Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2473

Chapter 2473: 2473

“If there is really a fortune happening at the lakes this time, we aren’t really qualified to compete against Miss Qin . ” Someone sighed sentimentally after seeing her .

Some were naturally happy to see Qin Jianyao but others felt great pressure instead . If she came specifically for the color-changing lakes, then no one could really match her .

It wasn’t because they were unduly humble but she was just that strong . To be more specific, Calm Lotus Monastery’s strength exceeded people’s imagination .

On the surface, it was one of the five great powers and should have similar power . This wasn’t the case .

The older experts knew that Calm Lotus was far above the rest . Both the Bingchi and Myriad Formation Kingdom, even Waterfront Pavilion - all far inferior .

Remember, outside of War Saint Dynasty, Calm Lotus was the only other lineage with two secret words . Their foundation and real capabilities were no joke .

Before Lucidity King, the previous rulers of the system were related to Calm Lotus in one way or another . Though this sect rarely grasped the central authority or took the throne, it had helped many previous rulers . In this manner, it also controlled the overarching direction of the system .

This continued on for a very long period of time until Lucidity King . Calm Lotus’ influence gradually lessened before disappearing altogether .

Nevertheless, they were still very powerful and might have been the only lineage capable of fighting against War Saint Dynasty during its golden age .

“A new king is in order . ” An old cultivator sighed after seeing Qin Jianyao .

Given their past history, Calm Lotus would, sooner or later, groom another ruler . So now, when the reclusive Qin Jianyao is traveling the world, perhaps she was looking for a new royal successor .

Her destination was Great Desolate Mountain this time .

“Why is she heading to Great Desolate?” People were surprised because the current king was staying there .

“Are you forgetting that she is engaged with the king?” Another whispered .

The crowd didn’t expect this . Those who have a crush on her were devastated upon hearing this . People have forgotten about this matter until now .

“Hmph, that guy has lost his kingdom so the marriage pacts are no longer in effect . ” A genius who likes her scowled .

“Not necessarily . ” An instigator took advantage of the situation: “Waterfront Princess is also staying with the king . A famous beauty, beloved by so many prodigies, yet she’s still serving the king . A marriage pact is always effective unless purposely nullified . ”

The instigator successfully annoyed the youths .

“Hmph, a fool like the king wants to marry Fairy Qin? Maybe in his dreams . ” One genius said with disdain .

The instigator leisurely said: “Are you sure? What if Calm Lotus wants to support the king again? After all, he’s the legitimate heir of the orthodox branch . If Miss Qin were to marry him, she’ll be the queen in the future - able to give orders to the rest of the world . ”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” The geniuses barked back .

Geniuses were always arrogant and proud . Though they knew being with Qin Jianyao was virtually impossible, they still wanted to fantasize about it .

Plus, they all considered the king to be a useless and immoral wretch that couldn’t be fixed! They had nothing but utter contempt for the king .

If Jianyao were to marry such a piece of trash, how could they ever let this go? 

Thus, they put on a non-caring appearance about the issue, contrary to their actual nervous thoughts since she was now climbing up the peak .

“Disciple of Calm Lotus Monastery, Qin Jianyao, wishes to have an audience . ” She stood outside the stone hall and asked . Just listening to her pleasant voice was quite enjoyable .

Everyone held their breath while watching . Eventually, the door creaked and opened . She bowed before entering .

The crowd didn’t leave since they wanted to know the result of this .

Inside the hall, Li Qiye sat there, seemingly asleep . Liu Chuqing quietly told him when Jianyao got closer: “Your Majesty, Fairy Qin is here . ”

Li Qiye finally opened his eyes . His nonchalant and invasive gaze fell upon her .

It was as if there were a pair of invisible hands gently caressing her body, and this vexed her .

“Calm Lotus’ Qin Jianyao, greetings, Your Majesty . ” She slightly bowed with no intention of kneeling .

“Are you here to carry out the marriage? Will you stay to serve me?” Li Qiye smiled while half-lying down, a very improper posture when speaking with a guest .

“I come bearing the good-wills of my ancestors to see how you are doing, Your Majesty . ” She diverted the topic while looking transcending and attractive .

“So you have no intention of fulfilling the marriage pact?” He smiled, not worrying too much about his manner .

Any other men, geniuses and prodigies, would want to act elegant and graceful in front of her - showing her their best side . This wasn’t the case for Li Qiye .

“The marriage was decided by the ancestors so I do not dare to make a decision on my own, please ask them yourself, Your Majesty . ” She responded .

This was a good response - not admitting or denying the marriage pact . She remained elegant with a good sense of propriety - nearly perfect .

The difference between her and Splendorous Saintess was as clear as day .

“And here I am, leaving a spot for you . ” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “Looks like you do not value it . Very well, next time when you wish to try again, you can be Liu Chuqing’s maid instead . That’s already very generous of me . ”

“Thank you, Your Majesty . ” Of course she was unhappy about this distasteful comment but not to the point of being angry .

“You should be thankful indeed . If I were to destroy your sect, you wouldn’t be qualified as a maid at that point, only a bed-warmer at best and only if I’m in a good mood . ” Li Qiye leisurely added .

“Your Majesty likes to joke . ” Jianyao remained courteous but her tone grew colder after hearing such harsh words .

“Alright, scram now . ” Li Qiye grew disinterested and waved his hand: “I will remember your Calm Lotus Monastery’s false courtesy . When I mobilize, I will think about sparing your sect’s old men . At the very least, they know how to put up a proper act . ”

Jianyao’s annoyance intensified but she didn’t express it . She bowed once more and said: “I’ll be taking my leave . ”

“Have you decided on the next successor?” He asked as she was leaving .

“I’m only an ordinary disciple and do not dare to participate in such an important matter . ” She responded .

“Then remember this for me - Nine Secrets is still under my control, your sect is nothing but a bunch of ants . Be smart and kneel before me to beg for forgiveness when the time comes . Otherwise, you will be a part of the eventual destruction . ” Li Qiye reminded .

Jianyao didn’t respond this time and left, floating in the air .