Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2448

Chapter 2448

The crowd held their breath while staring at Li Qiye, overwhelmed with excitement about what’s to come . Some had a grin on their face from schadenfreude . This group wanted to see Li Qiye humiliated and shamed .

Li Qiye didn’t seem to notice these disciples and even the saintess . He continued to drink his tea and enjoyed the floating clouds ahead .

Splendorous Saintess entered the pavilion and headed straight for him with coldness in both her glare and expression .

Jianchuan could tell what she wanted to do judging by her demeanor and said: “Junior Sister, you’re here . ”

He gently shook his head while speaking, gesturing her to not do anything rash, especially without permission .

“Greetings, Brother Zhang . ” She slightly bowed towards Jianchuan but ignored his signals .

It didn’t take long before she stood in front of Li Qiye, accompanied by a gentle fragrance .

“Take it out . ” She stretched her jade hand towards him and demanded .

Li Qiye didn’t bat an eye, not bothering to glance at her: “You are blocking my view . ”

She turned red, embarrassed, after receiving this arrogant treatment and angrily glared at him .  

As the princess and jewel of Godstep, she has always been the centerpiece wherever she went, the moon surrounded by the stars . She was used to flattery and reverence, causing her to have some pride and arrogance herself .

However, Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at her before everyone and treated her like air, truly infuriating her as a result .

“This is Godstep, not your War Sainty Dynasty! It is over for your kingdom!” Splendorous coldly said .

She reminded him that he was only freeloading off their sect right now, no longer an imperious king like before .

He nonchalantly responded: “Scram before I become angry, do not block my view . ”

“Who do you think you are?!” Many disciples furiously roared . This comment has incited the anger of the crowd .

How could they let anyone insult their princess, especially a fallen king that is freeloading at their sect?

Splendorous was furious, already annoyed at this marriage in the first place . Moreover, the king had a terrible reputation and this only exacerbated her distaste and disdain towards him . Plus, he was a nobody now, just a parasite at their sect .

How could such a person look down on her in this manner? It was the heaviest insult in her eyes .

She glared at him and said: “War Saint Dynasty is no longer in charge, hand over the marriage pact, don’t humiliate yourself any further . ”

The crowd ate it up . One of them loudly shouted: “That’s right, we’re a great power of Nine Secrets, how dare this landless king act like this on our territory?!”

“Hmph, someone useless like him isn’t worthy of our Senior Sister . He needs to get the hell out right now . We’ve shown enough kindness harboring him for this long . ” Another one yelled .

“You wish to break off this marriage?” Li Qiye finally put down the teacup and glanced at her, still with a smile on his face .

“Indeed!” She responded: “This marriage agreement is no longer valid . Hand over the pact since keeping it around is only harmful to you . ”

“And if I refuse?” Li Qiye smirked .

“It’s not up to you!” Another disciple cried out: “Your kingdom is done for already!”

The saintess threatened: “You are a frog trying to eat swan’s meat, just bringing humiliation to yourself! If you are smart enough to read the situation, you should know what to do!”

“So a fallen king like me is not worthy of the princess of Godstep . ” Li Qiye said with a smile .

“Exactly . ” She said: “I will reach the apex in the future and become an invincible Eternal, you are only a ridiculous and incapable king . You should be thinking about how to stay alive right…”

Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted her: “You really think of yourself as a swan? Only a saintess of Godstep, nothing more . And an Eternal is no different than an ant, a servant, to me . Back at the imperial city, dozens of Eternals kneeled before me, so stop thinking so highly of yourself . ”

“You!” She turned redder from anger .

The disciples’ eyes burned with fury . He was insulting both their saintess and sect .

“In fact, you should be thanking Lucidity King . ” Li Qiye lazily said without looking at her: “You think you’re pretty enough to be my wife? Being a concubine is already pushing it, no, you’re not even qualified to be a personal maid . Your looks and shallow cultivation are only suitable to be a feet-washing servant . If it wasn’t for Lucidity King granting you this marriage, you would have nothing . ”

“Bullshit! Who do you think you are?!” The disciples clamored, unable to hold back .

The saintess’ eyes could kill right now . She felt a murderous urge: “You! You deserve death! You are bringing this upon yourself!”

“Junior Sister!” The situation has escalated out of control so Jianchuan pulled the saintess away: “Please calm down . ”

“Hmph, Senior Brother, are you forgetting that you’re a disciple of Godstep?” A few disciples were unhappy and told Jianchuan since he was helping Li Qiye .

The saintess also spoke coldly towards him: “What are you doing, Senior Brother?”

He shook his head in response: “Junior Sister, I’ve received orders from the great ancestor to take care of His Majesty’s daily life and safety, so please let this go . ”

“Senior Brother, back off and ignore this . I’ll answer to the great ancestor later . ” Her tone became serious .

“No . ” Jianchuan maintained his position: “I am under orders, please excuse me . ”

“At least one person in Godstep isn’t an idiot . The same can’t be said about the rest, so foolish and blind . ” Li Qiye added to the fire .

“Ignorant fool, daring to boast on our territory, who do you think you are?” An arrogant voice came about .

A youth walked over, looking quite gallant and oppressive . White from top to bottom, he walked with both hands behind his back like a proud crane with an entourage of his own .

“First Brother! First Brother is here!” The disciples here excitedly shouted . Some stared at him with nothing but admiration .

First Disciple of Godstep - White Crane Young Noble, Zhang Hao!

His talents weren’t inferior to Splendorous Saintess . Moreover, he made his dao debut much earlier so his cultivation was considerably higher . He was well-received among the third generation of disciples in Godstep and enjoyed some fame in Nine Secrets .

His eyes flashed like lightning and swept through the crowd before stopping on Li Qiye .

“Hmph, you’re not qualified to comment on Godsect, trash . ” He was even more aggressive than Splendorous Saintess, not holding anything back .