Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2471

Chapter 2471: 2471

“Whoosh!” The blade slashed down again with a flashing glint . Yibin’s arms were severed from the shoulder as well . The youth was covered in blood, limbless - quite a horrifying scene .

“Ah!” He rolled back and forth in his own blood while howling .

“Why, why are you so cruel, we have no grievances…” He bellowed .

“No, no, it’s not me, this has nothing to do with me . ” The old man defended himself and chased after his blade . He finally grabbed it and heaved a sigh of relief while patting his chest: “Good, it didn’t fly away or I’ll go hungry . ”

“It’s your blade, who else could it be?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “No need to deny anything after you kill them all . ”

“Young friend, you’re accusing me of something I didn’t do, I’m just a woodcutter, not a killer . ” The old man put on a painful expression .

“I’m not accusing you of anything, it is as clear as day . ” Li Qiye waved his hand dismissively .

Everyone was staring at the old man, certainly believing Li Qiye . They believed that he was a reclusive master . Of course, this was indeed the truth .

His blade had just killed that entire group, who else could it be but him? He was only playing the fool .

People trembled because the old man didn’t need to use any technique at all . Just how strong was he?

“It’s really not me, I’m innocent . ” The old man vehemently denied to no avail . Everyone has made up their mind .

Li Qiye ignored the old man and walked towards Yibin who was looking quite pitiful at this moment .

He stood there and looked down with a smile: “Didn’t you want to break my legs and throw me off the cliff like a dog? I’m still waiting . ”

“What, what do you want?!” Yibin shouted as Li Qiye’s shadow covered him . He had lost his limbs and cultivation - just a fish on the chopping board right now .

He felt an unprecedented fear destroying all of his courage .

“What do you think? What should someone do against an enemy who wants to cripple them?” Li Qiye smiled with no sign of anger .

“Don’t, don’t be insane! My uncle is the commander of the Central Legion with millions under him, he, he won’t let you go if you dare to kill me!”

“Your uncle?” Li Qiye leisurely said: “He used to kneel before me, you think you can scare me by bringing up a servant?”

“You…” Yibin couldn’t come up with something else .

“I’ll have you know that I’m waiting for him to bring his head here too . . . ” Li Qiye said .

“Crack!” He stopped speaking and ruthlessly stomped down on the youth’s skull . It exploded like a watermelon, brain matters and flesh splashed .

“And I’ll finish him just like that . ” He finished his sentence, completely indifferent to this gruesome murder .

Unfortunately, Yibin was already dead and couldn’t hear him .

People shuddered after seeing this . They remembered that the king was known to be lecherous and unreasonable, but don’t forget, he was also considered a tyrant!

A ruthless and cruel tyrant . Do not be fooled by his ordinary appearance or his unsavory reputation as a useless and perverted king .

This was a tyrant who had sat on the throne of Nine Secrets - definitely someone who could murder without batting an eye! He might be incompetent but this didn’t mean that he was a coward .  

“Old man, since you have killed them, you can’t just leave their corpses out like this . The heaven wouldn’t appreciate that . ” Li Qiye smiled and told the old man .

“It has nothing to do with me, I didn’t kill them . ” The old man refused .

“Who else could have done it but you? Come on now, bury them . I’m just a weakling who can’t even truss a chicken, and you definitely can’t let the young lady bury the dead, right? That’s why this terrible job is yours . ”

Having said that, he ignored the old man’s response and entered the stone hall with Liu Chuqing .

“Sigh… such terrible luck, so unfair . Why must I bury them…” The old man murmured with resentment .

Nevertheless, he still threw the bodies into a crevice off the cliff . He then washed his hands and patted his blade: “Look at what you’ve done, almost got distracted from our real work . Still have to go trade some firewood for rice . ”

With that, his powerful song began to echo across the mountains again as he was leaving .

All cultivators nearby watched each of his moves . No one dared to disturb him or utter a single comment .

They heaved a sigh of relief after he and his song disappeared from the area .

“Who is that?” One youth questioned .

No one expected that a random person would come out of nowhere and save the king, killing Yibin and his men .

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen him before . ” How could the youths here recognize the old man?

“He might be from Nine-linked then . ” An older disciple said with a serious expression: “I’ve been here twice and saw him chopping wood too, around five years ago . ”

“A master of Nine-linked?” People glanced at each other .

The truth was that no one knew the exact details about Nine-linked Mountains . No one knew its sect master was or how many experts it had .

However, they were aware that even Lucidity King came here while keeping a low-profile .

“Why did he save the king?” Another asked .

The crowd started thinking but no one could come up with an answer . It seemed that the king and the old man was quite close .  

“Oh, don’t you remember? When Eight Formation True Emperor attacked the palace, the king was saved by someone . No one knew who it was then but it looks like this old man did it . ” A disciple from a great power tapped his head after having an epiphany .

People took a deep breath, thinking that this answer was reasonable . This old woodcutter might be the one who saved the king back then . He has been lingering around just to protect the king as well .

“Why does Nine-linked want to protect him though?” Another curious spectator wondered .

Speculations arose . The disciples from the big sects had wilder thoughts .

Remember, Nine-linked Mountains had a unique position in Nine Secrets . It seemed to be independent and never interfered with the system .

But why was it protecting the king now? Could it be that it wanted to show itself and support the king, helping him get his throne back?