Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2467

Chapter 2467: 2467

As the days went by, more disciples came to Nine-linked Mountains .  

A while ago, the southern region was completely devoid of people outside of the old woodcutter . However, a few have appeared in Great Desolate Mountain to search for the dao . Of course, no one really wanted to pick this place due to its murderous energy .

With people came news and gossips .  

“The princess of the Bingchi is coming . ” Someone revealed this information .

“Which one? That one?” Another asked curiously .

“How many do they have? I thought just one . ” Someone became surprised .

“Far more than one, don’t you remember one of them being married to that new king?” Another disciple responded .

“That’s not a real princess from the Bingchi . ” The guy understood and shook his head: “She was only a puppet . Her name is Bingchi Yingjian from a fallen branch with no authority and influence, only bestowed the title of a princess to be a sacrifice . The clan only has one real princess - Bingchi Hanyu . ”

“Oh, so Princess Hanyu is coming here? Doesn’t that mean Eight Formation True Emperor is coming as well?” A different disciple joined in .

“How are the two things connected?” A disciple unaware of the current situation casually asked .

“I heard Eight Formation True Emperor is Princess Hanyu’s fiance now . ” The knowledgeable disciple said .

“Myriad Formation Kingdom is having a marriage alliance with the Bingchi?” The crowd became surprised .

“This is old news, everyone knows by now . ” An older man jumped in: “It’s not surprising at all . When the Bingchi was surrounded by the five legions, Myriad Formation was the first to come help . It shows how close the two powers are . Plus, after the new king had lost his throne, the world is chasing after this supreme authority . It makes sense for them to team up, especially with a marriage alliance . ”

“But, I thought Princess Hanyu was betrothed to the king? Didn’t the supreme ancestor from that clan have a marriage pact with the late king? It seems rather strange for her to be engaged to Eight Formation True Emperor now . ” A young one quietly said, aware of this potentially dangerous statement .

The cultivators nearby looked around and found that no one from these two powers was around . They felt much better .

“The time has changed . ” The old cultivator shook his head: “Lucidity King was still alive back then with all of the authority, who would dare to refuse him? The crown prince at that point was useless but still had a prestigious status . Once he became emperor, he would be standing at the top of Nine Secrets . Under those circumstances, Princes Hanyu might be noble but not much before absolute authority . Marrying the new king meant being exposed to this power, so the princess was actually reaching up…”

The experienced old man sighed before continuing: “Unfortunately, the party didn’t last long . The death of Lucidity King heralded a total collapse of War Saint . The royal rule has lost its brilliance and the new king is useless . How could the princess marry such a person? That’s just life . You can’t blame anyone for it . When standing at the top, people naturally flock to you . When you fall into the abyss, people will leave, some will even throw rocks down at you . ” 

“Promise, marriage pact? All useless . ” A vigorous youth said: “They’re nothing before absolute power . A fallen king wanting to marry Princess Hanyu? That’s a frog wanting to eat swan’s meat . ”

“Exactly . ” A different cultivator echoed the sentiment: “The Bingchi still sent another princess to the royal palace, which is in accordance with the marriage pact . They were already nice enough, it’s the king’s fault for being so lecherous, harassing innocent girls and losing his kingdom over a woman . ”

The crowd became silent after hearing this .

It was a world of the strong - everyone found this normal and acceptable .

In their eyes, the fallen king was no longer worthy of Princess Hanyu . The Bingchi was nice enough to send a different princess to him .

Honor, promise, and morality weren’t worth much in the minds of many masters .

“Princess Hanyu is a genius and a kingdom-toppling beauty . Who is worthy of a woman like her? Definitely not the useless king . Only the brilliant Eight Formation True Emperor, a heaven’s favorite, is worthy of her . ”

“Indeed . ” Another youth added: “The two are indeed a match made in heaven, a perfect union . Nothing can be better . ”

People supported this particular marriage because Eight Formation True Emperor was one of the strongest members of the young generation . He only had two palaces for now but his potential was limitless . Some even thought that he could take over Nine Secrets in the future .

“If he becomes the next king, the Princess Hanyu will become the queen . Looks like she is meant to be a queen, one way or another . ” Someone else thought it was fate .

“Hey, I actually heard that the new king is in Nine-linked Mountain . ” A non-tactful person suddenly said .

The atmosphere turned cold right away; no one uttered a word and started glancing at each other .  

The new king was here? Princess Hanyu and Eight Formation True Emperor were coming as well . What would happen during the meeting of these three?

In fact, this piece of news has been spreading at a rapid rate . The new king has been missing since the fall of Skywrap . Many were searching for him in secret, wanting to use him as a puppet to take reign .

Furthermore, some became worried about the potential of war . However, no legions came, contrary to everyone’s expectations .

The Bingchi, Myriad Formation, and War Saint Dynasty didn’t mobilize . Some big shots were certainly arriving in secrecy, but nothing of a bigger scale was materializing . No one tried to invade the mountains and kidnap the new king, not even Eight Formation True Emperor and his men .

Everyone suddenly realized that this lack of action wasn’t due to a lack of interest, but rather because of Nine-linked Mountains’ strength .

The older cultivators found that these great powers didn’t dare to act recklessly here .

In the beginning, the youths didn’t care much about Nine-linked Mountains either . After all, it had too few disciples . Some even treated it as a hotel and came and went as they pleased .

However, as the storm was approaching, even the behemoths didn’t dare to do anything . The ignorant ones finally realized that the truly strong masters were afraid - including Eight Formation .

“No wonder why Lucidity King kept a low profile when coming here instead of marching with Silver Secret . Looks like this sect is unfathomable . ” Someone from the last generation murmured .

Even the great king of three generations gave this sect face? Their true power must be immense .