Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2477

Chapter 2477: 2477

“I see . ” Chuqing realized she misunderstood and lowered her head, blushing and embarrassed .

She became an obedient wife, closing her eyes in order to carefully sense the land .

After a long while, she opened her eyes and said with excitement: “Yes! A certain aura is echoing but I can’t really grasp it . It resembles a crisp sound . ”

“Good . ” Li Qiye smiled and nodded: “You didn’t waste time training in your mantra . I’ll have you know that you’re currently training in two secrets of the nine right now . ”

“Two secrets?” She blurted out in astonishment: “You’re, you’re telling me that the mantra you gave me is two of the nine?!”

She hastily covered her mouth and looked around, afraid of being overheard . Fortunately, no one was around so she heaved a sigh of relief while patting her plump chest .

Li Qiye had nothing but adoration for this cute appearance: “What else could it be?”

“I, I don’t think this is proper . ” Chuqing hesitated and worriedly looked at him: “You’re secretly giving me Dou and Zhe, it’ll bring a lot of trouble . I don’t want to learn it anymore . ”

The nine secrets were the strongest merit laws of this system - its very foundation and core .

Everyone desired them; just one was enough .

Other people would celebrate this opportunity . It was a peerless fortune . Moreover, Liu Chuqing had trained in the word, Lin . She knew the significance of training in one .

Strangely enough, instead of rejoicing, she only felt worried because of Li Qiye .

If he were to pass these secrets of War Saint to someone else, a punishment would be in order . Even the king couldn’t do so .

In her mind, his safety far exceeded these secrets . As long as he could live a worried-free life, she wouldn’t ask for anything else .

“Why can’t I pass it to you? Don’t you want to be my wife? Then it’s a matter of course for me to give it . ” Li Qiye smiled .

The girl became red from ear to ear, feeling very sweet inside when he said the word “wife” .

This address was better than all others and she loved it .

“But you still can’t pass them down . ” She looked up, still worried .

She naturally knew the rules of great powers . These secret laws couldn’t be given away; no exceptions either . The consequences would be grave .

Li Qiye disagreed: “I, Li Qiye, can do whatever I want in this world . If I say yes, then it is allowed and no one can say otherwise . Plus, I’m not giving you Dou and Zhe . ”

“Not those two?” She became frozen again . Everyone knew that War Saint Dynasty had access to Dou and Zhe .

“I’m giving you Qian . ” Li Qiye revealed .

“Qian?!” She couldn’t stay calm: “I thought it was lost . ”

Nine secrets existed in the system but only eight were known .  Qian has been missing; no one has heard of anyone nor lineage possessing this particular word in the present .

Moreover, no one could materialize and derive this word from the dao land .

“That word doesn’t apply to me . I can find all that is lost without a single problem, as long as I will it so . ” He casually said .

Chuqing was still shocked . She didn’t expect that she was actually training in a lost word . No one would believe her .

“Qian… it is a merit law that can boost power and allow its user to enter a crazed state?” She curiously asked .

“This is the reason why it is lost . The fools only managed to learn the bare surface, thinking that they have mastered it . Because of this, they used it repeatedly and lessened their lifespan, or even dying from implosion . ” Li Qiye shook his head and laughed .

The practitioners of Qian in the past could enjoy a massive, temporary power boost . Once activated, they would fall in a state of frenzy, allowing them to defeat enemies of a higher level .

“As you comprehend the mysteries of Qian more and more, you will find that entering the crazed state is only elementary and not presentable . The true practitioners of Qian will have a heroic and fearless heart, and this will, in turn, polish your dao heart . In fact, one can say that Qian is the guiding principle of the nine secrets . After comprehending it in full, you will have a smooth-sailing to learn the other eight while lowering the risk . You will soar in the sky like a true dragon . ” He elaborated .

She listened attentively and began to ponder the content in a daze . Each word was carving into her mind .

“Alright, silly girl, don’t just stand there, start comprehending the mantra . ” Li Qiye pinched her nose again .

The bashful girl regained her wits and entered a state of meditation . Being around Li Qiye made her have peace of mind . That’s why she could meditate in public without any problem .

Some cultivators also spotted these two during their journey northward .

“Looks like the king’s nature is still the same and here I thought he had changed completely to focus on cultivation . He only lasted a few days, I guess mud can’t make a lasting wall . ” A few people became disappointed and shook their head after seeing the two idling about .

“That’s why he lost his kingdom . ” Another was much more disdainful: “Fairy Qin had no interest in him and she’s right . This piece of trash is not worth mentioning, there’s no way he can get into her sight . ”

“What a pity for Waterfront Princess . ” An older cultivator felt pity: “Her talents mean that she has a bright future ahead, but now, she’ll enter stagnation by hanging around with the king, bound by the marriage pact . She’s destroying her own future . ”

“Right, that marriage pact is useless, she’s only doing this to herself, no need to carry out a nullified pact . ” People felt sorry for her - a flower pinned in a pile of manure . Her potential wasn’t inferior to Bingchi Hanyu or even Qin Jianyao but she chose to waste it .

In fact, everyone knew that even if she didn’t hold up her end of the bargain, the king couldn’t do anything anyway .

The Bingchi sent a fake promise . Calm Lotus and Myriad Formation pretended that the pact didn’t exist without suffering any consequences . The princess of Myriad Formation and Qin Jianyao are doing just fine .

The king had nothing right now, not worthy of these ladies . Even if he were to bring up the marriage pact, he would only be asking for humiliation .

Liu Chuqing was the only one carrying it out . In the eyes of others, she wasn’t thinking straight and choosing to jump into a pit .

“In this day and age yet still upholding a promise with the weak . So, so rare, I don’t know if this is considered a virtue or stupidity . ” An ancestor sentimentally said .

This choice of hers could even result in her death, marrying an insect when his enemies were the five great powers . Who would want to pay such a heavy price for the sake of a promise? The majority of cultivators certainly wouldn’t .