Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2483

Chapter 2483: 2483

This woman was sexy enough to sway the mind . Spectators kept stealing glances at her; some started drooling unwittingly .

Jianyao was also a peerless beauty but in a completely different manner . She was a serene, ink-wash painting with few, exquisite strokes - so remote and transcending; exceptional like a lotus flower deep in the valley - visually incredible .

On the other hand, this woman was a colorful oil painting, seemingly done by a splashing style - very eye-catching and gorgeous .

One would instantly admire and adore Qin Jianyao, treating her as a goddess in their mind .

As for the other woman, they would be tempted into taking her as their own for she was insanely seductive .

“Princess Hanyu, your presence honors our party . ” Qin Jianyao personally came to greet the woman .

“That’s Princess Hanyu of the Bingchi?” People still stared greedily, not wanting to avert their eyes .

Evil and possessive desires stemming from Hanyu’s sexiness permeated the area but no one dared to act on it .

Remember, she was the golden daughter of the Bingchi; her power far exceeded Bingchi Yingjian on top of having incredible weapons . Her fury could take down the gods, so who would want to provoke her?

Moreover, she was Eight Formation True Emperor’s fiancee at the moment . Having thoughts about her was the same as courting death . There would be no place to go in Nine Secrets after provoking them .

“I’ve only recently arrived and heard that you were having a party, so I’m here to take a look . ” Hanyu revealed a smile like a blossoming rose, causing others to gulp .

Jianyao and Hanyu were acquaintances so they were relatively familiar with each other . Tang Hexiang and Ma Jinming came over as well . Needless to say about Yang Bofan, he greeted her while assuming the role of a junior despite not being that much younger .

However, the Bingchi and Myriad Formation were allies now so she would become his mistress in the future .

“How is Tianzhi doing?” Hanyu asked .

Tianzi was Eight Formation True Emperor’s real name . It was fine for her to address him as such .

“Thank you for asking, Your Highness, Master is doing well . He is in isolated cultivation to study the Immortal Slaying Ancient Formation . ” Bofan answered earnestly .

“His talents are far above mine . I’m sure that when he comes out, he’ll have full comprehension of the formation . ” Hanyu nodded and said .

Though the marriage was decided by her clan’s ancestors, she actually had no problem with it and was quite satisfied .

After all, the two powers were evenly matched and the emperor had great achievements . They have met each other before and she had a good impression of him . The proposal went smoothly and she would become the queen of Myriad Formation Kingdom in the future .

This was different from her last marriage proposal . The king was a useless idler so she strongly opposed it .

Unfortunately, Lucidity was still around so her opposition didn’t amount to anything .

After the crown prince became the new king, Hanyu still felt the same way . Though marrying into the imperial palace was an honor, she thought that the pervert wasn’t worthy of her . It was nauseating just thinking about that piece of trash . Thus, their clan decided to replace her with a fallen princess, Bingchi Yingjian .

“I’m certain of it too . ” Bofan replied .

Hanyu continued: “He will shock the world and I believe the time is near . I shall prepare for his coming to Nine-linked Mountains . ”

The spectators nearby couldn’t calm their heart rate, feeling lust, envy, and jealousy . Unfortunately, this beautiful woman wasn’t meant for them .

She seemed to be virtuous as well, already thinking for the emperor before the official marriage .

“Since you’re here already, why not have a seat?” Jianyao invited .

“Thank you, Fairy Qin, but Tianzhi should be coming soon and I need to make preparations, unable to hang around . Here, a toast to everyone, may this party never ends until everyone is satisfied . ” Hanyu raised her cup for a toast before drinking it in full .

When the corner of her lips was moistened by the wine, she looked even more seductive .

“A toast to you too, Your Highness, and the True Emperor . ” Everyone else quickly returned the gesture . Many emptied their cup while still having thoughts about the beautiful and classy woman .

“This place looks so fun, seems like I’ve been missing out . ” Suddenly, a leisure voice interrupted the heightened atmosphere .

Everyone turned around to look at the newcomer . They saw Li Qiye slowly entering the stone forest with Liu Chuqing holding his arm like a shy wife .

“It’s him!” The crowd glanced at each other in astonishment .

The ones here have seen him before so they recognized him . Nevertheless, they had no idea why he came .

After all, he wasn’t invited . Was he here to cause trouble?

Qin Jianyao’s brows raised ever so slightly . She had a strange feeling but couldn’t quite explain it .

Ma Jinming’s expression darkened . He scowled and coldly uttered: “Li, why are you here uninvited? You’re not qualified to join this party!”

“I have no need of joining such a crappy party . ” Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him and went forward towards the throne .

“Who is that?” Hanyu has never seen Li Qiye before .

“Your Highness, that’s the king . ” Yang Bofan quietly said .

Hanyu grimaced and took a look at Li Qiye . Her expression became one of distaste . She had heard of his ridiculousness before . After losing his kingdom, this guy still didn’t know how to keep a low-profile . What an ignorant fool .

Li Qiye stood on the steps and stared at the raised platform, not caring about anyone else .

“May, may I ask what you are here for, Sir?” Jianyao had stopped calling him “His Majesty” but she felt that “Young Noble Li” wasn’t appropriate either .

“Do I need to report to you before coming here? The world is beneath my feet and I shall go wherever I want . ” Li Qiye didn’t look at her either .

Jianyao knew that she wasn’t liked so she backed off to the side, no longer speaking .

“How arrogant!” Tang Hexiang snorted . He liked Jianyao and if Calm Lotus were to support him, Jianyao might be his queen in the future .

Moreover, after obtaining the throne, he must eliminate this person .

“This world is no longer yours . ” Hexiang coldly uttered .

Li Qiye finally turned back and lazily stared at Hexiang: “Aren’t you General Tang? If it’s not mine, don’t tell me it is yours?”

“The world belongs to the people, let the virtuous…” Hexiang replied .

“Okay, no need to be a scholar . ” Li Qiye waved his sleeve: “Just say it if you want to become the king . You’re only now daring to speak before me with a straight back . When I was on the throne, you kneeled in the golden hall, trembling with fear, not even daring to fart . Just one order of mine and your head would have rolled on the floor . Now, you dare to act haughty?”

“You!” Hexiang turned red and couldn’t retort .

He was indeed there during the coronation . However, Silver Secret Legion occupied the capital along with Sun Lengying . Though the new king’s prestige couldn’t compare to Lucidity, he was still above the rest .

Who would dare to betray him then? Not to mention the six legions, even the five supreme ancestors obediently participated in the ceremony .

The king was indeed standing at the apex of authority at that point . The Northern General, the commander of a legion, opposed the king during the ceremony and his head instantly rolled on the ground .

He was one of the seven commanders yet the king could still order his death before even stabilizing his reign .

As the commander of the Imperial Guards, Tang Hexiang had great authority but he could only kneel in the golden hall . Like Li Qiye had said, he didn’t dare to utter a single word then .

Now, his name was known across the world as an imperial candidate . Being taunted by Li Qiye before the geniuses left him in a difficult state .

“This is no longer the past . ” Hanyu jumped in and saved him while staring insipidly at Li Qiye: “This kingdom is no longer yours . Be smart and keep a low-profile, doing so will save your life . ”