Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2493

Chapter 2493: 2493

“Your Majesty, I have bad news . General Ma led an army here, they’re outside already . ” Liu Chuqing caught wind of this and quickly reported to Li Qiye .

He remained calm and glanced at the horizon, unperturbed: “An army? Not a bad thing, I’ve been waiting for one so that I can make rivers of blood . That’s suitable for my status as a tyrant . ”

“Two fists will have a hard time going against four . ” Chuqing was still worried because Mingchun still had the other legion behind him .

“Silly girl . ” Li Qiye gently rubbed her nose: “Numbers mean nothing, just more corpses at best . Do you think people can take care of a tyrant like me so easily? Don’t worry, not to mention just one legion, I don’t mind if all of Nine Secrets come at the same time . ”

Her nose twitched in a cute manner but the anxiety remained .

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t say anything else .


Nine-linked Mountains didn’t respond to Ma Mingchun’s request . No disciples stood out as if nothing was happening regardless of the great army outside .

Even the middle-aged man watching the entrance stayed in his wooden hut . He seemed to be sleepy due to the hot summer weather .

The crowd naturally didn’t expect this reaction or rather, lack of one .

“Where is the sect master of Nine-linked? Or at least a disciple should come out to say something . ” Someone critiqued .  

“You know anyone who is actually from the sect outside of the greeter? Have you seen its sect master?” An older expert answered with a question .

This made the group fall into silence .

The truth was there were some difficulties in spotting disciples from this sect because some travelers have been staying here for so long . Moreover, the place was huge . Who could tell the difference between outsiders and the sect’s disciples?

As for its sect master? It seemed that no one has seen this person before . The crowd became confused .

In reality, since the olden days, few had the privilege of meeting the disciples of this sect and the honor of seeing the sect master of Nine-linked Mountains .

Ma Chunming’s expression darkened . He was a powerful Eternal; one could count those who could match him in Nine Secrets with their fingers . Moreover, he had six great legions behind him . Even the five behemoths needed to be courteous when dealing with him .  

But now, Nine-linked Mountains didn’t bother responding at all . They simply didn’t show any respect .

It would be a lie to say that he wasn’t furious over this matter . Moreover, the death of his son had already infuriated him .

The man’s inflection turned cold: “May I ask if your sect wishes to harbor the villain? Do you wish to become enemies with the rest of the world?”

Nevertheless, his words were still rather polite . Nine-linked Mountains’ powerful reputation remained in his mind .

Perhaps the general was losing his patience but the sect still didn’t care . Not even a regular disciple showed up to answer him as if this was the consensus of the sect .

“Then you all will have to excuse me . I have carried out peaceful measures before using force to the best of my extent . ” Ma Mingchun finally lost his patience from the thirst for vengeance and a demand for respect .

“Start the formations!” He raised his hand and shouted with a murderous gaze .

“Boom!” The army re-arranged themselves, ready to march into Nine-linked Mountains after receiving his order .

The visitors in Nine-linked held their breath, wondering how this sect would deal with it . Just how many masters from the sect would come out?

The mysteries behind Nine-linked Mountains lingered on everyone’s mind . How many masters do they have? Are they actually strong or just bluffing and fooling everyone all along?

A few wanted nothing more than a battle right now . This could reveal whether the sect was actually powerful and unfathomable like the legends or not .

“General Ma, please calm down . ” Someone from inside finally stepped out .

“Tang Hexiang!” A spectator recognized him .

The commander of the Imperial Guards, Tang Hexiang .

Back at the stone forest, he was sharp-witted and vigilant enough to escape the moment he saw the stone statues coming back to life . It didn’t matter whether Li Qiye himself was powerful or he had backing, it still meant that the guy had ace cards up his sleeve .

That’s why he ran the moment the situation became unfavorable or he could have lost his life like Jinming and Bofan .

“General Tang . ” Mingchun wasn’t happy to see the guy .

“General Ma, we need to take our time before making a decision . Don’t let emotions cloud your judgment . ” Hexiang ran over next to Mingchun and hurriedly said .

Mingchun uttered coldly: “My Jin’er died a horrific death, and I shall have revenge for him! Blood for blood, I am not letting emotions affecting me . ”

“I know that you’re furious, General Ma, but this place is troublesome, it’s best to exercise prudence . Of course, we’ll make sure you have your revenge too . ” Hexiang continued .

This went on for a bit until Mingchun’s anger subsided . The two of them finally went into a tent to come up with a new plan .

The lack of a battle disappointed some of the crowd . They wouldn’t be able to see the might of Nine-linked Mountains like this . No one knew what these two were planning inside that tent either .

“Rumble!” Eventually, the legion spread out and began to guard the important locations and pathways outside of Nine-linked .

“If anyone spots that Li brat, send a signal and kill him right away . ” Ma Mingchun ordered .

It was obvious that Mingchun wanted to prevent the king from escaping . Both he and Tang Hexiang were still afraid of Nine-linked Mountains, not daring to actually march inside and offend this sect . That price wasn’t worth it .

Hexiang came up with a blockade instead to prevent Li Qiye from escaping . The moment he set one foot out of Nine-linked, the army would immediately surround him .

Another thing to note was Mingchun gave the kill order out of revenge for his son . He no longer cared if others call him a kingslayer .

His only son was killed so why would he give a damn about his reputation? The fire of anger has successfully drowned out reasons . He only wanted revenge at this moment .


“What a shame . ” Li Qiye shook his head and smiled after seeing the containment: “Looks like they won’t be coming for a massacre . No rush, once I’m done here, I’ll take care of all the legions . That’s more satisfying . ”

“What a shame . ” The ancestors from the various powers said: “Why can’t they come in and test Nine-linked Mountains?