Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2510

Chapter 2510

The crowd stood there dumbfounded with their mouth agape .

“See how ridiculous you are? Boasting with such meager power?” Li Qiye nonchalantly said, posing with both hands behind his back as if he hasn’t moved at all .

People actually felt that he wasn’t the one who attacked earlier . They eventually regained their wits and stared at him, shuddering and feeling their hair standing on end .  They exchanged glances - the power of the king far exceeded their imagination and judgment .

“What is his cultivation realm? An untouchable Eternal?” Someone quietly speculated .

This made people ponder since they had no information about his cultivation . There was no way to find out either .

“I don’t think anyone in the young generation is his match . ” The normally-prideful geniuses all lowered their head, not daring to look at him .

“It looks like the late king was wise and insightful for passing the throne down to the prince . He must have known that the prince would be able to handle this . ” One ancestor commented .

Prior to this, everyone thought that Lucidity King had grown senile or was too doting towards his illegitimate child . However, in retrospect, he was perfectly clear-headed and had chosen the right successor for  Nine Secrets .

They realized the gap between themselves and Lucidity King . There was a reason why he was able to reign for three generations .

“How does he compare to Lucidity King?” Many shared this particular thought .

They wondered who was the stronger between Li Qiye and Lucidity .

During his era, Lucidity’s prestige suppressed the entire system . No one dared to be disrespectful towards him so comments and evaluations weren’t readily available . After his death, people began to assess his actual power and contributions . So now, they compared him to this new king .

“Maybe he’ll be a second Lucidity King . ” Someone else said .

Certain members of the crowd were shaken after hearing this and needed to take a deep breath . No one dared to respond .

Just imagine, Lucidity King helped make Nine Secrets into one of the strongest systems in Imperial . Only the Li and Mu Clan were on the same level .

However, this wasn’t a good thing for the sects and lineages within the system . They had to live in terror because of Lucidity’s total authority, always being under his shadow . A second Lucidity King was something frightening to think about .

“Splash!” Their rumination was interrupted by splashes and flood-like waves .

The floating Tang Hexiang struggled to get up . He was as big as an ocean so he created large waves from the attempt .

He finally made it with the help of his spear . The spear’s weight made the ground shake as if something extremely heavy was knocking on it .

The guy stood upright, showing wounds and broken armor plates everywhere . The shield in his hand was in pieces .

Blood flowed down the corners of his lips, looking as pitiful as can be, no longer as imperious as before .

“He’s up!” Someone shouted .

Everyone felt that he had already lost . Wanting to reverse the tide was virtually impossible unless he had a real killer move up his sleeve .

Jianyao gently shook her head while looking at him . Though he could still stand up, she knew that the outcome has been determined . No one could change the overarching direction . Trying to go against the current was only a waste of energy .

Instead of struggling needlessly before death, if Hexiang were smart enough to surrender to Li Qiye, perhaps he would be able to keep his life .

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Water poured down from his body resembling waterfalls .

After standing up, Hexiang straightened his back while arching his chest proudly forward - always arrogant and proud regardless of the circumstances .

After all, he came from the royal family of War Saint Dynasty; the blood of nobility flowed through him . His conceitedness was understandable . Alas, he was knocked down today by someone he considered to be a perverted and useless king, nearly unable to get up .

This has crushed his pride in a cruel manner . Thus, he tried his best to stand straight in order to protect his dignity and face .

“You do have a bit of willpower to be able to stand up . ” Li Qiye smiled and said: “I thought you would stay down . ”

“Don’t celebrate so early, we don’t know who will be the last one smiling yet!” Hexiang shouted and let out his fiery fury .

“Is that so? Looks like you still have moves left then . Go ahead, use them all, I’m waiting . ” Li Qiye stood there and said .

“Boom!” Hexiang released his true energy straight for the sky again, trying to connect with the heaven and earth .

“Buzz . ” A great formation appeared with dense coordinate lines appearing . Ancient lines emerged above and beneath him, beginning to change and fuse together .

After a loud explosion, the formation exuded a blinding light . Light rays from the stars poured down and illuminated Hexiang as if they were being attracted by the formation .  

“Rumble!” The pulsing cosmic energy turned him into the center of the universe . The stars seemed to be rotating around him .

“Boom!” Finally, the stars entered his body . Each inch of his flesh became resplendent, seemingly cast from these celestial bodies .

The massive power surge eventually formed two large wings of fire behind him .

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The shattered shield and armor came into form again .

He was fully equipped with a flashing glow around him - looking more radiant and powerful than before .

“He’s stronger now . ” Everyone was startled to see him fine and well .

“That shield might have been broken earlier, but not his formation . ” An ancestor understood the events and explained: “Looks like he and the Central Legion has fused to the limit . This teamwork must have taken a long time to perfect . ”

Tang Hexiang pointed his spear at Li Qiye and roared: “Again!”

He was brimming with battle intent and vitality once more, looking quite intimidating . He believed that he was too careless earlier and didn’t prepare sufficiently . He wasn’t going to repeat this mistake .

“Foolish beyond words . Do you think using this formation to the extreme can stop me? Know your own limits . ” Li Qiye smirked after his patient wait .