Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2463

Chapter 2463: 2463

Moreover, the entire world was aware of this marriage . At that point, she has become the new king’s woman for that is her fate . She knew that she would have to marry him and didn’t think about changing it, preferring to accept it and adapt .

“And you?” He chuckled in response .

She has been maintaining her determined glare: “People must keep their promise . Since the marriage agreement exists, I, I shall fulfill my obligation . ”

“Remember, you’re not the one who decided it . ” Li Qiye rubbed his chin .

She gently nodded: “I’m aware, but the pavilion took care of me and the ancestors have spent great effort as well . I should be contributing whatever I can . If the great ancestor had agreed to it, I shall not make a deceiver out of him . ”

“Good, not many people keep their words nowadays, especially towards someone they deem below them . ” Li Qiye clapped and praised .

She loosened up and stopped speaking after getting her message across . The truth was that few members of Waterfront supported her since it was not a good match . Their sect’s talent would be wasted on this pile of manure .

Unfortunately, Chuqing still snuck out after making up her mind, not wanting the sect to stop her .

“What will you do now?” Li Qiye asked .

She gave him one quick glance before being embarrassed by her own response: “If you marry a chicken, follow the chicken; if you marry a dog, follow the dog . ” 

The common adage could barely be heard towards the end . She felt her entire face becoming hot .

“Well said, I like a good girl like you . Come on in . ” He nodded approvingly .

The girl’s heart skipped a beat from being nervous . Nevertheless, she thought that this was only the beginning and cheered herself up .

Li Qiye had already entered . She hesitated for a moment before following him into the stone hall .

She suddenly realized something afterward . This mountain and stone hall were large, but there were only the two of them around .

She had heard of his infamous debauchery as well, like everyone else in the world . What was she going to do if he wanted to … do something ungentlemanly in this abandoned place?

She had thoughts of retreating . An innocent girl of her has yet to experience certain things, and this frightened her . However, the two of them had a marriage agreement, so their status as husband and wife have been determined . Even if he were to do a certain something to her… at the very least, it’s natural and should happen anyway .

While feeling uneasy with fear, she still didn’t want to give up . She eventually took a deep breath and followed right behind him, wanting to get used to this on top of changing his nature .

Li Qiye sat down on the main chair and smiled: “If you wish to be my wife, you must learn how to serve me . I will give you an opportunity right now, wash my face . ”

The girl was jolted for a moment before softly speaking: “I, I got it . ” 

With that, she busily prepared items to wash his face .

As the princess of Waterfront Pavilion, perhaps she wasn’t that pampered compared to other golden daughters, but she never had to do anything dirty or serve someone else before .

It was already amazing that she didn’t have servants despite her prestigious status, let alone serving someone else . Nevertheless, she willingly started today like an obedient wife .

Li Qiye sat there and watched her rush around like a spinning top, seemingly enjoying this rare, beautiful scene .

After a long time, she finally got all the items ready and brought a basin of warm water before him .

“Go ahead . ” Li Qiye sat still and nonchalantly said .

She was surprised again, thinking that he would wash his own face after having the necessary items . Who would have thought that he wanted her to do it for him? 

She took another breath to relax - this was her husband anyway, she’ll be following him for the rest of her life . Clumsiness was inevitable since it was her first time washing someone else’s face, but she was meticulous and careful .

After she finished, Li Qiye smiled and gently touched her exquisite chin .

“What, what do you want?” She jumped like a frightened deer, thinking about his perverted nature .

“A man and a woman all alone, what can we do, I wonder?” He blinked one eye and said .

This was the expression of a pervert, as wretched as can be .

She took one step back with a changed expression: “We, we shouldn’t do that . ”

Being so nervous made her forget that she was a top prodigy of Waterfront while he was a weakling .

“What should we do then?” He smiled .

“I…” She had no response despite opening her mouth for half a day .

He leisurely continued: “You’re already my woman, so don’t you think we should do something romantic? It’s perfectly justified . ”

She lowered her head, agreeing this with logic . It was only a matter of time for certain things to happen between a husband and wife .

After a brief lull, she eventually asked: “Can, can you not be like this?” 

“Like what? Our matter right now or something else?” He smiled .

The girl hesitated for a moment before courageously stated her thoughts: “Just, those ridiculous and unreasonable things I’ve heard about . Can you change a little?”

“You wish to change me?” He grinned, amused .

The girl looked straight at his eyes and said: “I don’t want you to be someone like that . After all, we’re married now and there is a long future ahead for us . It, it’s fine that you’re weak, it doesn’t matter, not just anyone can become an expert… but I hope that others won’t mock my husband for being so ridiculous . I sincerely want you to become a good person instead of being an absurd king like in the past . ”

It wasn’t easy for her to say this but they came from the heart - her most sincere and honest words . She didn’t mind that he was incapable and weak, only for him to stop being a perverted and irrational man .

There was no changing this marriage, so she wanted to change Li Qiye instead . She was an earnest person so she couldn’t help revealing everything to her husband . Her goal in coming here wasn’t only for the marriage but also to change him .

“Hmm, makes sense . ” Li Qiye nodded .