Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 2512

Chapter 2512

The crowd was still shell-shocked since there was no sign of Li Qiye in the lake .

People glanced at each other, not expecting for Ma Mingchun to do something like this . Plus, his military jurisdiction was given to him by the royal rule . Doing something like this was blasphemous .

It was one thing for him to lead the five legions against attacking the Bingchi . At the very least, he could justify this decision by bringing up the people’s wellbeing .

However, this ambush was inexcusable . He clearly had a personal agenda and ulterior motives . Nothing could wash the stain of this despicable act .

Ma Mingchun carefully peered the lake surface . If the king were to be alive, he would deliver another fatal blow without any hesitation .

He no longer gave a damn since he only had one son to pass on his legacy . Vengeance was a must and reputation no longer mattered .

“Is he dead?” Someone whispered after seeing the calm surface of the lake .

Everyone shook their head and focused on watching . They waited and waited to no avail . The king seemed to have sunk to the lake bottom .

Bingchi Hanyu nervously clenched her fists . Jianyao was also serious, contemplating while tilting her head; an occasional frown would appear .

The one affected the most was Liu Chuqing . She anxiously held her sleeves and started praying for Li Qiye .

Most became dejected . Has Ma Mingchun done it? The king died from that attack?

“There’s no way . ” Even the ancestors began to believe it .

Prior to this, they believed that even an all-out attack from Mingchun wouldn’t be enough to kill the unfathomable king . However, as time passed, their belief wavered .

The most excited was obviously Tang Hexiang since this was a great opportunity for him . If Li Qiye had died, it would increase the chance of him becoming king in the future .

A long while later, the lake was still calm with no sign of Li Qiye .

“Looks like that blow was fatal . ” Someone quietly concluded .

“Prudence is necessary for long-lasting success, no matter how strong one might be . ” An old expert lamented . The king was so strong yet he still died to Ma Mingchun’s cheap shot .

“Hahaha!” Hexiang burst out in laughter and uttered coldly: “See, no one knows what will happen until the very end . That’s what he get for boasting shamelessly with such meager power!”

The guy was lost in jubilation thinking about the easy path ahead . The death of the king vented his anger and garnered great advantages to his cause in the future . All of the humiliation and criticism didn’t matter anymore .

“Unfortunately, I’m always the last man smiling . ” A leisure voice interrupted his gloating moment .

“It’s the king!” Someone shouted joyfully after hearing this familiar voice .

People looked around but there was no sign of Li Qiye anywhere .

“Where is he?” They became confused . Where did his voice come from?

“Over there!” Another reacted quickly and pointed at the sky .

The crowd followed his direction and saw Li Qiye lazily sitting on his golden throne once more with his legs resting on the chair’s arm .

He looked so comfortable and satisfied in his spot as if he has been relaxing the entire time without moving an inch .

This naturally astonished the crowd . They saw him being smashed into the lake earlier but from the looks of it now, the victim earlier felt like it was someone else .

No one saw how he got on his throne . Could it be that he has been there the entire time?

If he was knocked down the lake, someone should have spotted him going back up, especially Ma Mingchun .

But if he has been there the entire time, it would be even more terrifying . That was only a dao avatar in action earlier? But then people should have noticed his real body being on the throne .

“What’s going on?” The ones with shallow cultivation didn’t know what was going on at all .

“That’s unreal . His power level is far above anyone else . ” An ancestor could see a little of the mysteries and tremble with trepidation .

The king could kill someone without anyone noticing, chopping off his enemies’ head at a moment’s notice .

“You…” As an Eternal, Ma Mingchun also realized something and staggered backward .

Remember, only people like the five supreme ancestors were stronger than him in Nine Secrets . However, he still couldn’t spot the fact that Li Qiye has been on the throne the entire time . The guy tricked him so easily .

He took a deep breath, aware of the enemy’s true terror . He only had this feeling once before when facing Lucidity King .

“You’re, you’re still alive…” Hexiang was as white as a ghost as he stumbled backward; his gloating celebration replaced with fear .

Chuqing heaved a sigh of relief, certainly the most excited person here after seeing that Li Qiye was fine .

Jianyao only confirmed her previous belief that the king was unbeatable . Resistance would be futile in the future .

“I’ve been waiting for your sneak-attack for a while now but you kept your patience . Unfortunately, the attack only tickled . ” Li Qiye sat coolly on his throne and glanced at the frightened Ma Mingchun .

The Eternal naturally became frustrated . His fatal move only managed to “tickle” the guy?

“One of us will die today! Even if I die, I will still take your head as an offering to my son…” Mingchun gritted his teeth and threatened .

The hatred of an Eternal was naturally oppressive, especially with this extreme declaration . The crowd felt suffocated .

“No, you’ll be the only one dying today . ” Li Qiye interrupted him: “I will send you down to hell so that your son won’t be lonely while walking on the Yellow River . ”

Mingchun started shouting with an unsightly grimace: “Little animal, I will flay you, drink your blood and rip out your tendons!”

The guy was ready to die now, wanting revenge regardless of the cost .