, the Central Legion, began to wonder .

The Imperial Guard of the capital and the four cardinal legions became impatient . These six legions, unlike Silver Secret, had fixed assignments . They couldn’t just up and disappear like Silver Secret .

Moreover, they had their own territories and didn’t need to retreat . Right now, the question was whether to support this young king or to start planning in the shadows .

Ultimately, it became clear as day that War Saint Dynasty was unstable . No Sun Lengying, no Silver Secret, the new king was useless . If the six legions were to stop following orders, Nine Secrets will have a new master soon enough .

1 . The second line - mothers needing to remarry - should be viewed from the perspective of the children . Sad but there’s nothing they can do about it