Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2511

Chapter 2511: 2511

Spectators were still fixated on this fight . One quietly asked: “What techniques will the king use?”

“Maybe he won’t use any technique like earlier, just straight up killing . ” Someone else responded .

Many nodded in agreement after hearing this . Earlier, they thought he would need several moves to defeat Tang Hexiang but he ended up only using his knee .

Perhaps the same thing would happen again .

“You shouldn’t be so excited when I’m still alive!” Hexiang furiously roared, unable to handle the disdain shown by both Li Qiye and the crowd .

“Alright, I’ll make sure you give up entirely . ” Li Qiye smiled and started floating into the sky .

It didn’t take long before he was at the sky vault . Even someone as large as Hexiang needed to look up .

“Go now, do your best and have no regrets . ” Li Qiye casually said .

Despite being high above, he still only looked like a fly compared to Hexiang . Just one swat from the shield could end him . Alas, everyone knew that size didn’t matter at all in this match .

“Die!” Hexiang shouted; his body as resplendent as a star .

“Boom!” He threw his sky-blotting shield up above and smashed through several stars along the way .

The sky turned dark due to its massive size . Li Qiye looked so insignificant, seemingly on the verge of becoming meat paste .

“Weak indeed . ” Li Qiye shook his head disapprovingly while looking at the star-destroying shield .

He casually spread out his palm and pushed down . The sheer disparity in size between his palm and the shield created a comedic scene .

“Boom!” However, just this carefree palm strike was enough to stop the shield . It couldn’t move an inch forward, unable to affect his palm . The resulting shockwaves from the impact were still plenty destructive to the stars around . Unfortunately, it did nothing to the main target .

“The gap is too great, having a big body and giant weapons can’t do anything . ” Someone from the last generation shook their head .

Logically, Hexiang should be able to crush Li Qiye easily due to the size difference . However, his heavy shield failed to move Li Qiye at all .

“Go!” He roared and sent out his true energy . A starry brilliance crazily engulfed the world as his power surged .

The shield also became resplendent and more powerful . Alas, still ineffective .

“Rumble!” The shield moved back and forth in order to gather momentum to slam into his palm .

It’s a shame that Li Qiye’s casual positioning resembled the suppression of the high heaven . Even the strongest character couldn’t get through his grasp .

“Die!” Hexiang’s eyes flashed after seeing the failed attack and added a spear thrust into the mix .

“Whoosh!” The dragon spear turned into a terrible ray aiming straight for Li Qiye’s throat to deliver a fatal blow .

It seemed that Hexiang was waiting for this moment for a while now so his speed reached the limit, only taking a split second to reach the target .

Due to the murderous intent and lightning-fast speed of the thrust, the spectators felt a chill by their neck, thinking that the spear was heading for them .

“Clank!” A metallic clanking resounded and the shooting ray suddenly stopped .

Everyone saw Li Qiye stopping the spear with his other hand, using just two fingers to stop the tip .

The crowd heaved a sigh of relief but something else happened right away .

A pagoda appeared and slammed into Li Qiye’s back . The sudden appearance of this treasure coincided with the spear thrust . The moment the spear got close to his throat, the pagoda appeared right behind his back .

Since both of his hands were occupied, he couldn’t stop the pagoda .

Another ambusher had joined the fray and worked perfectly with Tang Hexiang .

“Boom!” The pagoda oozed out the crushing might of an Eternal . Not only did it crush the space nearby, but it also took down the temporal affinity as well, turning everything back to the primordial chaos .

The shocked spectators found it hard to breathe due to the aura of an Eternal .

He took the full brunt of the strike and fell into the lake, sinking deep into the lake and disappeared from sight .

Everything happened so quickly . From the initial spear thrust to the pagoda sneak-attack only took the blink of an eye .

No one expected this to happen . Liu Chuqing’s expression soured as she blurted: “Not good!”

“Hmph!” The aura of the Eternal flowed like mercury in the air and permeated the place . Everyone was frightened by this incredible divinity .

They looked up at the sky and saw an old man standing there since who knows when? The pagoda floated above this godlike being .

“Central Commander Ma Mingchun . ” No one dared to say his title loudly .

An Eternal had entered the scene with a sneak-attack with immense power .

Remember, the saber saint was very strong but he was still only at the ninth level, still a way to go before becoming an Eternal .

Plus, there were weak and strong Eternals . Among the crowd right now, few would dare to claim having enough power to challenge Ma Mingchun . Not too many in the systems were truly stronger than this commander .

Only great existences, such as the five supreme ancestors, were stronger than him .

“An Eternal has made his move . ” This speaker didn’t dare to call it a sneak-attack .

In fact, it was unthinkable that a character as famous as the Central Commander would resort to a sneak-attack in public .

It was one thing for him to directly challenge Li Qiye . After all, his son Ma Jinming was killed by the guy .

Unfortunately, no one dared to criticize him the way they did with Tang Hexiang . Thus, people only shuddered while looking at this Eternal .