Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2509

Chapter 2509: 2509

This victory from Tang Hexiang earned him some admiration from the crowd . They were shaken by his current power .

“Definitely strong, perhaps enough to fight against Eight Formation True Emperor, unlike most others . ” One expert said sentimentally .

Although his despicable sneak-attack earned him the contempt of the spectators earlier, they had to admit that this lowly man was quite powerful .

“Clank!” Hexiang pointed his spear straight at Li Qiye and looked down with an arrogant smile: “Such meager skills aren’t worth showing off . ”

All eyes were on Li Qiye now . Of course, most didn’t think the king would lose since he was simply unfathomable . They were only curious about his next move .

“Shamelessly boasting when that’s all you got? Very well, behold what I can do . ” Li Qiye smiled and slowly stood up .

“The king is finally getting serious now . ” Everyone watched as he stood up with their eyes wide open . They didn’t want to miss a single action from him .

Hexiang was annoyed to see the attention the king was getting . In the past, he was the one in the spotlight, not this terrible king!

“The king is unfathomable, he’s about to shock everyone . ” An ancestor said with a serious expression .

Someone else quietly brought up: “How many moves can Hexiang handle?”

“I’m guessing, around five . He’s fused with that formation so it’s not just his own power . Those elites are there too . ” A young expert replied .

“Five moves? You think too highly of him . The saber saint gave up after three moves, and I don’t see how this guy is stronger than the saber saint who is a real ninth-level True God, and a strong one at that . ” A different genius disagreed .

Hexiang naturally heard the comments as well so his face became quite ugly . Previously, whenever he made a move, everyone would be talking about how amazing he was as a genius and how they wanted to see his amazing techniques .

But now, it sounded as if he was so incapable . Others were actually looking down on him!

His eyes flashed with murderous intent as he threatened: “Li, don’t think about leaving this place alive today!”

Li Qiye stood there and dismissively waved: “Got your fill of threats yet? If you’re done, then get ready, once I make my move, you won’t even have the chance to retaliate . ”

“Let’s see what you got!” Hexiang angrily roared .

“Boom!” His true energy erupted straight to the sky like a pillar . This pulsing mass of energy seemed to be shooting straight to space .

He exuded an endless light . Layers of gold metal materialized on the shield and made it bigger and thicker .

“Ra!” Same with his dragon spear . It also grew in size to become a weapon capable of piercing the firmaments .

“Boom!” The world quaked once as he chose a stance with the shield blocking in front and the spear in the thrusting position, parallel to his waist .

This stance was perfect since it consisted of both offense and defense .

“It’s about to happen, let’s see how strong Hexiang is really . ” Some of the crowd praised him .

“Li, come now!” After gathering all of the true energy onto his body, he was confident in stopping a move or two from an Eternal .

Li Qiye smiled in response and flashed into nothingness . He was unreasonably fast and ended everything before the sound could catch up .

“Pop!” Space rippled from his speed exceeding all limits .

The realm trembled as time seemed to come to a halt .

Fear and nervousness permeated the spectators as they watched this still-image in disbelief - Li Qiye kneeing the gigantic shield .

It instantly collapsed and Tang Hexiang’s gigantic body flipped over backward while vomiting blood .

“Boom!” A while later, the sound of the impact finally came about . Li Qiye had nearly exceeded time itself, creating an illusion of temporal stagnation and chaotic dimension .

Time began flowing again and the crowd finally captured these developments .

Hexiang landed on the lake, causing the entire mountain range to shake . Water splashed up everywhere like tidal waves before pouring down like rain .

He was floating on the surface; who knows if he was dead or alive?

Just a little while ago, people were still debating how many moves he could last . Some said five, others were less optimistic .

However, no one expected for the king to crush Hexiang’s shield and knocked him down with a single knee . This truly rendered them speechless .

Bingchi Hanyu was terrified to the very soul by Li Qiye’s power . This was the first time she had witnessed such a powerful man .

She thought that her fiance could sweep through the young generation, but this belief was being questioned right now . She felt the emperor being insignificant and weak while standing before Li Qiye .

Jianyao gently sighed, realizing that this story was over . The new king would be the ultimate supreme of Nine Secrets . He was only playing around earlier .  

In this system, regardless of how brilliant and powerful one might be, they were just chess pieces on his board .

The saber saint forced a wry smile . Li Qiye was just toying with him earlier, showing mercy by letting him slash three times first . If Li Qiye were serious, he wouldn’t have been able to block a single move . Just one slash was enough to split him in two .

Though he wasn’t an arrogant person, he was certainly proud . Unfortunately, all of his achievements so far were trivial, virtually nothing compared to the king .