Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2484

Chapter 2484

Bingchi Hanyu’s comment made everyone stare at Li Qiye . A few held their breath .

“She’s right . ” Someone else quietly supported her: “He still thinks of himself as a king instead of becoming smart enough to tuck his tail between his legs . Being arrogant and raising his tail will only result in an early death . ”

Li Qiye turned towards Hanyu and smiled: “You’re that princess from the Bingchi? Getting a new lease of life after sending a fake princess instead so you think you’re a noble, a phoenix among women now?”

Hanyu’s expression soured . Everyone knew about the marriage agreement back then and that she should have been the one sent to the palace if it wasn’t for her clan’s deceit .

It wasn’t a proud matter so no one would want to say it in public . That’s why she became a bit awkward right now .

“Self-awareness is a virtue, it will save you from embarrassment . ” She found Li Qiye increasingly exasperating .

“I agree with you on that . ” Li Qiye said: “An untrustworthy person, bereft of honor, shouldn’t prance around all day, acting all beautiful and such . They would only be throwing away the reputation of their ancestors . Let’s not act noble and show off your bloodline when you can’t even maintain the most fundamental virtue of keeping one’s promise . You’re only besmirching your ancestors by doing so . ”

“ . . . ” Her expression turned ugly from the verbal slap before everyone .

“Young Noble Li, watch your words!” Bofan shouted with an aggressive glare .

Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him and casually responded: “You want to teach me how to speak? Tell your master to come instead . He was fortunate enough to be spared last time but I will make a chamber pot out of his head now . ”

The crowd gasped after hearing this . Some became frozen while staring at him . They have all heard of this infamous king but it looked like the rumors were all true . This guy would say anything without scruples .

Yang Bofan was ready to kill since Li Qiye publicly insulted his master . How could he swallow this anger and let this nobody run his mouth?

“You don’t know your own limits . ” Hanyu snorted .

In the beginning, she didn’t hate him but as time went on, the guy didn’t change and was still as annoying either . He brought everything upon himself with his personality .

Bofan took one step forward and uttered coldly: “My master doesn’t need to do anything since I’m more than enough to handle you! Let’s see what you can do!”

He had nothing but contempt for the guy; his eyes flashed with murderous intent .

The crowd watched with bated breath . Bofan’s power was unquestionable and could kill the king as easily as taking candy from a baby .

Tang Hexiang had a gloating smile . Nothing would be better than if Bofan were to kill Li Qiye .

If he wanted to be emperor, he needed to kill Li Qiye anyway since the guy was the rightful ruler, the successor of Lucidity King . In fact, just abolishing him required more deliberation in the dynasty before it became official .

So, if Li Qiye were to be killed right now, he wouldn’t have to do so himself and bear the infamy of being a kingslayer .

“Gentlemen . ” Right before the explosion, Jianyao stood up and said: “It’s rare for all of us to gather, this is a joyous occasion, let’s not ruin it with blood . ”

For some reason, intuition told her that something big was going to happen, and her intuition has always been accurate .

Who wouldn’t want to give her face? This was her party, and not giving her any respect was far out of line .

“I’ll listen to you, Fairy Qin . ” Bofan cupped his fist towards Jianyao and slightly bowed before glaring one last time at Li Qiye .

“Come, come, drink again . ” Tang Hexiang was disappointed and started toasting people .

“Cheers, Fairy Qin, General Tang, everyone!” The atmosphere became lively again with cups being raised .

Hanyu saw that Li Qiye was still there and no longer wanted to stay . She told Jianyao: “I’ve only arrived recently to Nine-linked and have things to do . Please excuse me . ”

“I’m sure you’re not used to the area, allow me to see you off . ” Jianyao replied .

Hanyu didn’t refuse so the two of them said bye to the rest before leaving the stone forest .

Hanyu’s departure was understandable but Jianyao had her reasons too . She felt that something was amiss and didn’t dare to face Li Qiye . Thus, she took advantage of this and left in order to observe any changes from the sideline .

Li Qiye ignored the crowd and stared at the throne then the statues to the left and right . They stood like guards with spears propped to the ground .

Unfriendly gazes were on him . Yang Bofan and Ma Jinming actually wanted to kill him .

Bofan couldn’t let go of the insult towards his master earlier . As for Ma Jinming, his young cousin was killed by Li Qiye . Moreover, the guy had embarrassed him again and again .  

Tang Hexiang was calmer than the rest . He sat there with a smile, seemingly wanting to see a fun show .

A strange atmosphere pervaded because with Jianyao gone, both Bofan and Jinming wanted to do something .

Li Qiye seemed oblivious to the hostility . He started walking up the steps towards the platform with Chuqing next to him .

Everyone was watching, not knowing what he wanted to do .

“What is he doing?” Someone whispered .

“Who the hell knows . No one can read such a ridiculous person . ” 

“Hmm, now that I think about it, what is that place?” Some started looking at the platform and statues .

“No idea . ” Though the party was in the stone forest, no one cleaned the higher steps and platform . Jianyao didn’t dare to do so and chose to stay at the bottom instead .

“I’ve heard of this place . ” An older expert watched Li Qiye and said: “This is the Platform of Virtue . Back in the old days, the ancestors of Nine-linked gathered the sages everywhere . This practice ended later on for some unknown reasons . ”

People glanced at each other since it was their first time hearing this name .

In fact, Nine-linked was older than any other lineage, including War Saint Dynasty and the other five behemoths . That’s why most of its tales were unknown to outsiders .

He made it to the top of the platform and glanced at the throne . With a simper, he didn’t mind that it was dirty and sat down .

Remember, the platform was carved out of the ridge of the two peaks . When he sat on the throne, he could look down on everyone at the banquet . It looked like he was the king and they were his officials .

“Since so many have gathered here today, it’s time to end this trite show . ”

Everyone quieted down just to listen, not because of his amazing prestige but they were curious about his intention .

“I’ll let everyone know right now - the play is over . Time for me to bare my fangs . I don’t care if you’re a dragon or a tiger, you better obediently lie down on the ground or blood shall flow . ”

“Hmph, such a big tone . ” Jinming said with disdain: “You think the land is still yours? . Are you dreaming right now?”

“It is indeed, just like before . I am still its master, it’s not too late for all of you to kneel . ” Li Qiye smiled at Jinming and declared .