Chapter 247: Smiling while Massacring Ten Thousand Enemies!

“Boom!” Another deafening explosion occurred, and the dao path that was supported by numerous refined jades began to crack. The four stone giants would not allow for the cavalry of the Heavenly God Sect to retreat. One stone giant stomped the path into nothingness; even the refined jades ornamented on the path while exuding an endless world’s essence could not stop this gigantic foot.

“Fight!” The Heavenly Jewel Mortal King’s eyes turned red and crazily roared. Suddenly, a wisp of emperor’s aura flew to the sky. He held an Emperor’s Possession as its emperor’s power and immortal intent turned into a war hammer as he mustered an invincible force to slam it towards this stone giant!

The emperor’s aura filled the sky the moment this Emperor’s Possession appeared, sending shivers to all the spectators. They knew that, even if they were more powerful, death would be inevitable once they were to be struck by this emperor’s power.

“Zhang!!” However, this stone giant exuded universal laws in the shape of stars flying to the sky; it was like a heaven-defying waterfall pouring down on this stone giant’s hand. At this time, it ferociously unleashed a fist and split even the heaven and earth. The primordial void appeared as the stars in the sky fell down while the earth began to crack. The power of this fist slamming down made even Ancient Saints lose all their strength as they quivered, struggling to stand still!

“Boom!” The stone giant’s fist that was covered in divine universal laws slammed straight towards the warhammer formed from the emperor’s aura. Following a loud explosion was the shattering of the firmament. The stone giant slightly trembled, and the warhammer took great damage for it lost its brilliance as a huge amount of emperor’s aura was expended in just a flash.

This immediately prompted the Mortal King to use his Emperor’s Possession for protection instead. His Emperor’s Possession could not slay the stone giant in front of him!

“What is this thing!?” Such a display of might quaked everyone’s hearts. The stone giant was able to counter the emperor’s aura, the aura couldn’t even slay him! This was reaching a legendary level!

“Elder Xiong, what are you waiting for!?” Even the Mortal King was ghastly pale and screamed towards Qingxuan Xiong.

“Go!” At this time, Qingxuan Xiong — with a terrified expression — screamed and did not mind wasting a huge amount of blood energy. He summoned an Immortal Emperor Life Treasure that emitted an “ommm” sound. A divine bridge actualized; it sucked in a large amount of cavalry from the Heavenly God Sect and saved them from the four stone giants’ massacre.

This Immortal Emperor Life Treasure was also a Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure; it allowed for a heaven-defying method of flight. No one would be able to stop the retreat once this treasure was summoned. 1

“Azure Mysterious Immortal Arch!” Seeing this Immortal Emperor level Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure, Li Qiye’s eyes narrowed as he shouted: “Seize it!”

“Boom!” After Li Qiye’s command went out, the four stone giants worked together and four hands — in a flash — turned into an absolute spatial power that headed straight for the Azure Mysterious Immortal Arch. They wanted to steal this great treasure.

However, before the four stone giants could suppress the arch, Qingxuan Xiong, who was controlling it, crazily spewed out a gulp of fresh blood. At this moment, he didn’t care for anything else for he knew that staying behind would only result in his demise. This longevity blood was extremely precious, and it stained the arch. The arch then suddenly emanated a blinding light that covered the sky and — in a flash — managed to stop the absolute spatial power that was unleashed by the four stone giants.

“Go!” Qingxuan Xiong didn’t care for the other disciples who didn’t get rescued. The Azure Mysterious Immortal Arch coiled and carried him, the Mortal King, and more than one thousand disciples as it disappeared after a flash, escaping from the spatial blockade of the four stone giants.

“Truly worthy of being an Immortal Emperor level Foreign Dao Treasure!” Li Qiye said with some disappointment as he watched the arch save those people. Even his Tetra-War Stone Protectors could not stop this treasure from vanishing.

“Kill the rest.” Li Qiye then dismissively glanced at the remaining disciples of the Heavenly God Sect and commanded.

The four stone giants took action once again against the despairing disciples left behind. Amongst them were Named Heroes, Royal Nobles, and even Enlightened Beings! However, they could not escape from this fate even if they were stronger.

“Fight!” The abandoned disciples of the Heavenly God Sect crazily screamed and wanted to break through one last time.

However, under the giant fists of the four stone giants, even the stars shattered as the grand dao was slashed. They could not escape and only waves of screams resonated in the air amidst the rain of blood.

“Ah!” Shrill screams of despair resounded throughout the world as countless bodies fell down from the sky! The Heavenly God Sect’s cavalry arrived with the complete confidence of destroying the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect; however, they were the ones slain, not the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“This is a massacre!” Momentarily, many big characters watching the battle from the distance felt a chill as their bodies were dripping with cold sweat. No one knew where these four stone giants came from. Their frightening prowess even surprised the old undyings. Such existences could really massacre even them; Named Heroes and Royal Nobles were fundamentally not even worth mentioning.

