Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2497

Chapter 2497: 2497

Li Qiye directly rested his feet on the great table . He made himself comfortable before looking at the people below .

“Oh? Is everyone here to study the mysteries of Nine-linked Mountains?” Li Qiye said with a smile .

“The changing of the lakes is a rare opportunity, so we can’t miss it . ” Jianyao said: “Your Majesty, you’re also here for the lakes?” 

Her attitude had a subtle change . During her first visit, she also referred to him as “His Majesty”, this eventually changed to “Young Noble Li”, then “Sir”, before ending with “His Majesty” once more .

Just her address alone indicated the continuous shift in her impression of him .

“The fortunes and mysteries here at the nine lakes aren’t worth mentioning, at least for me . ” He looked at her and said .

The crowd naturally didn’t like this because they came specifically for this opportunity . But now, he said it wasn’t worth mentioning? This was the same as holding the rest of them in contempt .

“You speak as if you can figure out the mysteries here . ” Hanyu couldn’t help but mock him .

He took a quick look of her and chuckled: “Looks like you have big breasts but no brains, far inferior to the Qin girl . She might be a tiny bit despicable but certainly not stupid . But I suppose it is understandable since the size of your breasts interferes with your intelligence . ”

“You!” Hanyu turned red and glared at him .

The truth was that her breasts were truly large . One would be hard-pressed to find a larger pair . Everyone stole glances at her breasts while Li Qiye was speaking .

Because of her anger and rapid breathing, her breasts were shaking up and down . Just imagine something of this size going up and down; it created quite a seductive wave .

She was a natural-born temptress with charms engraved in her bones and actions . The spectators were losing control and became hot . The weak-minded started having nosebleeds, looking quite embarrassed .

“Well, am I wrong?” Li Qiye also took a good look of her heaving breasts without holding back .

“Hey, she’s Eight Formation True Emperor’s fiancee . You should give up thinking about it . ” The saber saint reminded him after seeing his blatant and invasive stare .

Of course, his true intention was for the sake of his Junior Brother . She was standing right there yet Li Qiye was still looking at Hanyu’s breasts? How unacceptable .

“So what?” Li Qiye didn’t mind at all: “Not to mention a fiancee, so what if they have gotten married? If I want, then I’ll just take it since don’t forget, I’m a debaucherous tyrant! Taking people’s wives and daughters, now that’s real entertainment . ”

The crowd was astounded with their mouth wide open . Of course, some of the crowd shared this thought but they would never express it in public .

“Makes sense . ” The saber saint regained his wits and said: “After all, why should a tyrant care about conventional moralities?”

The crowd actually agreed with the saber saint after thinking about it .

The tyrant was known to be debaucherous and lawless . It made sense that he would want to take Hanyu regardless of her current status, especially when he had tried to do so before by sending the six legions to her clan .

“Ridiculous . ” Hexiang snorted and coldly uttered: “War Saint Dynasty was going so well yet you lost it . Under your leadership, the flames of war will ravage the land, you are a sinner of the system…”

“Don’t pretend to be a symbol of virtue now . ” Li Qiye waved his hand and interrupted: “You can utter all the flowery words and make all the excuses, it’s all useless and won’t change the fact that a traitor is a traitor . Even if I was a good king, you all would have rebelled after Lucidity King’s death anyway . My debauchery is but an excuse for speeding up the process . The only reason you’re still standing here right now is because I had no interest in killing you before . ”

People glanced at each other and thought about one thing - was the rebellion of the six legions and two great powers just because the new king was a deviant?

Who wouldn’t have grasped the chance to seize power after Lucidity King’s death? The best opportunity would have been when the new king has yet to consolidate his power .

“Nonsense . ” Hexiang retorted: “If the king is virtuous, his subjects will be loyal . ”

Li Qiye smiled: “No need to argue since it will only end with your embarrassment . A hundred more excuses still won’t change the fact that you chose to betray the throne during a battle . Eight Formation True Emperor didn’t lose a single troop during the siege of the imperial city since you defected and opened the gate . Yes, I was not a good king, but who was it that handed the capital over to the enemy despite being part of the royal family?”

Hexiang turned red and couldn’t reply .

People stared at him; no one said anything but their expressions said it all .

Just like Li Qiye had said, he was a terrible king . However, as the commander of the Imperial Guards, Hexiang still defected and opened the gate for the enemies . Nothing could ever erase this stain .

“Let the virtuous rule the world . ” Bingchi Hanyu has finally calmed down and added: “The just will gain support while the immoral will be abandoned . The people abandoned you, that’s why you lost your kingdom . ”

“The just will gain support while the immoral will be abandoned . ” Li Qiye laughed: “Then who is virtuous enough to rule this land?”

Hanyu didn’t hold back and directly revealed: “Eight Formation True Emperor, he will rule with the citizens’ interest in mind, so he is worthy of the throne . ”

In the past, everyone was aware of the current power struggle . Right now, the two hottest candidates were Tang Hexiang and Eight Formation True Emperor .

Of course, neither of these two dared to publicly announce their claim to the throne, that they’re the ones qualified to be the king . Even Myriad Formation and the Bingchi have skirted around this topic even though they wanted it so bad .

But now, Hanyu had just made a public statement, piercing through the veil of pretense .

Li Qiye smiled and said: “How interesting . Your foolishness is actually a little cute . At the very least, you are better than the ones craving the throne so bad yet not daring to say it, only pretending to be on the side of justice, talking about working for the sake of the world and the people as if they were being forced to become the king . Unfortunately, your fiance won’t have the chance . ”

“You think you still have a chance?” Hanyu scowled .

“Who else can rule this land but me? I was the king in the past and am still the king now, the same case in the future . ”

“Hmph, you were indeed the king in the past, but you can stop dreaming now . ” Hanyu was no longer as courteous as before since it was past that point: “Even if you want to keep your throne, how are you going to compete against Tianzhi? Do you have a single soldier? Tianzhi is a True Emperor with limitless potential, perhaps becoming a progenitor is possible as well . Furthermore, he has the Bingchi and Myriad Formation Kingdom behind him, and the support of the people . You’re nothing outside of being the previous king . The throne is no one’s but his . ”

Hanyu’s declaration now showed her total support for a full-fledged rebellion . There was no going back from this so the crowd was astonished and needed to take a deep breath .