Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2480

Chapter 2480

Li Qiye turned a deaf ear to Ma Jinming’s rebuke and didn’t pay attention to Qin Jianyao either .

Jinming wanted to impress the fairy and earn her favor, not expecting this lack of response from Li Qiye . He felt a murderous urge after being left in this awkward situation .

Jianyao simply stared at him and didn’t mind . The two of them were from different worlds . After today, they might not be able to meet again

This so-called king would fall into obscurity and never appear on her path again since she would reach the peak and leave Imperial Lineage .

Thus, he could act all arrogant and nonchalant for he was nothing more than a ridiculous king . No, no longer a king, just another mortal . Why would a peak existence in the future care about the attitude of a mortal? She has already done her courteous part by greeting him .

“A mortal like me shouldn’t go to the immortal garret…” Suddenly, a resounding ode came about .

A wooden boat crossed through the lake like an arrow and instantly made it to the dock .

Everyone looked over and saw an old man sitting there rowing, allowing the boat to reach incredible speed .

“It’s him!” Some murmured in a daze after seeing the old man .

They recognized that this old woodcutter was the one who participated in the killing of Zeng Yibin .

Some glanced over at Li Qiye and wondered about the old man’s identity .

Even the calm-as-water Jianyao changed her expression . She quickly bowed and respectfully said: “Senior Southpeak . ”

Her sudden action stunned everyone and made them think about the implication .

However, the old man didn’t look at her, seemingly not hearing her greeting . He stopped the boat nearby .

“Senior Southpeak, this little girl is Qin Jianyao of Calm Lotus . I’ve only got here and didn’t dare to disturb you…” She respectfully bowed again .

The crowd was speechless . This was the successor of a sect in possession of two secrets . Her status was incredible, not to mention that all the ancestors loved her .

She rarely performed such a respectful greeting to her ancestors, let alone an outsider like this . Could it be that this ordinary woodcutter was even more important than the five supreme ancestors?

He gently waved his sleeve in response: “Young miss, you are mistaken, I am only an ordinary working man . ”

He then bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “Your Majesty, I heard you and the lady wishes to check out the lake . May I row your ship?” [1]

Chuqing lowered her head, embarrassed, after hearing the address . Of course, she felt quite good about it[2]

Li Qiye withdrew his gaze from the lake and glanced at the old man: “Go for it . ”

The old man happily affirmed and acted as if this was a grand departure: “His Majesty and The Lady are setting out!” 

Though they didn’t have any servant or guards, he still performed the regular announcement .

This might be the shabbiest entourage of a king . Everyone wanted to laugh but they didn’t dare to utter a single sound .

After Li Qiye and Chuqing got on the wooden boat, the old man shouted again: “Proceed!” 

He had a serious expression as if they were back in the imperial palace and he was the king’s eunuch .

“Splash!” The wooden boat began to move with his rowing, seemingly empowered by his ode as well: “A mortal like me shouldn’t go to the immortal garret…”

Everyone continued staring until the boat disappeared from sight . Even Jianyao herself remained in a bowing position and didn’t straighten up her back till the old man was gone .

She stood there and couldn’t regain her wits in full . She knew many stories and secrets about Nine-linked Mountains, especially about this woodcutter from the southern region . Her supreme ancestor also told her about him prior to the trip .

She was almost certain that this old man was the legendary woodcutter - the most unfathomable character in this sect, perhaps all of Nine Secrets . Few knew of his existence, but he was a frightening Eternal .

‘Why is someone like him valuing the king so much?’ She thought but couldn’t come up with an answer .

Keep in mind that even Lucidity King was rather respectful and humble in Nine-linked Mountains, and one of the reasons was because of Southpeak Woodcutter . Only the top talents could figure how strong he truly was . For example, Gu Yifei from the Li Clan .

A being of this level actually wanted to serve Li Qiye by rowing his boat? Jianyao was truly astounded .

In her eyes, the king was useless now; her sect agreed with this viewpoint too . This didn’t seem to be the case any longer after seeing the woodcutter’s attitude .

Everyone else gasped as well . Who was Qin Jianyao? There was no one else worthy of such respect from her outside the supreme ancestors .

Just who was this normal-looking woodcutter?

After calming down, Ma Jinming noticed her still standing there in a daze . He tried to curry favor: “Fairy Jin, don’t mind them . That Li guy is ignorant and arrogant, still shamelessly thinking that he’s the king…”

“Shut up!” Jianyao shouted, no longer wishing to speak . She felt a loss of control over the situation resulting in a looming danger and wasn’t in the mood to chat with this Jinming .

Jinming turned red . As the young noble of the Central Legion, no one has ever yelled at him like that besides his father .

However, he didn’t dare to act out towards Jianyao so he channeled his indignation and anger towards Li Qiye instead . That bastard was who caused this and he swore to have revenge, sooner or later!


The tiny boat undulated on the lake filled with blue water, looking just like a piece of jade . It had a diameter of a thousand miles, not much different from being in the ocean . The gentle breezes soothed the soul .

Li Qiye smiled while laying down on the boat and resting his legs on the hull: “How rare to have a big shot like you rowing for me, this might shock all of Nine Secrets . Lucidity King himself probably never got this treatment . ”

“Your Majesty, please . My meager skills can’t get into your sight . Just a single thought of yours could decapitate me, and you would be using my blade to do that too . ” He tapped the cutter tied to his waist .

He had his reasons for following Li Qiye . His cultivation was unfathomable to outsiders, which was why Lucidity had reservations about acting arrogant in this place .

However, his weapon was directly taken and controlled by Li Qiye . He as its master couldn’t regain control during the process at all . It meant that Li Qiye’s will had reached a frightening level . His own mental ability was that of a child compared to Li Qiye’s .

An ability of this level, at the very least, belonged to a progenitor of the immortal level . This might be the strongest master he has seen in his life .

“As the saying goes - fawning favors hides ulterior motives . What is yours?” Li Qiye leisurely said .

“Your Majesty, I am hiding nothing, just wanting to be a good host for you . ” The old man said .

“I won’t be reserved if you have no requests then . Just don’t blame me for not being upfront with you later . ” Li Qiye smiled .

1 . The old man actually used the Chinese word for anyone married to the king to address Chuqing . It can be used for a queen, consort, concubine, etc . , so there is no right translation for this since no context is established . I chose “lady” instead since it is ambiguous

2 . Remember, he’s addressing her as a wife to Li Qiye; lady doesn’t fit perfectly here . I can’t pick any of the above because it will be an assumption on my part, and by calling her a “queen, consort, concubine”, we’re also adding information from the old man that isn’t there in the original text . He doesn’t know what she is exactly .