Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2476

Chapter 2476

The impressive Tang Hexiang rode the wave, brimming with vigorous vitality - seemingly capable of stopping an entire army by himself .  

This powerful warrior was also an expert at military strategies . Because of this, the powers of Nine Secrets and numerous other legions camping around the system had high hopes for him .

There was no doubt that Eight Formation True Emperor was stronger than Tang Hexiang . However, the former focused on dao cultivation while Tang Hexiang had other good points .

He grew up in the royal clan so he was exposed to strategies and business operations . Later on, he joined the military and had great success leading the Imperial Guards, going as far as receiving praises from Lucidity King on several occasions .

His experience and history earned him the support from War Saint Dynasty and the six legions .

Many powers in Nine Secrets felt the same way . With someone like him as the king, he could do a great job governing the system, taking care of conflicts between his tributaries .

This wasn’t the case for Eight Formation True Emperor . After becoming the king, he would definitely show great promise and potential for the future . In fact, he could become a second Lucidity with the help of the Bingchi and Myriad Formation .

However, total tyranny would return to the system . Every other sect would be under their control .

In order to prevent this, people found Tang Hexiang to be the best candidate .

Of course, the ones that could actually affect the direction of Nine Secrets were War Saint Dynasty and the five behemoths . The other clans and sects could only increase Hexiang’s influence by a bit, unable to make him the king .

“General Tang’s backing still can’t compare to Eight Formation True Emperor’s . ” Another person said: “I don’t think it’ll be easy for him at all, the emperor is a tough rival but even Waterwatch Saber Saint is not inferior to him at all . ”

“True, but we don’t know for sure yet . ” An ancestor replied: “I have heard that the Sacred Cabinet is coming back out to help him . ”

“The Sacred Cabinet…” People were startled to hear this name .

This organization used to be the central power of War Saint Dynasty before Lucidity King, consisting of their strongest ancestors .

It was in charge of both the dynasty and the system, and this limited the influence of the king .

Later on, Lucidity King changed everything during his prime . He forced the cabinet into disappearing . Some said that he had personally destroyed them while others believed that the two sides have reached an agreement and the cabinet voluntarily retired . Either way, this ended up with a total dictatorship for Lucidity in Nine Secrets .  

Thus, hearing about their second coming was obviously surprising . Perhaps this could change the tides in the current power struggle .

“Alright, if Tang Hexiang can get Fairy Qin’s approval, it’ll confirm his position and maybe Eight Formation True Emperor will be smart enough to back off . ” An ancestor said with a profound expression .

Everyone was immersed in watching Hexiang . Everyone knew that Yang Bofan has successfully met Qin Jianyao, meaning that she thought highly of Eight Formation True Emperor .

If Jianyao were to ignore Tang Hexian right now, it would be a detrimental blow to his cause .

Of course, gaining her support would be incredible . With the help of Calm Lotus and his own advantages, Eight Formation True Emperor would need to think twice before going up against him .

“Please excuse my uninvited visit and grant me an audience, Fairy Qin . ” Hexiang stood on the other side, his voice echoed across the lake .

The atmosphere became frozen since everyone held their breath, waiting for the answer .

“You’re too polite, General Tang . ” Jianyao’s pleasant and enjoyable voice resounded .

She personally came out again to show the world her wondrous beauty and astonish the youths nearby .

“I have many things to ask you, Fairy Qin . Please guide me . ” Hexiang courteously said .

“Guide is too strong of a word . We can have a chat instead . ” Jianyao nodded . Her ethereal appearance made the heart beat faster .

Everyone glanced at each other after seeing this . It looked like those who could win an audience were eligible to become an emperor . Someone like Ma Jinming was not .

“Looks like it’s down to Eight Formation True Emperor or Tang Hexiang then . ” A cultivator said .

“Maybe, maybe not, Waterwatch Saber Saint has yet to show up . Remember, he’s even more brilliant than Eight Formation True Emperor . ” Someone from the last generation shook their head .

Qin Jianyao has caused quite a stir because of these meetings . Everyone knew that to a certain extent, her sect could decide the next candidate for the throne so all eyes were on her .


“Your Majesty, General Tang and Eight Formation True Emperor’s disciple have visited Fairy Qin . I’m afraid this isn’t good news for you . ” Chuqing has heard talks about the meetings and told Li Qiye . Despite her innocence, she was keen enough to know the negative implications for Li Qiye .

Because of this, she became worried while he was completely nonchalant .

“Let them be . ” Li Qiye shook his head: “What are they going to do? Just struggling meaninglessly, thinking they’re smart and capable enough to control the world . Unfortunately, it’s only wishful thinking since they’re mere chess pieces . ”

Chuqing refrained from replying . She was only worried about his well-being . As for the throne? That meant nothing to her . Being around Li Qiye was more than enough to keep her happy and satisfied . He could just be a regular citizen and she would still stay by his side .

“Silly girl, don’t be distracted by this nonsense . Any progress on the mantra I’ve taught you?” Li Qiye chuckled .

“It is awfully magical . ” Chuqing said: “I just feel a lack of experience and accumulation, an intangible feeling like it’s there yet not . ”

“It’s good that you’re sensing something . ” Li Qiye smiled: “Alright, while there is still time, I’ll take you out since we just can’t stay in the house all day . ”

“Where?” She was surprised .

“Around Nine-linked Mountains, of course, since we’re already here . We can’t waste our trip . ” Li Qiye replied .

Chuqing nodded without objecting since she was willing to go wherever he went .

The two of them went down the mountain and headed northward . It looked like a sightseeing tour . This path would take them across the nine lakes .

The lake closest to Great Desolate Mountain was their first destination . It was around a thousand miles long . When traveling via a boat, one would think that they were in a great ocean .

Li Qiye stared at the lake and played with the water . After a while, he looked at her and asked: “How are you feeling?”

“Very good, the air is pure and refreshing . ” Chuqing felt as if they were the only ones on the lake right now so she smiled brightly .

“Silly girl, you think this is a stroll? I’m taking you places so you can feel this land . ” Li Qiye gently pinched her cute nose and said .