Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2468

Chapter 2468

The entire mountain range knew about the king’s presence . It was no longer a secret .

New disciples, ordinary cultivators, and ancestors have all heard about the king .

His coronation was a great event, announced to the entire world . Later on, his fall was also heavily publicized . With that, the old and young of Nine Secrets all heard about the king .

Of course, their impression of him was unanimous - that he was a perverted fool! That’s the reason why he lost his kingdom .

After controlling the capital, the various legions of War Saint, the Bingchi, and Myriad Formation Kingdom purposely proliferated this propaganda .

The world heard that when Li Qiye was on the throne, he committed all kind of debaucherous deeds - raping, taking others’ wives, even his subjects’ wives and palace maids weren’t spared .

They even said that he even ordered the death of an entire clan for a woman . Imperious, lecherous, unreasonable, no merits to speak of…

In short, the alliance painted the picture of a horrible tyrant . Just hearing about his tales would make others hate him to the bones, thinking that a rebellion should be in order . They obviously did this in order to hide one thing - their betrayal!

They wanted to justify and garnish their betrayal, that they were in the right to overthrow the king, not a usurping attempt .

Numerous older cultivators naturally understood this, but the young ones - especially those that have only recently joined sects - believed these rumors .

Because of this, the young ones were very curious to see the lecherous tyrant after finding out that he was staying in Nine-linked .

In the next few days, young cultivators popped up around Great Desolate Mountain . Though they didn’t climb up this peak, they stood in the areas nearby or float in the sky .

They saw Li Qiye absorbing murderous energy early in the morning . This attracted everyone’s attention .

“That’s the new king . ” One youth pointed and murmured .

“And here I thought the legendary tyrant would look quite fierce with three heads and six arms . He just looks like an ordinary person . ” A female cultivator wanted to satisfy her curiosity but became disappointed instead at Li Qiye’s appearance .

When they heard about his sexual crimes, they thought that he would look quite wretched and lowly . Who would have thought that his appearance couldn’t be more common and ordinary?

“A guy like that can become the king? How strange . ” A new cultivator wondered .

Someone who can become the king of War Saint Dynasty should be a supreme person, not someone like Li Qiye .

“It’s because he has a good daddy . ” Someone couldn’t help but mock: “He’s the previous king’s illegitimate son, that’s more than enough for someone like him to become king, but keeping that position is an entirely different story . Didn’t you see, the guy didn’t even sit straight on his throne before losing his kingdom . Hmph, an idiot can’t rule the world . ”

“That’s true . ” A relatively older disciple nodded: “Given the current circumstances of our system, I don’t think there’s a more suitable and qualified person to be king other than Eight Formation True Emperor . He has two palaces right now and could become a progenitor in the future . ”

“I agree . He’s a brilliant talent, it’s appropriate for him to be our king, unlike a certain person with a good daddy . ” Another sneered: “But that’s all in the past now, Eight Formation True Emperor will be our ruler and Princess Hanyu will be a great match . ”

“A great match indeed, you can’t find a better pairing . ” His friend stared at Li Qiye in the distant and sneered: “It’s fortunate that Princess Hanyu didn’t marry that fool or it would be such a waste . ”

The youths nearby nodded in agreement .

“Is he cultivating?” Someone else changed the subject .  

“Yes, he does this every day . ” A different disciple has been watching him early on so he had a good grasp on Li Qiye: “He’s very diligent too, always on time . ”

“Maybe losing the kingdom was a great blow to him . ” A sentimental commenter stated: “Perhaps he wants to change completely and start all over again, that’s why he’s here at Nine-linked Mountains to train hard in order to rise up after becoming a master . ”

“In his dream . ” A supporter of Eight Formation scoffed: “With his pitiful cultivation, he could cultivate for another thousand years and wouldn’t be as strong as one finger from Eight Formation True Emperor . The emperor will easily crush him . ”

No one bothered to respond because the situation was very delicate right now in Nine Secrets . Who knows if Eight Formation True Emperor can become the next king?

However, most did admit that he made sense . At the very least, the new king wouldn’t be able to accomplish anything regardless of his change .

Everyone could see how weak he was, not comparable to Eight Formation True Emperor and the others at all . Seizing the throne again was simply impossible .

As for Li Qiye, he ignored all of these gossipers . They didn’t affect his daily ritual at all .

Despite the crowd building around Li Qiye, they only wanted to satisfy their curiosity and didn’t do anything to him .

After all, there was no conflict an enmity between them and the new king . Even if he was a lecherous tyrant during his reign, they were too far away to be affected . Plus, they weren’t qualified to meet him back then either .

Furthermore, he might not have a kingdom anymore but some remnant vestiges and authority remained . No one wanted to mess with this matter because it might bring about a calamity .

This isn't to say that all the youths felt the same way . Some had ulterior motives and reasons .

Today, one youth climbed up the peak with a dozen of tough-looking men . Each had a ferocious presence, clearly part of the army .

The youth had an expensive robe but due to his impressive physique, he seemed to be a warrior as well .

“Zeng Yibin is coming for the new king . ” This news came out while the group was climbing up the peak .

“What does he want to do?” A curious spectator wondered .

“Probably to pick a fight . ” A cultivator from the capital quietly said: “Don’t forget, Yibin is a cousin of Young Lord Ma . ”

“The Ma Clan? The military one of Central Legion Commander Ma Mingchun?” People shuddered after hearing this .

“That’s the one . ” The person answered .

The crowd glanced at each other and took a deep breath .

The Central Legion was one of the strongest legions of Nine Secrets . Even back in Lucidity King’s reign, this legion was one of his strongest fighting force . Ma Mingchun was a powerful Eternal, beloved by his men . His words carried a lot of weight .

Everyone knew that he was the mastermind behind the betrayal of the six legions . Meanwhile, Zeng Yibin was his grandchild on the maternal side, once a part of the Central Legion .

This clearly wasn’t a case of a subject looking for his king . All eyes were on him now .