“Is this the secret strength of an Immortal Emperor lineage?” A demon monarch murmured in astonishment. The world recognized the fall of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and, in the eyes of all, it could not possibly stop the advance of the Heavenly God Sect. However, the opposite happened and the Heavenly God Sect was massacred instead.

“Yes! Yes! Such a good massacre!” At the moment, the entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect was extremely excited. They initially thought that it would be a bloody battle until the end, so they didn’t expect to see the sight where the Heavenly God Sect would be completely annihilated!

The person most affected by all of this was Demon King Lun Ri. Keep in mind that the four stone giants were the Heavenly Protectors of their Nine Saint Demon Gate, but the gate didn’t know just how powerful the stone giants were. Today, after witnessing their might, Demon King Lun Ri was extremely shocked! This was the real strength of their Nine Saint Demon Gate. With the protection of these four stone giants, it would be difficult for the Nine Saint Demon Gate to be destroyed even if they were to wish for it!

Today, he actually saw the invincibility of their Heavenly Protectors! No wonder why their patriarch left them behind to protect their Nine Saint Demon Gate!

“Ahh!” In a very short period of time, all the disciples that were left behind from the Heavenly God Sect were annihilated, and their blood stained the earth while the corpses were scattered everywhere. More than ten thousand cavalrymen arrived in the sky, but the ones that were able to escape with the help of the Azure Mysterious Immortal Arch numbered less than half; the rest were completely massacred in this place!

In a short amount of time, there was a scene of utmost silence outside of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Everyone held their breath and didn’t even dare to make a single noise.

“Tetra-War Stone Protectors, Tetra-War Bronze Chariot…” At this point, Mu Chen couldn’t help but murmur while staring at the protectors surrounding Li Qiye’s chariot. He had heard his senior brothers talk about a legend. This legend stated that the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot was the carriage of a supreme existence, and the Tetra-War Stone Protectors were the vanguards that opened the path. In an era long ago, even gods had to retreat at its sight and Immortal Emperors quickly gathered to personally greet its coming!

He never thought that these two things would both appear today. The more frightening thing was that they swore their allegiance to a young disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. This was truly inconceivable.

Mu Chen couldn’t understand why a young disciple like Li Qiye was able to control the chariot and the four protectors in the legend! Even a legendary character like him could not master such existences!

“Go back now.” Li Qiye’s heart was filled with numerous sentiments. Ever since he brought the four protectors from that area, they had always been together with him. Later on, he bestowed them to the Nine Saint Demon Gate because of the prestigious merits of Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon. Ever since then, the stone protectors had been sleeping inside the earth vein of the sect and borrowed its essence to power their hibernation.

“Whoosh!” The four stone giants traversed the sky in a flash and disappeared. Even though the Nine Saint Demon Gate was very far away, this distance was nothing at all to existences of their level.

Within the Nine Saint Demon Gate, all the elders, protectors, and even the supreme elders were in a daze. The four stone giants suddenly left so they thought a great matter had happened, but not long after, all four returned! They didn’t know what event had actually transpired.

In fact, even the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect at the scene didn’t know the exact details. They didn’t know who the four stone giants were, outside of Nan Huairen and Protector Mo. The outsiders, however, were greatly alarmed; many experts mistakenly believed that this was the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s true strength. They thought that the giants were its protectors.

“Isn’t the Calamity God the protector of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect in the legends? And didn’t it disappear? Where did these four stone giants come from?” A person puzzlingly murmured.

At this point, the experts of the great sects and powerful countries underwent some depression. An Immortal Emperor lineage was truly unfathomable; even the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect still had such terrifying might.

“No wonder why the Heavenly God Sect didn’t dare to attack the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect for the last thirty thousand years.” At this moment, a few Named Heroes and Royal Nobles speculated such thoughts in their minds.

At this time, Mu Chen slowly declared: “Everyone, disperse. Today’s matter is over!” With Mu Chen’s declaration, all the spectating experts could finally relax as if they had been pardoned. Even all the hiding undying old men quickly escaped and used their swiftest speed to leave this place.

This matter was a great disturbance throughout the Grand Middle Territory as it set off many monstrous waves! Before, countless people desired the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Emperor Laws, but all the great powers had anxiety in their hearts at this moment.

Now, very few people dared to have thoughts about its Emperor Laws. Not to mention the four stone giants, it already gained the support of the War God Temple beforehand as the temple’s ancestor personally came to help. This fact alone was dreadful enough to all the powers for none of them wanted to oppose the War God Temple.

The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect used the highest honor to greet Mu Chen. To Gu Tieshou and the rest of the elders and protectors, today was their most nervous day of their entire lives. Even Gu Tieshou, who had experienced countless waves and winds, had cold sweat dripping on his forehead.


  1. Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure is even a step higher than regular treasure. This was mentioned in the shop with the Immortal Writs back in Ancient Sky City