Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2475

Chapter 2475: 2475

Yang Bofan had many admirers in the audience . Even the arrogant geniuses had nothing but praises for him .

His strong qualities had nothing to do with his master and his background . His exceptional talents spoke volumes .

Remember, Eight Formation True Emperor only had two palaces but Bofan, his disciple, was already a third-level True God .

The emperor wasn’t as strong as Eternals or his peers, but ordinary Ascenders couldn’t compare to him .

The issue here was that Bofan was still very young and hasn’t become his disciple for that long . Being a third-level True God already was very impressive and indicative of his amazing talents .

Some even said that he was more gifted and brilliant than his master . Perhaps catching up was only a matter of time .

Today, his visit here on behalf of the emperor was worth musing over .

“How has the emperor being?” Jianyao has not granted any audience until now . This special privilege only further proved Bofan’s talents, not just because his master was a True Emperor .

Ma Jinming was inferior to him in this regard despite having a legion commander - an Eternal - for a father .  

However, Jinming still couldn’t gain Jianyao’s respect so Bofan was clearly above him .

“Fairy, my venerable master has been in isolated cultivation . ” Bofan quickly bowed and said .

“He wants to open his third palace?” Jianyao asked .

“Fairy, he is not aiming for the third palace but rather researching the Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation left behind by the forefathers . ” Bofan revealed .

“Immortal Slaying?” Jianyao was surprised to hear this: “The emperor is indeed a master at formations, virtually peerless in the contemporary . The fact that he is in isolated cultivation for Immortal Slaying means that he has a great comprehension of it already, not bad . He might reach grand completion the day he comes out . ”

“Thank you for your blessing, Fairy . ” Bofan said: “Master did have some good findings prior to this session, he is aiming at understanding the formation’s core profundities this time . ”

“Immortal Slaying has always been difficult to control . ” Jianyao nodded: “If he could understand it, he would be a tiger with wings roaming through the realms . ”

“I do hope so, and we’ll require your help in the future . ” Bofan said .

The crowd was startled to hear such high praises from Jianyao .

“Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation?” The young ones have never heard of this name before .

Meanwhile, the older experts and even the ancestors shuddered .

“Is it really strong?” A youth curiously asked .

“Very . ” His ancestor said with a grave tone: “Myriad Formation Kingdom clearly relies on formations to compete with the rest of the world . The kingdom itself is a super formation, but they also have three other supreme formations . However, strictly speaking about arrays and complexity, Immortal Slaying is far superior to the other three . It wasn’t created by that kingdom, its origin is too old to be traced . Well, you can tell just how strong it is from its title . Unfortunately, few people from Myriad Formation could actually control this formation . It requires the realm of an emperor just to start learning about it…”

The ancestor paused for a bit with a serious expression: “If the emperor could actually understand it, it’ll make him comparable to a three-palace emperor and could even fight against a four-palace emperor . ”

“Surpassing levels at the imperial realm…” People took a deep breath .

Those with common sense knew that at the imperial realm, the levels were very strict . A two-palace emperor couldn’t fight against a two-palace emperor . Having an additional palace meant total oppression . One exception to this rule was if the lower-level combatant was in possession of an ancestral weapon .

However, if Eight Formation True Emperor were to learn Immortal Slaying, then he could challenge emperors above him up to the fourth level .

“It’s just like an ancestral weapon, or even stronger than a common one . ” Another murmured .

Remember, Nine Secrets System has been around for so long after its progenitor’s era . Thus, only a few lineages had an ancestral weapon .

Understanding this formation would give the emperor an ace card fortifying his status in the system .

“It looks like Fairy Qin views the emperor highly . ” A speculator whispered .

“He is worthy of it if he can figure out that formation . ” Someone from the last generation nodded: “The guy will be unstoppable among the young generation, even Waterwatch Saber Saint might not be able to take him on . At that point, Calm Lotus might start supporting him in the competition for the throne . ”

“That’s true . ” His peers agreed: “If he becomes the one with the most potential in our system, then he should be the king, nothing’s surprising there . ”

“The Bingchi is quite perceptive . They sent a downtrodden princess to the new king and married Hanyu to Eight Formation True Emperor instead . Myriad Formation, the Bingchi, and with Calm Lotus’ support? I think that’s game over . ” People shuddered after realizing this .

The Bingchi and Myriad Formation were two of the five great powers . Their alliance was already strong enough, so if the emperor were to win the support of Calm Lotus, then that’s three great powers in their alliance .

Who would be able to compete against them then? Eight Formation True Emperor would definitely become the next king .

While people were still musing about this matter, another meeting took place .

A youth came riding a vigorous stallion . It rode the waves just like a true dragon flying in the mist . He had an impressive and dominating aura despite not moving that quickly . Such presence attracted everyone’s gaze .

“It’s General Tang . ” The spectators immediately recognized this rider .

 “Tang Hexiang . Since when did he get here? So secretive . ” Someone else said .

“No idea, I don’t think anyone saw him . ” People glanced at each other, confused .

Hexiang was the commander of the Imperial Guards, a great genius of War Saint Dynasty, and a practitioner of the word, Zhe .

“He’s coming to see Fairy Qin too . ” Everyone knew what he was trying to do .

“Well, he’s still a good candidate for the throne, supported by War Saint Dynasty . ” An older expert said .

After the king lost his kingdom, Hexiang became the de-facto leader of War Saint . Many supported him becoming their next ruler .

After all, he was also from the royal clan - a great advantage . After the disappearance of Li Qiye, he had a good claim to the throne based on his background and status .

Because of this, the six legions and their commanders wanted him to be the next king .  

This created a stalemate after the siege of the imperial palace between Myriad Formation, the Bingchi, and Myriad Formation . They couldn’t pick out a new king .

“Hexiang is strong but I don’t think he can take on Eight Formation True Emperor . Plus, the Bingchi and Myriad Formation are stronger than the six legions . ” Someone commented .

“In theory, yes . ” His senior elaborated: “But don’t forget, Hexiang has a better rightful claim to the throne . He’s part of the royal clan, so the other sects won’t have a problem with him taking over . It would be a lawful coronation . On the other hand, this doesn’t apply for Eight Formation True Emperor, it would be considered a usurping attempt . Not everyone will accept him . ”

People agreed with this statement . Hexiang’s royal background was a great advantage .